0    Feast of the Decollation of Saint John the Baptist
1014    Battle of Kleidion: Byzantine Emperor Basil II slaughters the Bulgars, blinds 15,000 more
1179    Castle Chastelet, invested on the 24th, falls to Saladin
1219    Fifth Crusade: Damietta (Egypt), falls to the Moslems after a 17 month siege
1261    Jacques Pantaléon is elected Pope as Urban IV (1261-1264)
1315    Battle of Montecatini: The Pisans defeat the Florentines & Neapolitans
1350    Battle of Winchelsea: English defeat a Spanish mercenary fleet in French service
1475    Treaty of Picquigny: Settles Anglo-French tensions, for a time
1484    Giovanni Battista Cibò elected Pope as Innocent VIII (1484-1492)
1526    Battle of Mohacs: Lajos II of Hungary loses to Ottoman Sultan Suleiman II
1612    Battle of Kringellen: Scots in Swedish service crush Norwegians.
1622    Battle of Fleurs: Palatinate Germans routed by the Spanish
1664    Peter Stuyvesant surrenders Nieuw-Nederland to the Royal Navy, British regulars, & Connecticut militiamen.
1693    Battle of Landen: costly French victory over the Allies
1708    French & Indians destroy Haverhill, Mass,
1782    English warship 'Royal George' capsizes at Spithead, 900 die
1842    Treaty of Nanking: First AngloChinese Opium War ends (1839?142),
1848    Irish uprising at Tipperary is crushed by the British
1861    Confederates surrender Ft Clark, Hatteras, NC, besieged since the 28th
1861    Skirmish at Lexington, Mo
1862    Battle of Aspromonte: Italian royal forces defeat Garibaldi
1862    Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas/Gainesville/Bristoe Station), Day 2 of 3: Confederates hold
1916    Chinese troop transport 'Hsin-Yu' collides with cruiser 'Hai-Yung', 1000 die
1916    Kaiser Wilhelm II replaces Falkenhayn as German Chief-of-the Great- General Staff with Hindenburg
1939    Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in WW II
1939    Einstein writes to FDR about the A-Bomb
1942    Australian 21st Brigade relieves the Maroubra Force on the Kokoda Trail
1942    BB 'Yamato' arrives at Truk, where she will swing at anchor for 7 months
1942    Guadalcanal: "Tokyo Express" lands elmts Japanese Kawaguchi Detachment
1942    Japanese cruisers attempt to support SNLF at Milne Bay with little success
1944    15,000 American troops march down the Champs Elysee
1944    China: Japanese launch 11 division offensive against Kwelin & Liuchow.
1945    4th Marines land at Yokosuka Naval Base
1945    British liberate Hong Kong from Japan
1945    Japanese forces in Southeast Asia surrender to the British.
1949    USSR explodes its first atomic bomb
1956    France sends troops to Cyprus in the Suez Crisis
1958    Air Force Academy moves to new facilities at Colorado Springs
1990    C-5 transport plane crashes at Ramstein AFB, Germany, killing 13
1997    Islamic militants murder over 300 people in an Algerian village

1387    King Henry V of England (1413-22), Victor of Agincourt
1619    Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Louis XIV's Minister of Finance (1665-1683), d. 1683
1809    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., physician, poet ("Old Ironsides"), d. 1894
1915    Ingrid Bergman, actress ("Casablanca"), d. this date 1982 at 67

29    John the Baptist, c. 30, beheaded [Trad]
886    Byzantine Emperor Basil I "the Macedonian" (867-886), c. 75
1315    Charles, Prince of Taranto, and his uncle Peter, Count of Eboli, condottiero, kia, Montecatini
1782    Admiral Richard Kempenfelt (c. 64) and c. 900 men, women, & children, as HMS 'Royal George' (108) capsizes at dockside in Portsmouth -- Learn More
1799    Pope Pius VI - Giovanni Anelico Braschi (1775-1799), 81, a prisoner of the French
1889    Stefan Dunjov, 74, ethnic Bulgarian revolutionary hero, volunteer in the Hungarian Revolution (1848-1849), Sardinian Army in Lombardy (1859), with Garibaldi in Sicily & Naples (1860), losing a leg and rising to colonel
1904    Sultan Murad V of Turkey (May 30-Aug 31, 1876), 63
1941    Lt. Cdr. Count Honore d'Estienne d'Orves (40), 2nd Lt. Maurice Barlier (35), & Jan Doornik (36), Martyrs of the Resistance, executed by the Germans in Mt. Valerian, near Paris
1960    PM Hazza el-Majali of Jordan (1959-1960), assassinated by a bomb
1972    Lale Anderson, 67, Swedish/German actress, Himmler's favorite star, singer ("Lili Marlene")
1975    Eamon de Valera, 92, Irish nationalist, prime minister, president (1959-1973)
1981    Lowell Thomas, intrepid war correspondent, author, at 89
1983    David Niven, soldier, actor ("Dawn Patrol"), at 74
1987    Lee Marvin, marine, actor ("The Big Red One"), at 63