BOOK Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition
PHOTO: Griffin
DLS: The Return Of The Nuke Trains
PHOTO: Falcon In Greece
DLS: The Old Upgraded To Preserve The New
BOOK Leadership in War: From Lincoln to Churchill
PHOTO: Practicing Low
DLS: Lies That Kill
PHOTO: Goshawk
DLS: Tiger Turns Around
PHOTO: Hawg Rolling In The Dirt
DLS: The Paid Americans
BOOK The Deluge: The Great War, America and the Remaking of the Global Order, 1916-1931
PHOTO: Expeditionary Fast Transport Row
DLS: India Has A Solution To The Chinese Threat
OP Japan Takes Hard Line on North Korean Missile Threat
PHOTO: Go Marines!
DLS: Chinese Carrier Fleet Expansion Confirmed And Clarified
BOOK Field Marshal: The Life and Death of Erwin Rommel
PHOTO: Trident Sunset
DLS: MAC Faces The Knife
PHOTO: Sioux City Splash
DLS: Magic Wand Arrives
PHOTO: Sunrise Taxi
DLS: How Russia Put The XX To The U.S.
PHOTO: Sub Transit
DLS: China Honors Its Nukes
BOOK The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation: African Americans and the Fight for Freedom (Civil War America)
PHOTO: First Drink Served
DLS: An Offer Egypt Could Not Refuse
PHOTO: What All Stylish Ladies Wore In 1918
DLS: India Loses Faith In Russia
OP South Sudan's President Undermines Peace Deal
PHOTO: Riverine Command Boats
BOOK The Rome that Did Not Fall: The Survival of the East in the Fifth Century
PHOTO: Japanese Sea Hawk
DLS: Britain Returns To Special Forces
PHOTO: Idaho Eagle
DLS: Another Iranian Headache
BOOK Projecting Britain at War: The National Character in British World War II Films
PHOTO: Kingfisher
DLS: How Russia Gets Results In Syria
DLS: China Invades Ukraine
PHOTO: Virtual Clearance Training
DLS: The Russian Ghost Fleet
BOOK Nature's Civil War: Common Soldiers and the Environment in 1862 Virginia (Civil War America)
PHOTO: Harrier Take-Off
DLS: What Women Hate
OP Desert Storm 25 Years Later
TALK: 2015 Wrap-Up
PHOTO: Returning To The Well
DLS: The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Army
PHOTO: Special Delivery
BOOK Hitler and America
PHOTO: Super Tucanos In Afgahnistan
DLS: The Little Wonder From Russia
PHOTO: Arabian Gulf Night
DLS: Russia And The North Korean ICBM
BOOK Ghosts of the ETO: American Tactical Deception Units in the European Theater, 1944 - 1945
PHOTO: Number One
DLS: Poland Buys Ukrainian To Avoid Russia
PHOTO: Jungle Training
DLS: The Saudis Strike Back At Everyone
BOOK Valuing the Past in the Greco-Roman World: Proceedings from the Penn-Leiden Colloquia on Ancient Values VII
PHOTO: Static
DLS: Old Reliable Updated Again
OP The Global State of War
PHOTO: Apache
DLS: China Loses Control
PHOTO: M1A1 And Friends
DLS: A Koni Catastrophe
CIC: "A Tale of Two Ironclads"
PHOTO: BUFF And Friends
DLS: Be Careful What You Ask For
PHOTO: To Infinity And Beyond
DLS: Suffer Bravely And Silently For The Motherland
PHOTO: Big Boy
DLS: Dead Goats Invade Europe
DLS: Soldiers And Marines Step In
BOOK Trial by Gas: The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres
OP The Aftermath of Al-Nimr's Execution
PHOTO: 100,000th Launch
DLS: The Cult Of The Knife
PHOTO: Apache Overwatch
DLS: Russia Stumbles Again
BOOK Governments in Exile and the Jews During World War II
PHOTO: Strike Fighter
DLS: Affordable Trumps Better
TALK: Militant Islamist Will Continue To Dominate Headlines In 2016
PHOTO: Avengers
DLS: The Importance Of Making Every Shot Count
DLS: SOCOM Ordered To Use Female Commandos
BOOK Churchill's School For Saboteurs: Station 17
PHOTO: Spearhead
DLS: More German Armor Heads East
PHOTO: Guided Missile Destroyer New Year
DLS: The Iranian Air Force Abides
PHOTO: C-130 Snowfall
DLS: F-16 Fever In the Middle East
OP Ramadi as a Lesson in Defeating the Islamic State
PHOTO: Christmas Vacation Red-Eye
DLS: I Really Can Kill You With My Brain
PHOTO: Christmas Time Over The Gulf Of Oman
DLS: Economy Size Commando Transport
PHOTO: Home For Christmas
DLS: Rooting For The Assassins
BOOK Belisarius: The Last Roman General
PHOTO: NATO Global Hawk
DLS: Arabs Ditch Palestinians For Israel
TALK: 2015 Under-Reported News
PHOTO: Anyone See My Wrench?
DLS: French Hellfire For ISIL
PHOTO: Christmas Ships
DLS: As A Bonus It Annoys The Turks
DLS: Reminding Russia And China
OP China Confronts Anti-Access Judo
PHOTO: Shot, Out
DLS: The Chinese Navy Has Allies In America
BOOK At War on the Gothic Line: Fighting in Italy, 1944-45
DLS: Millions Of Patriotic Chinese Spy For America
PHOTO: After First Strike
DLS: Chinese Plans For Absorbing North Korea
PHOTO: Headed To Pearl
DLS: The Chinese Guam Attack Force
PHOTO: Lifting Power
DLS: For Want Of A Radio Upgrade The Su-24 Was Lost
BOOK CANARIS: The Life and Death of Hitler's Spymaster
PHOTO: Control Tower
DLS: Russia And The Impossible Dream
PHOTO: Welcome Home Daddy
DLS: The Mayhem You Do Not Hear About
OP Bowe Bergdahl Behaves Before the Enemy
PHOTO: Apache Coming Aboard
DLS: Indian Air Force Rejects Locally Built Fighter
PHOTO: Christmas Lights
DLS: The Forever Machinegun
BOOK Palestine in the Second World War: Strategic Plans and Political Dilemmas, the Emergence of a New Middle East
PHOTO: Platinum Lynx
DLS: Proliferating PDWs
PHOTO: Leaping Into The Army Navy Game
DLS: Powerful But Dangerous Friends
PHOTO: Coalition Trifecta
DLS: Son Of V22
PHOTO: Typhoon Heads For Syria
DLS: M4 Conquers The USMC
DLS: Yaks Join The Chinese Army
BOOK Allied Fighting Effectiveness in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945
OP Finding the Assassin Dagger in the Haystack
PHOTO: Dusty Dogs
DLS: Why ISIL Survives Air Strikes And Commandos
PHOTO: Stealth Ship Trials
DLS: Russia Pays What It Takes
BOOK Braddock's Defeat: The Battle of the Monongahela and the Road to Revolution
BOOK Braddock's Defeat: The Battle of the Monongahela and the Road to Revolution
PHOTO: Screwtop
DLS: An F-16 Takes Ground Fire Over Afghanistan
PHOTO: Pukin' Dog
DLS: The True Cost Of The Russian Mistrals
DLS: Chinese Collateral Damage In South Korea
PHOTO: Twilight Flight
DLS: The Embarrassing Secret Of Dirty Bombs
BOOK The Good Soldier: A Biography of Douglas Haig
CIC: Planning for "The Day": The Other Powers
PHOTO: Looking For ISIL
DLS: Silent Sniping Grows In Popularity
OP Turkey and Russia Avoid War, But ISIL Remains
PHOTO: Pave Hawk Drink
DLS: Russia Refurbs To Survive
PHOTO: F/A-18 Flash
DLS: A 40mm Hellfire For Infantry
BOOK D-Day: Minute by Minute
PHOTO: Huey In Paradise
DLS: Typhoon Was Too Late And Too Much

