PHOTO: Mirror F-16
DLS: The A-10 Called Out For A Showdown
BOOK Hessians: Mercenaries, Rebels, and the War for British North America
PHOTO: Patriot Fire
DLS: Russia Gets The Good Stuff Just In Time
BOOK Hitler's Commanders: Officers of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, and the Waffen-SS
PHOTO: Raining Men
DLS: France Does What It Must To Compete
OP Japan Amends Post-WW2 Military Force Restrictions
PHOTO: B-25 Sunset
DLS: Iraqi F-16s Enter Combat
BOOK General Washington's Commando: Benjamin Tallmadge in the Revolutionary War
PHOTO: Washington In The Lead
DLS: North Korea Has A Little Problem
BOOK Northern European Overture to War, 1939-1941: From Memel to Barbarossa
PHOTO: Warbirds
PHOTO: Red Arrows Bid Farwell
DLS: The Russian Threat
BOOK Wounded: A New History of the Western Front in World War I
PHOTO: Jolly Rogers Own The Night
DLS: Bad Versus Badder
PHOTO: BUFF gets a drink
DLS: The Mysterious UAE Commandos
BOOK Soldiers West: Biographies from the Military Frontier
PHOTO: Lightning Strikes Hill
DLS: Islam And The Forever War
OP The Greek Lesson: Economic Reality Shatters Political Fantasy
PHOTO: Awaiting Trap
DLS: Germany Pays For Bad Decisions
BOOK The Literary Churchill: Author, Reader, Actor
PHOTO: Air Assault, Jalalabad
DLS: Russia Provides Hope For The Hopeless
PHOTO: Back To Inchon
DLS: That Gift That Must Be Given Back
PHOTO: 100 Years Of Flying
DLS: An Inconvenient Truth In Ukraine
PHOTO: Fledgling Returns To Nest
DLS: ISIL Adopts Chinese UAVs
BOOK Constantine and the Christian Empire
OP Domestic Massacre Stalks Mexico's Government
PHOTO: Blackjack Intercepted
DLS: China Rising Over Japan
PHOTO: Stormer Strikes
DLS: China Seeks Super Sailors
BOOK Revolutionary Marxism in Spain, 1930-1937
PHOTO: Hornet Lightning
DLS: The Fabled Fateh-110
BOOK A Few Lawless Vagabonds: Ethan Allen, the Republic of Vermont, and the American Revolution
CIC: Germany Loses a Wargame
PHOTO: Deck View
DLS: Poland Enters The Export Market
PHOTO: Raptor Watches Over Estona
DLS: The Helmet That Changed Everything
BOOK Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War
PHOTO: Wheels Down
DLS: Arabs Apply Another Israeli Solution
BOOK Sky Pilots: The Yankee Division Chaplains in World War I
PHOTO: Starry Night Transit
DLS: India Orders More And More P-8Is
BOOK Jewish War under Trajan and Hadrian
PHOTO: Typhoon Sports New Paint Scheme
DLS: Russian UAVs In Combat
OP Behind the Persistent Crisis of Refugees and Displaced Persons
PHOTO: Spartan Aerobatics
DLS: America Becomes The Perfect Target

ALGERIA: Home Deadly Home

WARPLANES: Silent Robots From The North Threaten South Korea


KOREA: Surviving The Myth

MORALE: No Place For Heroes

ARMOR: Heavy Armor For Hezbollah

COLOMBIA: Peace At Home, War Next Door

COUNTER-TERRORISM: The Iranian Frenemy

SPACE: Chinese Wartime Satellite Launcher

MURPHY'S LAW: Teaching Afghans The Drill

SUDAN: Flawed Peace Deals Mean Not Much Peace At All

PEACEKEEPING: India And America Have A Plan For Africa

WARPLANES: The J-31 Mystery Deepens

INFANTRY: Robots Hurry Up And Evolve

MALI: Going Through Some Bloody Changes

AIR DEFENSE: The Antidote For Small Flying Robots

PROCUREMENT: How The Indian Army Got Its Apaches

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: South Korea Threatens The North

CONGO: Democracy Falters Among Violence And Corruption

SURFACE FORCES : Burkes Electrified

MURPHY'S LAW: Russia Chokes On Tor

SOMALIA: The Stalled Comeback

WARPLANES: Armed Pakistani UAVs Arrive

INTELLIGENCE: Screw The Academics

MEXICO: Corruption, Cartels, Credibility and Culpability

SURFACE FORCES : Out With The Old, In With The New and Pray

WARPLANES: MiG-29s Aimed At Russia

LIBYA: The Promise Of Hell On Earth

LEADERSHIP: China Creates A Sovereign Presence

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Sex With Children In Afghanistan

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961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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