The Complete Wargames Handbook

2nd Edition. This is the text of the second edition, published in 1992, out of print in 1997. Much of the material was also included in the 1st edition, which was published in 1980. Updates will be made to this online edition as I get the time to do it. The current version was reorganized nicely by Larry Widing.

by James F Dunnigan

Copyright ©, 1997, James F Dunnigan.

toc.gif   Table of Contents

Dedicati.gif   Dedication

Appendix.gif   Acknowledgements

Intro.gif   Introduction

Chapter1.gif   What is a Wargame

Chapter2.gif   How to Play Wargames

Chapter3.gif   Why Play the Games

Chapter4.gif   Designing Manual Games

Chapter5.gif   History of Wargames

Chapter6.gif   Computer Wargames

Chapter7.gif   Designing Computer Games

Chapter8.gif   Who Plays the Games

Chapter9.gif   Wargames at War

Appendix.gif  Appendices