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Subject: LTTE in range of Indian nuke reactors-terror alert
Herc the Merc    4/6/2007 1:37:21 PM
LTTE acquires air capability to target Indian nuclear reactors [ 6 Apr, 2007 1351hrs ISTTimes Now ] RSS Feeds| SMS NEWS to 8888 for latest updates The LTTE has acquired the capability from air to target nuclear reactors in South India. For the first time, the government of Sri Lanka has told Times Now and Indian officials that LTTE's air force is not as toothless as it was thought to be. In fact, the Indian government has been told that it should not underestimate the nature of the threat posed by the LTTE's rudimentary air force. But the Indian government still believes that it can easily rebuff such a threat. However, the Indian defense establishment is leaving nothing to chance as the country's top strategic nuclear facilities are concentrated in parts of southern India. The Czech-made Zlin aircraft that the LTTE uses has a range of over 1,000 kilometres. Sources have said that the Indian defense establishment has beefed up security and re-deployed key radars in South India to intercept any threat from air posed by the LTTE. Dr Palitha Kohona, Foreign Secretary, Sri Lanka, said: "Their planes can easily fly up north (towards India) and there are very sensitive installations in India which could be threatened by small LTTE airplanes." "This air capability is not only a threat to Sri Lanka but also to the region, our neighbours, and international shipping routes," said Dr Kohona.
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