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Subject: Love Poem for Terrorists - Only in Berkeley
swhitebull    7/25/2006 5:16:36 PM swhitebull - and it's pretty wretched in the purple - err- putrid - prose realm as well.
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JIMF    RE:Love Poem for Terrorists - Only in Berkeley   7/25/2006 6:13:21 PM
"I don’t want you inside me You are too male for me" Damn, I hate it when women say that.
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eon    RE:Love Poem for Terrorists - Options   7/30/2006 7:07:19 PM
Hmmmm. 1. Barf up my fish dinner. 2. Go west to Berkeley, find this "Jane, you ignorant ----" clone, and explain reality to her. 3. Listen to "March of Cambreadth" by Heather Alexander while practicing deep-breathing exercises. I'm going with (3). Cheers eon
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swhitebull    Hizbollah Poetry Club Response    7/30/2006 7:15:21 PM
I Love You Too, Cecilia Lucas by Omar Walid Muhammed Chairman, Hezbollah Poetry Club Dear Cecila Lucas of the Berkeley in the California: I am have monitoring the infidel Little Green Footballs site where to much surprise I am to be reading your tender poems to the Hezbollah. Although they do not having the rhymes, the sweetful beauty of your many words have bringing a tear to my eye in tender feelings. They have make me wants to leap from my bunker and sing to the Zionist Colonialist controlled world of you, my beloved. Cupid has launched his Katushka of love and splatter me with the shrapnel of your beauty. Yes, I Love You Too, Cecilia Lucas, and I offer you too a poem: You were born in the Valley to a life in a suburban cage Encino, where mean girls and cheerleaders Drop bombs of hate on the unpopular girls Shy poetry club chicks like you With 1480 SATs and early admission to Berkeley Fed by the violence and lookism of the dance squad Raised in a four bedroom colonial They wouldn't let you wear your Che T-shirt to prom But your heart and your armpit hair still grew proud and strong You scare me too Not just because you have that Code Pink Manson girl freak-vibe Not just because you repeat, repeat, repeat All those quotes from your dog-eared volumes of Chomsky and Zinn and Edward Said Begging me to understand Can't we just hold each other Instead of talking, talking, talking About your Masters thesis? It scares me When I admit to myself When I look at you My mousy infidel grad student who can't shut up That yeah, I'd hit that The other Jihadis laugh and scowl They repeat, repeat, repeat The story of Abdul and the nasty crab lice He picked from the International ANSWER chick And how it itched like a mofo Until his martyrdom If only they took the time to see To look To sense The beauty of your mind Your fundraising potential To look beyond your face and realize your booty isn't half bad And how you could maybe help organize a sleeper cell in Oakland But I don’t sleep much these days And I’ve tried hard But the thought of you, my beloved And the Zionist airstrikes Make me more jittery than chugging two liters of Jolt cola I am learning to have hope in you I am learning to see you as so much more I am thinking maybe you could shave those legs and wear this grocery sack If ever we make love You amaze me. Born in the suburbs Raised in a colonial You did not accept ROTC on Campus You did not accept the injustice of UC defunding the Young Maoist League You did not accept late homework submissions Of fratboy freshmen When you TA'd Critical Lit 1406 I love you too But I will never be yours I'm a rebel A loner I'm bad news, baby And you don’t want me inside you Because once you go Omar, you'll never go kuffar But we'll resist together You and I, my beloved hippie cooch I will be your Jihadi Angel The Leader of Your Pack Turn me loose, turn me loose Like Fabian Like Bobby Vee Like Elvis himself I will croon my ballad of Zionist resistance To your screams of delight I had a dream that we met in Paradise as lovers as martyrs Me in a Tel Aviv pizza parlor You in the Encino mall What was it you were looking for That took your life that night? They said they found my semtex belt Clutched in your fingers tight. Burma Shave ------------------------- swhitebull - ;-P
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bender    RE:Hizbollah Poetry Club Response    8/4/2006 10:09:07 PM
HEY! the is a fake!!! "Burma Shave"....those dudes don't shave!...(shower either) can't get one by me......:P
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