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Subject: Crashing and hijackings a genetic involuntary defect?? Check this example
Herc the Merc    8/23/2006 4:41:13 PM The authorities in the Pakistani city of Karachi have accused an "insane person" of stealing a train engine and then driving it through two stations. They say that the actions of the man very nearly caused a major accident, as he was only yards away from colliding with a crowded passenger train. Police have now remanded the man for three days in custody. He has been identified as Madan, a resident of Hyderabad, a city about 160km (99 miles) east of Karachi. Terror alert The railway engine was stolen from a marshalling yard near Karachi after its driver and fireman left it to have tea, officials say. We don't know as yet what his motive was for this attack. But he apparently knows how to drive a railway engine and had planned it Karachi police spokesman Irshad Baig They say that the accused man, Madan, drove the engine 30km (20 miles) towards Karachi and did not stop at two stations in between - prompting fears of a major terrorist incident. A passenger train, plying the same railway track, was stopped at the main Karachi cantonment railway station to avoid a major accident. The Divisional Superintendent of Karachi, Mir Mohammed Khaskheli, said that the stolen engine was then diverted to a loop line where engineers were able to bring it to a halt. Madan was immediately arrested by police. "God helped us avert a major human disaster," police spokesman Irshad Baig told the Reuters news agency. Mental asylum Police say that that the accused man is over 50 years old, and had "responded incoherently" during questioning. Police have been given custody of Madan for three days pending further investigations. They say that it appears he wanted to ram the stolen engine into the passenger train. Madan's wife, Jabli, and his son, Ramesh, told newsmen in Hyderabad that he was admitted to a mental asylum three months ago but had managed to abscond. They said that they came to know of his whereabouts when they saw Madan's pictures on a local TV channel on Wednesday. Police officials say they while they are confident he is insane, they first have to discount all possibility of him being a terrorist. And we thought they were criminals...u think its in the genes instead?? Impulse sudden desire to crash passenger vehicles.... Maybe the Islamic world needs to pop some pills from our Shrinks. U know we said mass terror killing is madness--we maybe more accurate than we realize!!
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kane    RE:Crashing and hijackings a genetic involuntary defect?? Check this example   8/23/2006 5:00:52 PM
lol,it has nothing to do with Islam.Your genes do not change when you convert into Islam or Christinity .......... Thats a religious discrimination. If you say it's in the Pakistani genes,then thats again an insult. So do not say things like that please.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Crashing and hijackings a genetic involuntary defect?? Check this example   8/23/2006 5:13:22 PM
I did not say it had a connection to Islam. Genes are inherited traits. And yes people can be genetically inclined to violence, alcohol, baldness etc. Actually calling muderous behaviour a genetic disease lets the crooks of the hook, they get to goto a mental institute instead--they are much more pleasant than jail or the firing squad. No insult intended but a new theory--u know people just don't wake up and decide to crash a plane or train--something is wrong- it could be ur genes.
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Herc the Merc    Kane whats ur explaination for---   8/23/2006 5:23:01 PM
9/11--19 hijackers 20 to 35 crash a plane at 560mph into the World trade Center. Is that madness or is that military strategy?? Could u conceive of a reason to crash a passenger plane beyond saving from bigger disaster??? I could never do that--could you???
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