5509BC The Creation, in the Byzantine Chronology
0    Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron of Aviators
891    Battle of Louvain: East Franks defeat the Danish Vikings
1054    Battle of Atapuerca: King Ferdinand I "the Great" of Castile & León defeats his brother King García V of Navarre
1181    Ubaldo Allucingoli elected Pope as Lucius III (1181-1185)
1271    Teobaldo Visconti elected Pope as Gregory X (1271-1276), later beatified
1285    Naval Battle of Las Rosas: Catalans defeat the French
1332    Bull fight in the Colosseum to honor King Louis of Bavaria; 18 bulls & 8 bull fighters die
1597    Battle of Longpre: French defeat the Spanish
1614    Jews expelled from Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany
1644    Battle of Tippermuir: Montrose's Roundheads defeat the Scots Covenanters.
1651    Battle of Dundee: The English under Oliver Cromwell & George Monck defeat the Scots
1661    First formal yacht race: King Charles II vs. his brother James
1701    Battle of Chiari: Imperialists defeat the French
1739    35 Jews sentenced to life in prison, Lisbon
1774    Boston: British seize Massachusetts Bay Colony's store of powder & cannon
1807    Former VP Aaron Burr found innocent of treason
1814    USS 'Wasp' sinks HMS 'Avon'
1848    Troops loyal the King of the Two Sicilies begin a bombardment of Messina, Sicily (which surrenders the 7th)
1861    Brg. Gen. U.S. Grant assumes command of Federal forces at Cape Girardeau, Mo
1861    Skirmish at Bennett's Mills, Mo
1862    Battle of Chantilly, Virginia
1862    Congress abolishes the daily issue of grog in the US Navy -- Learn More
1863    Atlanta Campaign: Sherman wins the Battle of Jonesborough, causing the Confederates to evacuate & burn Atlanta
1863    Union fleet bombards Fort Sumter
1863    Union troops capture Fort Smith, Arkansas
1866    Manuelito surrenders at Fort Wingate, last resisting Navaho chief
1870    Napoleon III surrenders himself and his army to the Prussians at Sedan
1916    Bulgaria declares war on Romania
1918    US troops land in Vladivostok, Siberia, stay until 1920
1923    Great Kanto Plain Earthquake devastates Tokyo, over 100,000 die
1928    President Ahmet Zogu of Albania (1925-1928) Proclaims himself King Zog I (1928-1939)
1934    Coup installs José María Velasco Ibarra as President of Ecuador, the first of his five terms (1934-1935, 1944-1947, 1952-1956, 1960-1961, 1968-1972)
1938    Mussolini cancels the civil rights of Italian Jews
1939    George C. Marshall becomes Chief-of-Staff of the Army, serves until November 18, 1945
1939    Hitler orders "Close your hearts to pity," invades Poland, initiating World War II, and also orders the extermination of the mentally ill
1939    Adm. Isoruku Yamamoto is appointed Commander-in-Chief of Japan's Combined Fleet
1942    "Tokyo Express" mission to Guadalcanal evades B-17s.
1942    A Federal court upholds detention of Japanese-Americans
1942    German troops land on the Taman Peninsula, USSR
1943    Espiritu Santo: Japanese sub 'I-182' is sunk by USS 'Wadsworth' (DD-516)
1943    USN makes air and gunnery attacks on Marcus I
1944    King George VI promotes Bernard Law Montgomery to field marshal
1948    Communists form the North China People's Republic
1950    13 North Korean divisions assault UN lines
1951    The Mossad, Israel's secret service, begins operations
1951    US, Australia, & New Zealand sign the ANZUS treaty
1969    King Idris of Libya (1951-1969) is deposed in a coup by Col Murramar Gadhafi, who rules until 2012
1983    Soviets shoot down Korean Boeing 747 that strayed over Siberia

1798    Richard Delafield, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1873
1824    Isaac Hardin Duval, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1902
1829    James Conner, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1883
1875    Edgar Rice Burroughs, war correspondent, author ("Tarzan"), d. 1950
1910    John Edward "Jack" Hawkins, Royal Welch Fusiliers, actor ("The Cruel Sea"), d. 1973
1922    Melvin R Laird, Secretary of Defense (1969-73)

1067    Count Baldwin V of Flanders (1035-1067)
1159    Pope Adrian IV - Nicholas Breakspear (1152-1159), c. 59, the only English pope
1557    Jacques Cartier, 65, French explorer
1680    Elector Johan Georg II of Saxon (1656-80), at 67
1715    Louis XIV "The Sun King" of France (1643-1715), at 76 -- Learn More
1838    William Clark, of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, at 68
1862    Maj Gen Phil Kearny, 47, "the bravest man in the Union Army," kia, Chantilly
1862    Maj. Gen. Isaac I. Stevens, U.S.A., 44, kia, Chantilly
1864    Emmeran Bliemel, CSA, only Catholic chaplain kia in the Civil War
1939    George C. Marshall is appointed Chief-of-Staff of the U.S. Army
1961    William Z Foster, Stalinist puppet, chairman CPUSA, 1945-57, at 80
1981    Albert Speer, 78, Nazi, architect, con artist