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Subject: Terrorists caught planning multiple bombings in UK
mustavaris    8/10/2006 3:54:08 AM Again and again. It´s time to wake up Europe! When we will be brave enough to watch the Beast into it´s eyes? Sadly I know that this is not enough, far from that... I am not sure whether it would have been enough if they had managed to bomb a few planes killed hundreds as those members of Religion of Peace wanted. Our forces are only here and there, but the enemy is everywhere and it´s damn sure that some of these madmen are still on the loose and maybe trying to continue their plan. Stand steadfast Britain. Hmm... Islamic terrorists weren´t mentioned... maybe the scumbags ain´t devoted Muslims. Maybe And no offence to Pars, GoG and other sane Muslims; you must know at least as well as me how important it is to root out this scum.
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