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Subject: Cover Up 911
Ashley-the-man    3/9/2007 10:43:02 PM
For Coverup 911 writer Peter Lance fans, there are some interesting developments in the trial of Lin Devecchio the former FBI Supervisory Special agent responsible for Mafia investigations in the 1980‘s-90’s. Federal prosecutor Fitzgerald signed off on a request to allow Devecchio to retire in the late 1990’s and escape investigation into complicity in mafia murders. Testimony by a witness against Devecchio threatened to jeopardize up to 60 convictions of mobsters. The witness Greg Scarpa Jr. was discredited by the feds in order to save their cases against the mobsters – or so Peter Lance theorizes in his book. If Scarpa’s testimony against Devecchio was deemed not credible, then the other work he performed for the counter-terrorism division of the FBI was also thrown out. Scarpa was in a jail cell between Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Hakim Murad and assisted the FBI in an eleven month sting operation aimed at obtaining information on terrorist abilities and intensions. He was working with the FBI by passing notes back and forth between Yousef and Murad and arranged for an outside line so Yousef could call contacts on the outside – while the FBI listened in. As a result of the Lance book, an investigation into Devecchio was opened and he was arrested in March 2006. Scarpa has been housed in the Super Max facility in Colorado, largely in part as a reward – it seems – for working with the feds in helping their efforts against Yousef. Instead of getting a reduced sentence for his efforts, he was rewarded with a 40 year sentence at the Super Max for a Rico violation. Scarpa has now been moved to NYC where he will appear as a witness at the Devecchio trial. Next to Scarpa is an old prison mate from New York and the Super Max – Abdul Hakim Murad. Murad knows what Scarpa did and his supports recently sent death threats to the Scarpa family. Below is from the Peter Lance Web site. On November 3rd, 2005, a close member of Greg Scarpa Jr.’s immediate family received a letter from the Supermax prison mailed on October 31st. “It was a very specific threat to Greg’s family members from al Qaeda-related inmates at the ADX Florence,” says Angela Clemente, the forensic investigator who uncovered most of the documentary evidence and key witnesses for the upcoming King’s County murder prosecution. “The fact that Greg Scarpa is the star witness in the D.A.’s murder case and that his family had been earlier threatened by purported al Qaeda related inmates of the Supermax makes the BOP’s movement of Murad to a cell next to Greg Jr. even more outrageous,” says defense attorney Flora Edwards “It’s Standard Operational Procedure in the BOP system,” says Clemente who has worked with dozens of federal inmates. “You just don’t put a prisoner who has informed on another inmate in close proximity. That’s an open invitation to violence or death. I am extremely concerned right now for Gregory Scarpa Jr.’s safety.” According to Clemente, last week, after she notified both Rhorabacher and Delahunt’s office of Murad’s presence at the MCC, “steps were taken” to remove Murad from Greg’s “immediate proximity.” But as of noon on Thursday, March 8th both Scarpa Jr. and Murad were listed in the BOP inmate located as being in residence at the M.C.C.
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Ashley-the-man       3/9/2007 10:43:48 PM
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Ashley-the-man       3/9/2007 10:44:25 PM
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