0    Feast of St. George, Patron of England and of Soldiers
1014    Battle of Clontarf: The Irish defeat the Danes
1154    Damascus surrenders to Sultan Nur ad-Din of Aleppo
1296    Battle of Spottismuir: Edward I & the Earl of Surrey defeat & depose John Balliol, King of Scotland
1348    Edward III founds the Order of the Garter
1374    King Edward III grants Geoffrey Chaucer a pitcher of wine a day
1449    Battle of Borgomanero: Bartolomeo Colleoni defeats the French & Savoyards
1521    Battle of Villalar: Spanish Crown defeats the Communero Rebels
1795    William Hastings acquitted in England of high treason
1826    The Turks capture Missolonghi, Greece, amid great slaughter
1861    Arkansas troops seize Ft Smith
1861    Texas forces capture U.S. Army post at San Antonio
1861    Robert E Lee named major general and commander of Virginia state forces
1864    Red River Expedition: Battle of Cane River/Monett's Ferry
1891    Jews are expelled from Moscow
1918    The Dover Patrol sinks a German U-boat in the North Sea
1918    The Royal Navy & Royal Marines raid Zeebrugge, Belgium, which yields eight Victoria Crosses, but no real success
1938    Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia demand self-government
1941    King George II of Greece flees abroad before the Nazi invaders
1943    New Guinea: Aussie Kanga Force relieved by Aussie 3rd Div on the Mubo front.
1943    USS "Seawolf" (SS-197) sinks a Japanese patrol vessel, Yellow Sea
1945    Allies in Italy reach the Po River
1945    Balikpapan, Borneo: USN uses guided missiles for the first time, 2 BATS, 2 hits
1949    Red Chinese occupy Nanking
1950    Nationalist Chinese evacuate Hainan Island
1967    Soyuz 1 launched
1980    Soviet sub catches fire off Japan, 9 die

1547    Miguel de Cervantes, marine, "Glory of Spanish Literature" [NS] (see Deaths) Learn More
1564    William Shakespear, "The Bard", who knew that armor "scalds with safety" [OS] (see Deaths)
1598    Maarten Tromp, Dutch admiral, kia, 1653
1697    Admiral George Anson, 1st Baron Anson, British admiral, victor at Finisterre, circumnavigator, d. 1762
1775    Joseph Mallord William Turner, English artist ("The Fighting Temeraire"), d. 1861
1791    James Buchanan, volunteer, War of 1812, President (1857-1861) who choked in the secession crisis, d. 1868
1828    King Albert of Saxony (1873-1902)
1861    Field Marshal Viscount Allenby of Megiddo, d. 1936
1891    Sergey Prokofiev, composer ("Leningrad Suite"), d. 1953
1897    Lucius D. Clay, military governor of West Germany, d. 1978
1918    Maurice Druon, cavalryman, resistance fighter, lyricist ("Chant des Partisans"), member of the French Academy, d. 2009

303    St. George, Martyr, beheaded in Cappadocia
871    King Ethelred I of Wessex (866-871), c. 30, elder brother of Alfred the Great
1014    Brian Boru, High King of the Irish (1002-1014), kia at 87
1016    King Aethelred II "the Ill-Counseled" of England (978-1013 & 1014-1016), c. 48
1521    Don Juan López de Padilla (c. 30), Leader of the Comunero Revolt against Chalres V, beheaded after the Battle of Villalar
1616    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, marine, author, on his 69th birthday [NS]
1616    William Shakespeare, c. 52, by tradition, on his birthday [OS].
1625    Maurice of Nassau, 57, Prince of Orange (1618-1625), Captain-General of the Dutch Republic
1915    Rupert Brooke, 27, soldier-poet, of an infection en route to Gallipoli -- Learn More
1986    Otto Preminger, 80, director ("In Harm's Way")
2007    Boris Yeltsin, first President of post-Soviet Russian Federation (1991-1999), at 76