17BC The Emperor Augustus celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 700th anniversary, belatedly by 36-years
0    Feast of St. Ferdinand III of Castille & Leon, Patron of Military Engineers
0    Feast of St. Joan of Arc, Patron of France, of French and American Soldiers, and of Women in Military Service
47    The Emperor Claudius celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 800th anniversary, reverting to the original chronology
88    The Emperor Domitian celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 900th annivesary (out of sync with any other calculation)
148    Emperor Antoninus Pius celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 900th anniversary, using the original chronology
204    The Emperor Septimius Severus celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 900th anniversary (out of sync with any other calculation)
248    The Emperor Philip the Arabian celebrates the Ludi Saeculares, commemorating Rome's 1000th anniversary, using the original chronology - last observance of the festival
542    Battle of Badon: Arthur vs. Modred
1035    Baldwin V becomes Count of Flanders (1035-1067)
1213    The English raid Damme, on the Zwyn Estuary in Flanders, burning French ships
1434    Battle of Lapin: Hussite Ultras defeated by Borek of Miletinek
1522    A popular uprising expels the French from Genoa
1559    Battle of Konia: Prince Selim of Turkey defeats his half-brother Bayazid
1574    Henry III succeeds to the throne of France
1588    The Spanish Armada sails from Lisbon for the Netherlands
1635    Treaty of Prague: unsuccessful effort at ending the Thirty Years War.
1808    Napoleon annexes Tuscany to his empire
1814    First Treaty of Paris ending the Napoleonic Wars, following Bonaparte's first abdication
1814    US gunboats capture 3 British ones on Lake Ontario
1822    Denmark Vesey's slave conspiracy in Charelston is betrayed, 37 blacks slain
1841    The French capture Mascara, Morocco
1842    Assassination attempt on Queen Victoria
1848    Battle of Goito: Piedmontese defeat the Austrians
1849    Battle of Palestro: Austrians defeat Sardinians by the 31st
1849    Battle of San Pancrazio: Garibaldi defeats the French near Rome
1854    Battle of Cienquilla: Apaches ambush the 1st Dragoons, 22 die.
1861    CS Post Office Department set up, as US PO ceases deliveries in the South
1864    Battle of Bethesda Church, Va.
1867    Frédéric Passy & Henri Dunant form the 'Ligue internationale et permanente de la Paix', at Geneva.
1868    The first "Decoration Day", designated by GAR Commander-in-Chief Maj Gen John Logan
1913    Treaty of London: Ends the First Balkan War, with massive Turkish territorial losses in Europe
1916    Battle of Jutland: Grand Fleet sails, 37 battleships & 120 other ships
1937    Chicago police fire on union marchers at Republic Steel, 10 die
1941    The Luftwaffe bombs Dublin.
1942    Diego Suarez: Japanese mini-sub torpedoes British BB 'Ramilles' & a tanker
1942    First Allied air raid on Cologne
1943    US troops complete recapture of Attu
1958    Unknown soldiers of WWII & Korean War are entombed in Arlington National Cemetery
1962    Premiere of Sir Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem", London
1962    The USS 'Arizona' Memorial dedicated in Pearl Harbor
1966    300 US airplanes bomb North Vietnam
1967    Biafra secedes from Nigeria, initiating a bloody three year civil war
1972    Japanese terrorists kill 24, wound 72 at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport
1982    Spain becomes the 16th member of NATO
2012    Mass shooting at a coffee shop in Seatlle, 5 die

1220    Alexander Nevski, Prince of Novgorod (1252-63)
1672    Tsar Peter I "the Great" of Russia (1682-1725) -- Learn More
1812    John Alexander McClernand, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1900
1832    George Doherty Johnston, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1900
1845    Duke Amadeo d'Aosta, sometime King of Spain (1870-73), d. 1890
1864    Prince Wilhelm of Urach, Count of Württemberg, Duke of Urach, German general, perennial candidate for thrones, d. 1928 -- Learn More
1881    George von Kuchler, German field marshal, d. 1968
1922    Harry Clement Stubbs -- Hal Clement, sometime B-24 pilot, sciencefictioneer ("Mission of Gravity," etc), d. 2003
1958    Michael Lopez-Alegria, USN, astronaut

339    Eusebius of Caesarea, c. 75, "Father of Ecclesiastical History"
542    King Arthur of the Britons, kia [Trad]
1035    Count Baldwin IV "the Bearded" of Flanders (988-1035)
1249    King Ragnald V of Mann and the Isles (1248-1249), assassinated
1252    King St. Ferdinand III of Castila y Leon (1217-1252), 52
1305    Captain Roger de Flor (c. 38) and some knights of the Catalan Company, massacred at Adrianople by Emperor Michael IX
1431    Joan of Arc, 19, burned as a witch by the English, Rouen
1574    King Charles IX of France (1560-74), 23
1582    Laurence Richardson (c. 30-35), Luke Kirby (c. 33), Thomas Cottam (c. 33), & William Filby (30-35), executed at Tyburg in various creative ways, for being Catholic priests
1593    Christopher Marlowe, gentleman, playwright, spy, stabbed over a tavern bill, at 29
1912    Wilbur Wright, aviation pioneer, at 45
1924    Giacomo Matteotti, Italian Socialist, murdered by Fascists, at 39
1931    Madison Grant, sometime well-regarded American racist, author of "The Passing of the Great Race", which helped convince Hitler America was a 'degenerate' nation, at 71
1934    Admiral of the Fleet Togo Heihachiro, at 87
1947    Georg von Trapp, Austrian u-boat ace, sire of a musical clan, at 67 -- Learn More
1961    Dictator-President Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina of the Dominican Republic (1930-1961), assassinated at 49
1964    Leo Szilard, nuclear physicist, at 66
1967    Claude Rains, actor (Captain Renault in "Casablanca", Caesar in "Caesar & Cleopatra", etc.), at 77
1981    President Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh (1976-1981), 46, assassinated by rebellious officers
2009    Gaafar Muhammad Nimeiry, 79, President of Sudan (1969-1985)