1319    Battle of Myton - "The White Battle": Sir James Douglas beats Archbishop Melton
1356    Battle of Poitiers: English defeat the French -- Learn More
1676    Rebels under Nathaniel Bacon burn Jamestown, Va
1734    War of the Polish Succession: Battle of Guastella - Franco-Piedmontese-Spanish forces defeat the Austrians, to capture Milan.
1777    Battle of Freeman's Farm (1st Battle of Saratoga)
1796    Battle of Altenkirchen: Desperate French rearguard action against the Austrians
1860    Battle of Caiazzo: The Garibaldini defeat the Neapolitan Bourbons
1862    Battle of Iuka, Miss
1863    Battle of Chickamauga begins
1864    3rd Battle of Winchester (Opequon), Va
1870    Franco-Prussian War: Germans invest Paris, which falls on Jan 28, 1871 -- Learn More
1890    Turkish frigate 'Ertogrul' burns off Japan, 540 die
1939    British Expeditionary Force reaches France
1939    German Army murders 100 Jews in Lukov, Poland
1940    Nazi decree forbids gentile woman from working in Jewish homes
1940    Free French coup ousts the Vichyite government of New Caledonia
1943    U.S carrier aircraft and B-24s raid Tarawa.
1945    London: Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) sentenced to death
1957    First underground nuclear explosion, Nevada
1959    Nikita Khrushchev is denied access to Disneyland
1973    Carl XVI Gustaf succeeds to the throne of Sweden (1973-)
1988    Israel launches 1st satellite, for secret military reconnaissance

86    Antoninus Pius, Roman Emperor (138-161)
866    Leo VI 'the Wise', Byzantine Emperor (886-912)
1551    Henry III, Duke of Anjou, King of Poland and France (1573-89)
1737    Charles Carroll of Carrollton, d. 1832, the last surviving Signer of the Declaration of Independence
1800    William Wister McKean, naval officer, U.S. d. 1865
1802    Louis Kossuth, President of Hungary (1848-1849), d. 1887
1822    Joseph Rodman West, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1898
1911    William Golding, sometime Royal Navy officer ('Bismarck' chase, Normandy, Walcheren), author ("Lord of the Flies," etc.), d. 1993
1919    Marek Edelman, hero of the Warsaw Ghetto & Warsaw uprisings, cardiologist, Polish nationalist, d. 2009

1356    Walter VI/Gautier VI de Brienne, titular King of Athens (1311-1356), 52, Constable of France, kia at Poitiers
1435    John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford (1389-1435), 46, brother to Henry V
1528    Malatesta VI dei Malatesti, Captain General of Venice, shot during the siege of Pavia, at c. 50
1881    James A. Garfield, 49, Maj Gen, U.S., and President (Mar 4-Sep 19, 1881), of wounds from an assassin and medical malpractice, at 49