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Subject: It's All About the Latest Rage
swhitebull    10/1/2006 6:37:45 PM swhitebull - Enjoy!
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Thomas    Poor taste   10/1/2006 7:54:07 PM
I'm sorry swhitebull; but the jar-head - in more than one sense - should give the cartoonist a handsome royalty to the cartoonist, that made that drawing:
1. There is a thing called copyright and intellectual property - which he is infringing violently!
2. I know for a fact that the cartoonist is living under constant police protection for making a political sane statement.
If You know the jerk, I'll try and see the cartoonist gets his money - he just might donate them to a hostel for muslim girls fleeing from arranged marriages. He is that kind of a guy!
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anuts       10/1/2006 8:42:41 PM
What an awesome product!! I just purchased three of them.
That's one for me...and two out of support for the great business idea and and an even greater message.
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