1125    Election of Lothair III as King of the Germans (1125-1137), later Holy Roman Emperor (1133-1137)
1258    Battle of Corticella d'Ogli: Verona defeats Brescia
1464    Pietro Barbo is elected Pope as Paul II (1464-1471)
1563    Jews expelled from Neutitschlin, Moravia
1645    Treaty of Peace between New Netherlands & the Indians
1748    British begin two month siege of Pondicherry (fails)
1757    Battle of Gross Jägersdorf: Russians defeat the Prussians, but retreat anyway
1780    Benedict Arnold promises to betray West Point to the British
1781    Battle of the Chesapeake: French fleet defeats the Royal Navy, sealing the fate of Yorktown
1813    Battle of Kulm: Russo-Prussians defeat the French
1842    Battle of Ghoaine: British defeat the Afghans.
1856    Battle of Osawatomie, Ks: c. 250 pro-slavery thugs defeat John Brown's small anti-slavery gang, and then loot and burn the town
1862    Battle of Richmond, Ky: Kirby Smith's Rebs defeat Horatio Wright's Yanks
1862    Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas/Gainesville/Bristoe Station), Day 3 of 3: Confederates win
1888    Lord Walsingham kills 1070 grouse in a single day
1916    Kaiser Wilhelm II makes Paul von Hindenburg Chief of the General Staff
1918    Fanya Kaplan shoots Lenin, but only wounds him; is later shot
1932    Hermann Goring elected chairman of the Reichstag
1936    USS 'Kane' (DD-235) near-missed by a bomb from Spanish Nationalist aircraft which mistook her for a Republican vessel
1937    Near Shanghai the Chinese Air Force mistakes the liner 'President Hoover' for a Japanese ship, inflicting light damage.
1939    Poland mobilizes
1940    The "Second Vienna Award," Hitler takes Transylvania from Romania and gives it to Hungary
1941    Nazis begin Siege of Leningrad
1942    Egypt: Rommel opens the Alam Halfa offensive, loses by Sept. 5
1942    Guadalcanal: U.S. DDs and APDs land reinforcements, lose one ship.
1942    Nazi Germany annexes Luxembourg
1942    Papua: Japanese abandon landings at Milne Bay, but press forward on the Kokoda Trail
1942    U.S. troops land on unoccupied Adak Island, in the Aleutians.
1944    6th Infantry Div completes movement from San Francisco to Hawaii
1944    Soviet troops enter Bucharest, Romania
1945    11th Airborne Div flies into Atsugi Airfield, Japan
1945    Gen MacArthur arrives in Japan
1945    Surface combatants of TF 38 enter Tokyo Bay.
1951    US-Philippines mutual defense treaty signed
1956    White rioters block enrollment of blacks at Mansfield HS, Texas
1961    Last Spanish troops leave Morocco
1991    Azerbaijan declares independence from the USSR
2007    The Governor of Virginia pardons Gabriel Prosser and 34 others, hanged at Richmond for "servile insurrection" this date in 1800

1334    King Pedro "the Cruel" of Castille & Leon (1350-1369), k. 1369
1748    Jacques-Louis David, artist ("The Oath of the Horatii"), d. 1825
1772    Henri du Vergier, comte de la Rochejaquelein, leader of the Vendee Rebellion, kia 1794
1797    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author ("Frankenstein"), d. 1851
1901    John Gunther, journalist, the "Inside" man, d. 1970
1918    Ted Williams, marine, outstanding baseball player, d. 2002
1960    Gary Gordon, American soldier, kia 1993, in Mogadisciu, earning the Medal of Honor

536    King Theodoric "the Great" of the Ostrogoths (471-526), c. 70,
1483    King Louis XI of France (1461-83), at 60
1580    Emanuele Filiberto, 52, Duke of Savoy (1553-1580), Viceroy of the Spanish Netherlands (1555-1559)
1800    Gabriel Prosser (c. 24) and 34 others, hanged at Richmond for "servile insurrection" [See Events]
1879    John Bell Hood, Gen, C.S.A., who lost Atlanta, yellow fever at 48
1918    Col. Bertram T. Clayton, 55, Alabama-born Brooklyn cavalryman & congressman, killed by air attack in the trenches; ranking West Pointer (1886) kia in World War I -- Learn More
1935    Henri Barbusse, WW I veteran, author ("Under Fire")
1935    Henri Barbusse, 62, French radical, poilu, author of 'Under Fire', in exile in Moscow, where he is given a splendid funeral
1981    Mohammad Ali Rajai (48), Pres of Iran (Aug 15-30, 1981) and Mohammad Javad Bahonar (c. 48), PM of Iran, a bomb