IRAN: With A Lot Of Help From My Enemies

INFORMATION WARFARE: North Korea Smishes To Succeed


ATTRITION: Making Every Shot Count

LIBYA: Never Underestimate The Power Of Fantasy

ARMOR: ZTQ Comes Out

WARPLANES: Blackjack Fit To Fight

MALI: The Key Is Not Working

ATTRITION: Learn From The Best

SURFACE FORCES : Bigger Is Often Better For The Coast Guard

THAILAND: Gangsters Who Do A Little Islamic Terrorism On The Side

WARPLANES: Su-35 Goes To War And Mass Production

AIR WEAPONS: Smaller, Cheaper, More Flexible And Reliable

NIGERIA: The Failing State

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Spain Creates Some Scary Specialists

ATTRITION: The Missing Officers Of India

SYRIA: Russia Lives The Lie

WARPLANES: The Stealth Curse


PROCUREMENT: Rafale Arrives In Egypt

KOREA: The North Uses Biological Weapons Against The South

AIR WEAPONS: Variable Yield High Explosives

LEADERSHIP: Russia Downsizes And Updates Its Playbook

PROCUREMENT: Building Defenses Against The Tunnels Of Doom

INDIA-PAKISTAN: Unsettling Comparisons

PROCUREMENT: Iraq Orders A Boatload Of Bombs

ARMOR: Namer Becomes More Annoying

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Singapore The Untouchable

YEMEN: The Sideshow Stalemate

PROCUREMENT: Good News And Bad News

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