PHOTO: Iraqi Air Force In Tuscon
PHOTO: Night Lights
PHOTO: Falcon Over Iraq
TALK: Tactical Myths Of WW I
PHOTO: Night Launch
OP A Few Confirmation Questions for Obama's SecDef Nominee
PHOTO: Golden Hawk
PHOTO: 1,0000 Arrested Landings!
PHOTO: Well Slung Iron Knight
PHOTO: Over The Edge
PHOTO: Blue Blaster
DLS: New Zealand Pays To Remain The Best
BOOK The Sinking of the Laconia and the U-Boat War: Disaster in the Mid-Atlantic
OP A 14th Cavalry Surgeon's Battle of the Bulge
PHOTO: Guiding Orion
DLS: Why Russians Love The Gestapo
PHOTO: Defense Test
DLS: Virginia Slips
PHOTO: Typhoon And Paveway IV
DLS: Eurofighter Gets Earthy
PHOTO: Orion Descent
DLS: Iraq Loads Up On 120mm
PHOTO: On The Way To Orion
DLS: Kornet Clobbers Abrams
PHOTO: Leaving The Nest
DLS: The Problem No One Wants to Talk About
PHOTO: Heavy Aid
DLS: China Reinvents RAM
OP Putin's Kemlin Losing the Oil Price War -- And That's Good
PHOTO: Fast Way Down
DLS: Russia Screws Poland Again
PHOTO: Night Jump
DLS: Libya Could End Very Badly
PHOTO: Falcon Pit-Stop
DLS: The Putin Paradox
BOOK Pearl Harbor: Selected Testimonies, Fully Indexed, from the Congressional Hearings (1945-1946) and Prior Investigations of the Events Leading Up to the Attack
PHOTO: Patrol Partners
DLS: Libyans Behaving Badly In Britain
PHOTO: UK's C-130 Replacement
DLS: Precision That Backfires
BOOK The Last Legionary: Life as a Roman Soldier in Britain, AD 400
CIC: Kaiser Bill and His Big Mouth
PHOTO: BONE's Vegas Vacation
DLS: Spike Nails Javelin
OP As The World Burns, Obama Fires Hagel
PHOTO: Growling Cougars
PHOTO: Paladin Power
DLS: Gripen Abides
BOOK Command Decisions: Langsdorff and the Battle of the River Plate
PHOTO: Heavy Weight
DLS: Iraq Gets Passive Aggressive With Foreign Help
PHOTO: Two B's
DLS: Why The Neighbors Are Nervous
BOOK Barksdale?s Charge: The True High Tide of the Confederacy at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863
PHOTO: Blackhawk Vortex
DLS: Finally, The MH-47G
PHOTO: Iron Wall
DLS: A Mass Murder Too Far
BOOK Nothing Less Than War: A New History of America's Entry into World War I
OP Sherman's March to the Sea: Total Impact Warfare
PHOTO: Keen Sword Flotilla
DLS: Snipers Demand RAZAR
PHOTO: The Tiny Terror
DLS: The Tiny Terror
BOOK British Liberators in the Age of Napoleon: Volunteering under the Spanish Flag in the Peninsular War
PHOTO: Spirit Sunset
DLS: Fire Scout Joins The LCS
TALK: Cold War Or 1938?
PHOTO: First Night Op
DLS: Business Jets Also Serve
BOOK Richmond Must Fall: The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, October 1864
PHOTO: Formation Take-Off
DLS: The Peacekeeper Special
PHOTO: F-35C Leaves The Nest

LIBYA: Seeking Meaningful Discussion And A Group Hug

AIR WEAPONS: Israel And The Secret Stockpile

INFORMATION WARFARE: Never Surrender, Or Else End Up Like Sony

AFGHANISTAN: No Sympathy For Pakistan

WARPLANES: Arrowlight Goes After Raven

NAVAL AIR: India Gets Some Much Needed Relief

ALGERIA: The High Cost Of Cheap Oil

ATTRITION: Reality Versus Necessity

SUBMARINES: Scorpene Goes Long

NIGERIA: Army Tries To Avoid The Enemy Within


INFORMATION WARFARE: Living The Fantasy Is Easier Than Dealing With Reality

PHILIPPINES: We Will Never Surrender

WARPLANES: Keeping Your Distance In Iraq

MARINES: The Chinese Secret Weapon

COUNTER-TERRORISM: The Radicalization Of Turkey

MYANMAR: Oops Does Not Do It

ATTRITION: With Defenders Like This

WARPLANES: Cold War Russian Eyes On Ukraine

PEACEKEEPING: Bahrain Is Sort Of Burning

KOREA: China Has Not Backed Off

MURPHY'S LAW: Theory Versus Reality

WARPLANES: Niger Buys A Spy Plane

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Where In The Middle East ISIL Gets No Respect

SOMALIA: Vengeance Is In The Air

MURPHY'S LAW: Business Is Business

ARMOR: Chinese Assault Trucks

ISRAEL: Something Worth Lying For

WINNING: Honesty Makes You Mighty

LEADERSHIP: China Analyses Their Primary Weakness

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-70 BC - Publius Vergilius Maro - Virgil, "Arma virumque cano", d. 19 BC

961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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