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Subject: 9 convicted in a honour-killing of an 18 year old girl.
Thomas    6/27/2006 2:47:51 PM
Calling Switebull, Calling Switebull!!! A bit of news from my neck of the woods, that might be of general interest: Today 9 persons of a family/freinds bunch was convicted for the murder of an 18 year old girl and the wounding of her similarly young houseband last year. Not only the butcher - her brother - but her father (for ordering the hit), mother aunt plus miscelleneous relation for the hunt to assasinate the pakistani-danish, pretty woman, that followed her heart, and not the will of her family, in her marriage. The jury deliberated about 24 hours. Penalties will be dealt out tomorrow. It is the first time in Northern Europe that not only the murderer (generally a male member of the family under 18, due to fact they get off lighter); but the whole conspiracy is convicted. On a personal note: I can say with conviction they had the best defence, as one of the defending attourneys is my own lawyer. I think, as we could all be called for jury duty, that it is essential that this ruling be known as widely as possible. I supply the link from the world famous newspaper MORGENAVISEN JYLLANDS-POSTEN: And now for the obligatory snide remark against Sweden: Yesterday in a similar case only the brother (a juvenile) was convicted.
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mustavaris    One comment-   6/28/2006 4:16:05 AM
This is great! Hopefully Finland will go the same path... We haven´t had "honour" killings (proven ones), but I believe that itś gonna happen sooner or later.. misbehaving Muslims are being threatened by their own.. But there is one area in which this should be used: female mutilations.
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Thomas    RE:One comment-mustavaris   6/28/2006 6:38:36 AM
Truth is I didn't know where to put it, but these factors keep popping up in discussions here. The Danish police is stepping up its training to investigate in these "culturally diverse" cases. A senior police officer (I've mentioned him before) Per Larsen, the proverbial "good cop", said so - he informes the public in a lovely discreet, oblique way. I don't see why female mutilation is something special. It is illegal to mutilate other without their informed consent - which isn't possible with minors. It is even illegal for a dentist to pull a tooth without the consent of the patient! The problem is of an investigative nature.
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Thomas    Update as of 10 o'clock today   6/28/2006 6:41:51 AM The prosecution calls for life (in practise 16 years) for 6 and not under 10 years for the 3 others.
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Pseudonym    RE:Update as of 10 o'clock today   6/28/2006 6:51:08 AM
"The prosecution calls for life (in practise 16 years) for 6 and not under 10 years for the 3 others." Sounds good to me. Though I must admit a small corner of my mind thinks the punishment should be tossing them in a back alley with the infidel boyfriend for a quick game of Louisville Slugger.
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mustavaris    RE:Update as of 10 o'clock today   6/28/2006 10:01:55 AM
Sounds even better... Hopefully this is getting A LOT of publicity.
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Thomas    RE:Update as of 10 o'clock today   6/28/2006 12:06:29 PM
The husband IS muslim, and he was wounded in the assasination. There is no religious card here!!!!!
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Thomas    RE:Update as of 1600 hours today   6/28/2006 12:13:50 PM
Father got life in proson - they might mean it this time. Brother shooter plus 2 uncles 16 years each. Aunt and cousin 14 years each and expulsion (not danish citisen) after sentence served. The rest between 8 and 10 years. Damages to the husband 1 million DKK (~ 150-200.000 USD). They might think bloodmoney was a possibility: So they were slapped with both. Unfortunately Danish prisons are holiday resorts compared to Pakistani prisons - I mean that litterarely.
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Thomas    RE:Update as of 1600 hours today   6/28/2006 12:15:12 PM
8 of the 9 appealed to the supreme court.
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Thomas    Portraits of the murder gang.   6/28/2006 12:34:00 PM NOTE the first picture is of the victim! And a very goodlooking girl she was. The rest are cartoons of the culprits. It has become some sort of national quirk to express important stuff in cartoons.
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Thomas    RE:Update   6/28/2006 6:41:10 PM
The prosecution will counterappeal with a view to raise prison time.
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