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Subject: Indian the Biggest Terrorist in South Asia/World
Europa    10/13/2006 10:29:24 AM
India, a large and uncontrollable country with over 1 billion people has yet to find peace and security in South Asia. It routinely points the finger of blame towards neighboring countries yet never blames itself for its own and quite often obvious failings. One closer look at the history of the region and it becomes evident that it is India which is the root cause and inflamer of much of the terrorism and instability in the region. While it is quick to blame others for carrying out such activities, it rarely has ever blamed itself for carrying out similar deeds, a deadly mix with a nation facing dozens of separatists movements, chronic poverty and disenchantment and possession of nuclear/chemical and weapons of mass destruction(WMD). While the Western economic priority has temporarily turned a blind in the pursuit of seeking to exploit India’s opening up of its formerly communist/socialist run economy of the 70’s and its growing middle class, they are quite aware of the many failing of this state. India has long been accused of foreign interference, particularly its intelligence agency (Research and Analysis Wing-RAW - a menace 100 x more complex than Pakistan's ISI and is estimated to consist of more than 45,000 personnel with many agents operating without official control &check or quite simply have rid themselves of government duty and involved themselves into the drugs trade and mafia world of the major cities) This indian intelligence agency-RAW has been implicated in bombing campaigns targeting innocent civilians in Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Afghanistan, Nepal and even Burma; a staggering number of countries. In fact it was former Soviet spy's who revealed the extent to which they had trained the indian intelligence personnel in the art of sabotage, bombing campaigns, and torture techniques. Such torture techniques where witnessed firsthand by the countless tens of thousands of 'accused' conspirators of Sikhs and also Kashmiris who were routinely and systematically drugged, tortured, sexually mutilated, forced to watch their wife's/daughters/sons/mothers being gang raped by Indian Army soldiers or the Police and then forced to admit to statements often in the front of a live recording camera which was promptly displayed on national television or sent to foreign news media brushed over with a state official, often interior minister declaring that a breakthrough had taken place in militant operations. Several of India’s ex-RAW officers, many renegades where implicated in bombing campaigns designed to inflame racial, ethnic and religious tensions in the country especially during the time of the BJP led government but were such stories were subsequently hushed up, those agents sent abroad and reporters who knew what little there was in the first place, disappeared without a trace. India has a long standing border dispute with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan-has gone to war 3 times officially and China with which it went war and lost in 1962. Its continuing reluctance to settle the issue of Kashmir with neighboring Pakistan has led to an increase in militancy within its territory and nuclear brinkmanship with Pakistan, its continued interference in the affairs of Sri Lanka, first helping to create Tamil resistance groups(terrorist outfits known for suicide missions-and statistically carrying the most number of suicide attacks known by any terrorist group in the world, more than Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan combined!!) to divert attention from its own larger Tamil province and later physically sending its troops there only to be humiliated, having their prime minister assassinated and hurriedly retreating. The fact of the matter is that India has border disputes with all of its neighbors bar no exception. It unnecessarily introduced nuclear weapons into South Asia back in 1974(detonating a nuclear device a mere 30 kms from Pakistan’s border) along a procurement program involving illegal and often controversial channels. A move that forced its rival Pakistan to follow suit several years later and made the region one of the most dangerous places in the world. It again began saber rattling when it unnecessarily detonated another 5 nuclear bombs again near Pakistans border in clear defiance of established international treatise. For a culture which supposedly prides itself on its peaceful-ness, India has been quite contradictory. Its people have often been easily manipulated and drummed up into a frenzy over religious, cultural and ethnic differences. For it was an Indian hindu that assassinated the late Mohatma Gandhi. It forcefully occupied several princely states(Kashmir, Haiderabad) and colonies (eg. Portuguese colony of Goa, Sikkhim) and at several instances broken international law to fulfill its malicious intention(falsifying Kashmir's ascension to India) and crimes against humanity(eg. laying bricks/blocking the major water channels leading
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shock & awe       11/29/2006 12:06:01 AM
We need to keep a check on these Indians and there a billion of them too!! 
Relax! Most Indians are not Muslims. They just don't have any dick control (like the Chinese), that's why there a billion of them.

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Nanheyangrouchuan       12/21/2006 5:28:21 PM
It's pretty easy to see who these posters support.

I don't know much about Indian culture but considering the hodgepodge of religions and cultures in India that DON"T need an internal gestapo force keeping them in line, India doesn't do to bad.

Chinese culture hates itself and you can see that in the way people treat each other and the minorities only exist to service the Han and all exist to service the glory of the CCP.
Oh, yeah...40 million unmarriable peasant men and counting.

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rogue       2/20/2007 4:38:10 PM
Again this post is just a bunch of india haters getting together and posting nonsense.
India has many problems but they still have a working democracy and rule of law. There is justice to be found through the legal system albeit delayed.
India has no "Border" disputes with Nepal...or Sri Lanka (they do not share a land no dispute!). PAKISTAN (Islamo fascists) and CHINA (Communists) are dictatorships...they are percieved to be the biggest threats to democracies and secularism.
PAKISTAN has this absurd obsession to match india militarily while CHINA has an obsession to dominate the world.
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SGTObvious       2/21/2007 10:09:52 PM
About your claim that RAW is "a hundred times more complex than ISI".
Explain, please.
In what quantifiable units is the complexity of an intelligence organization measured?  The number of crossing lines on an Org chart?
Kashmir.  It's in India.  It's settled.  I can prove it's in India.  Put a letter to Kashmir in the mail box, and the Indian postal service will deliver it.  So, what do you mean "not settled"? 
Nukes.  You claim Indian development "Forced" Pakistan to follow.  Explain please.   In what way was Pakistan forced?  Did India tell Pakistan, get nuclear bombs, or we'll put sanctions on you?  Threats?  How?
If any nation can't be trusted, it's Pakistan, where the people are so mindlessly primitive that they accept the death penalty as appropriate punishment for Apostasy.
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hindu's daddy       11/16/2009 9:04:22 PM
The time has proved, hindus are the biggest terrorist on the face of  earth. You can say a letter will go to Kashmir, Yes
it will because you have occupied and every single day you are killing inncent Kashmiris, Other muslims including Pakistanis take them as brothers, if u post letter and you indians deliver it does never mean that you own Kashmir, its for kashmiris and they will kick indian ass soon out with grace of God.
India has always disturbed its neigbours, it thinks its competing china but can never, China will bring new WORLD ORDER, and INDIA will be crushed soon, and broke in pieces, Your Tamils will first take revenge from you, Bihar is already wihtou law and order, Naga Land will be a new country, ...... and whatever your RAW or ROTTEN does in Pakistan will never be forgiven and beaten their ass out of Pak Land.
Dont close your eyes ..........stupid Indians.........kkkkkkkkk
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