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Subject: Islam Rage-Ometer
swhitebull    9/18/2006 9:38:06 PM swhitebull
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reefdiver       9/18/2006 11:51:44 PM
Great meter.  You've just gotta love the irony that when the Pope mentions Islam has a history of violence, Moslems protesting against this blasphemy kill a nun, attack or torch a bunch of Christian churches, and Al Qaeda in Iraq announces its war with Christians and the west will continue until the final Islamic victory over them. And to top it all off, mullahs throughout the world are telling their "flocks" (of ignorant sheep?) to continue the protests.
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Arbalest    Use this power only for good   9/19/2006 1:09:59 AM

Do not forget to check out the Gitmo Terro-Gator.
It is the link immediately below the RageOmeter, and can be directly accessed at:
Scroll down slightly, click on the graphic, and wait for a new window to appear.
Turn on your sound card (a notch or two above OFF), then click on the controls.
This device must never fall under the influence of the dark side.
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