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Subject: my WAG on the GWOT
newjarheaddean    5/6/2011 11:58:04 AM
I still recall my question right after the 9-11 attacks. Lets say it was the IRA who had done this. The U.S. would have gone right to U.K. for intel right? However with Russia in Afghanistan for 10 years we do not go to KGB for intel on Al-qaeda. And the guy running things in the KGB at the time of the War, and after 9-11 serving as "President" LOL in C.I.S. i.e. Russia is Putin. But all we get from Putin is a counter statement to Bush's statement that "the world has changed". Putin said "the world had not changed that Russia was still Russia east was still the east etc. And I might add my observation at the time that Putin was an irregular warfare expert, and recall my observation in 1989 of the old combat rule (rule # 16 in COE section of Tri-F) about when you are surrounded and out gunned the best thing for your unit to do is scatter and run in all directions, like Russia did in 1989 IMO. They were surrounded and out gunned by NATO. And then almost over night NATO had not one but 19 nations to deal with several of them with Nukes. It was like a corporation merger or consolidation. And thus the reason no one saw it coming. So why was the Al-queda name chosen then by the U.S. you may ask? IMO it was the name given to the over all covert ops i.e. training of Afghans in Pakistan to fight the Russians. "THE BASE" where the Bear killers were trained to operate the stingers. And the term was a message that the U.S. knew who was behind it all. And why would Russia have been so up set at the time. IMO it was the finacial looting of the over all finacial system in Russia, by the west after the Scattering i.e. colapse. IMO the U.S. went after the finances to weeken the leaner and meaner Russian government and mafias. There is now a book out about the off shore banking industry titled "Treasure Islands" the aurthor mentioned this looting on Democracy now just the other day. I've also noted in the past that all this talk of the financial system is only based on the electronic records, and the real money is in the "Hard copy" files in old cabinets. We also have my observation that just before the 1973 Middle eastern war, Russian advisers are kicked out of Egypt for supposedly a security threat i.e. leaking info of the coming invasion. IMO it was not that at all. Russian Advisers were in lots of Arab nations. IMO it was the discovery by the Egyptian gov. that the KGB was working with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. So IMO USAMA was a CIA agent, and Aymen is KGB and the ISID was using USAMA for all these years for info and as a bargaining chip. Recall that I always say USAMA was a hostage of Omar's. And who would have had the pull to get him from the Taliban? And now I say this is also the reason for the proper burial at sea i.e. the CIA showing its respect. IMO the SEALs went in to rescue USAMA and something when wrong. AND FINIAL Y TO ALL THOSE THAT SAY THIS IS ALL CRAZY. I SAY WHEN HAS THE U.S. OR RUSSIA AIRED ANY REAL DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC ON EACH OTHER? "I well bet my lucky star" IKYG G-day!
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newjarheaddean    its all a game   5/6/2011 3:12:30 PM

Just got through watching the Democracy now show

it's a really good one today. Lots of info on Saudi Arabia and the Smart phone info storing saga. 

One point about all this info storing and surveillance especially in U.S. And that is like I have also asked before, how dose a KGB agent hide in the U.S. You know all the police agencies are hooked into lots of cameras in malls traffic cams etc and using face recognition. And the other day also on Democracy now they mentioned police departments planning on or stating to send the fingerprints of anyone arrested to the office of HLS, this under the cover of anti emergrant measures I believe. 

In todays show at one point they mention this guy Khaled Hathai a supposed Al-qaeda member in Saudi Arabia turning himself in on Thursday, due to the raid on UBLs compound this according to the U.S. government. IMO he was a government agent, just coming in from the cold. I mean really what good would it do to tern yourself in. And why should the government let us know about this, if you fallow the governments line of reasoning of keeping all this under raps for a while. 

I also found it interesting what this author who just wrote this book on Saudi Arabia tilled "desert kingdom" said. He told of the rehabilitation or so called catch and release program for the Saudi Arabia government. And how these terrorist would be reeducated and put back into the community.


LOL so much for having faith in your rehabilitation experts. IMO this proves those terrorist released are to serve as double agents and by all means keep this game (GWOT) going and the civilians believing the government is dealing with these (in the governments words )evil doers and bad actors LOL, the only way it can. 

"I well bet my lucky star" IKYG

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