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Subject: 7 arrested in Odense Denmark for planning terrorism
Thomas    9/9/2006 7:58:49 PM
7, 6 of foreign extraction and one of danish decent, have been arrested and are held incostody for 4 weeks pending charges being raised. The arrested are the apparently the "homegrown" variaty - one converted to islam. Terrorist technique seems crude: Fertiliser, nails and nailpolish. The muslim community don't believe it, some talk of police planted evidence. The court hearings have been held at double closed doors.
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Thomas    Substance found   9/11/2006 8:17:32 AM
Due to leaks from the chemist (unmaculated dustbin) The substance discovered was triacetoneperoxide.
The substance has the legal advantage: There is NO commercial application of it! The only use of it is for suicide-terror.
Like many peroxides it is more than unstabel - it can blow up provoked only by a dirty look - litteraly!
They are liable (when their repective roles in the conspiracy are documented) to be put away for a very long time.
The problem is that they do not fear prison. Recently a maximum security penitentiary has opened - let's put it like this: The cells are apartments! A US prison officer would not believe his eyes.
The problem for these punks is they face expulsion - the life on the streets in a turkish town is not comfortable.
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Thomas    Update   9/12/2006 4:08:07 AM
In an interesting aside to the discovery of triacetoneperoxide:
The chief of the ammunition clearence service of the defence said to Berlingske Tidende:
"... it wasn't the first time it was found by the police."
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