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Subject: More Good Wishes from the Religion of Peace
swhitebull    9/11/2006 2:28:42 PM swhitebull
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shock & awe    Thank you   9/13/2006 1:14:44 AM
Thank you for sharing that information swhitebull.
It completely supports and proves my theory on that subject is true.
There can be no doubt now, all Muslims are potential terrorist. And they want to become terrorists. (He Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said it.) 
Muslims who migrated, and those who intends to migrate, should accept our values, and our way of life. Those who do not should be sent back no matter if they're born in a Western country.
What do you think of that article?
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shock & awe       9/16/2006 12:40:51 AM
I am pleased and proud to say that no moderate Muslims (if there is any) condemn or spoke out againts Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari's comments, meaning he spoke for all Muslims (more support for my theory).
They're heading towards their preffered directions (ISOLATION)
Good on them! Keep it up, and make me proud.

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kane       9/16/2006 1:50:09 PM
Any person that is aganist an ideology may become terrorists for that ideology.Extremeist Muslims are aganist "western ideology"so they fight aganist it.
Every human being is a potential terrorist if he/she is an extremist.The people around he/she also affects people.

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shock & awe       9/20/2006 11:57:57 PM
"Any person that is aganist an ideology may become terrorists for that ideology"
Wow! Please don't press the ignite button, man.
I hate to disappoint you,  the majority of human beings values life.

"Extremist Muslims are aganist "western ideology"so they fight aganist it."
You mean all Muslims don't you, just like the good doctor said.

Ideology. I call it narrow-minded people of so called 'Religion of Peace.'
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