838    Battle of Anzen/Dazman, Anatolia: Abbassids defeat the Byzantines
1209    Crusaders capture Beziers from the Albigensians, amid great slaughter - "Kill them all; God will know His own."
1298    Battle of Falkirk: English defeat the Scots
1306    King Philip the Fair of France orders expulsion of Jews
1376    The Pied Piper of Hamlin supposedly abducts the children of the town
1484    Battle of Kirkconnel: The Duke of Albany is defeated by rebels.
1499    Battle of Dornach: Swiss defeat Emperor Maximilian I
1555    Battle of Sirind: The Moghuls defeat the Hindus
1631    Battle of Werben: Swedes defeat the Imperialists
1775    George Washington takes command of the American Army outside Boston
1795    Treaty of Basle: Ends the Franco-Spanish War (1793-1795) on terms favorable to France
1802    US Frigate 'Constellation' defeats 9 corsair gunboats off Tripoli
1812    Battle of Salamanca: Wellington's Anglo-Spanish Army defeats the French
1861    Skirmish at Forsyth, Mo
1878    "Great Re-union of the Soldiers & Sailors of Ohio" - Newark.
1905    The remains of John Paul Jones are removed from Paris to be transported to Annapolis
1916    A bomb at a "Preparedness" parade in San Francisco kills 10
1917    Alexander Kerensky becomes PM of Russia (to Nov)
1941    Defeated on all fronts in 16 day war with Peru, Ecuador agrees to a cease fire.
1942    1st Battle of Alamein: British halt German-Italian drive under Rommel
1942    300,000 Warsaw Ghetto Jews are sent to Treblinka extermination camp
1942    Allied a/c attack Japanese shipping at Gona, as Imperial troops begin advancing on Buna and the Kokoda Trail
1942    US initiates gasoline rationing
1942    The Papua Infantry goes into action against the Japanese for the first time, Awala, near Kokoda
1943    Aleutians: U.S. warships shell Kiska and nearby islets
1943    Bougainville: Japanese seaplane CV 'Nisshin' sunk by U.S. aircraft
1943    Paramushiro: Japanese ships sail to complete evacuation of Kiska
1943    Patton captures Palermo
1944    Guam: Japanese counterattack is beaten off.
1944    Soviets set up Communist Polish Committee of National Liberation
1946    Jerusalem: The Irgun bombs British HQ in the King David Hotel, c. 90 die
1975    House of Reps votes to restore citizenship to Robert E Lee
1987    Soviet PM Gorbachev agrees to negotiate a ban on intermediate-range nuclear missiles
1987    USN begins escorting re-flagged Kuwaiti tankers in the Persian Gulf
1988    500 US scientists pledge to boycott Pentagon germ-warfare research

1478    Philip I "the Handsome" of Hapsburg, husband to Queen Juana 'la Loca' of Spain, titular King of Spain (28 Apr-25 Sep 1506), father to HRE Charles V/King Charles I of Spain
1519    Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti - Pope Innocent IX (29 Oct-30 Dec 1591)
1822    John George Walker, Maj Gen, C.S.A., d. 1893
1830    William Sooy Smith, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1916
1849    Emma Lazarus, Poet of the Immigrants ("Give me your tired . . . ."), d. 1887
1892    Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Austrian chancellor, Nazi war criminal, executed 1946
1898    Stephen Vincent Benet, poet ("John Brown's Body"), d. 1943
1914    Lionel Casson, sailor, historian ("Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World"), d. 2009
1923    Bob Dole, veteran, senator, presidential candidate

1298    Sir John de Graham, Scottish patriot, kia, Falkirk
1444    Duke Oddo Antonio II de Montefeltro of Urbino (1443-1444), killed at 18 by two citizens, for having seduced their wives
1461    King Charles VII of France (1422-61), at 58
1627    les Comtes de Boutteville & de Rosmadec des Chapelles, executed for the death of the Marquis de Bussy d'Amboise in a duel
1676    Pope Clement X - Emilio Altieri (1670-1676), 86
1832    Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt - Napoleon II Bonaparte, "l'Aiglon", at 21
1951    Admiral Forrest Percival Sherman, 54, CNO (1949-1951), of a heart attack in Naples, following a sumptuous meal
1967    Carl Sandburg, veteran, biographer, poet, at 89
2003    Uday (39) and Qusai Saddam Hussayn al-Tikriti (37), sons of Dictator Saddam Hussein, and Mustapha, son of Qusai (14), kia by US forces