PHOTO: Eagle's Bottom
DLS: China Enters The Aerial ASW Competition
BOOK Franco: A Personal and Political Biography
DLS: The Russian War Against Time
BOOK Terrorist Attacks on American Soil: From the Civil War Era to the Present
OP The August Korean Confrontation: Land Mines Versus Psy War Loudspeakers
PHOTO: Marines Storm Thai Beaches
DLS: LCS Woes Continue
BOOK Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II
DLS: Yet Another Construction Failure
BOOK Holocaust versus Wehrmacht: How Hitler's "Final Solution" Undermined the German War Effort
PHOTO: Rescure Hawk
DLS: Ghostrider Arrives
PHOTO: Raptors Over Florida
DLS: A Hellish Improvisation
BOOK The Long Road to Annapolis: The Founding of the Naval Academy and the Emerging American Republic
PHOTO: LCAC Sandstorm
DLS: Marines Zero In On New Sniper Rifle
BOOK Taken at the Flood: The Roman Conquest of Greece
PHOTO: Loaded For ISIL
DLS: Indian Army Defenseless From Air Attack
BOOK Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but Saved America, September 11, 1777
PHOTO: Hornet Prep
DLS: Russia Wants Its Secrets Back
OP Terror and Surprise on the Paris Express
PHOTO: Seawolf Visits Santa's Home
DLS: Eurofighter Evolves
BOOK How the Telegraph Changed the World
BOOK Britain's Two World Wars against Germany: Myth, Memory and the Distortions of Hindsight
PHOTO: Eagle Over Lakenheath
DLS: Sniffing Russian Secrets In Ukraine
BOOK Britain's Two World Wars against Germany: Myth, Memory and the Distortions of Hindsight
PHOTO: Minuteman III Celebrates 45
DLS: AC-130J Gets A Ray Gun
PHOTO: Spirit Prep
DLS: A Balkan Mystery Moves To South Asia
PHOTO: Aluminum Overcast
BOOK The Hundred Years War: A People's History
DLS: Israel Versus The Well Subsidized Lie
BOOK War, Entrepreneurs, and the State in Europe and the Mediterranean, 1300-1800
PHOTO: Artful Astute
DLS: Russia Is Losing Its Punch
PHOTO: Naval Guillotine
DLS: Not A Laser Saber But Close Enough
BOOK Augustus: First Emperor of Rome
OP Violent Patterns Emerge in Putin's War on Ukraine
PHOTO: Riverine Formation
DLS: United With Gulf States Against Iran
BOOK The Road to Dunkirk: The British Expeditionary Force and the Battle of the Ypres-Comines Canal, 1940
PHOTO: Black Hawk Jump
DLS: India Seeks A SOCOM Of Their Own
PHOTO: Don't Mess With Eespn
DLS: Poland Forced To Downgrade
PHOTO: Anchor Away
DLS: Israel And The Saar Dynasty
PHOTO: Flying Bulldog
DLS: U.S. Air Force Demobilizes Its An-28s
BOOK The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin: Global Jihadism in Russia's North Caucasus and Beyond
TALK: WW II, The Fifty Year War
PHOTO: Fitzgerald Harpoon
DLS: Israeli Secret Weapon Revealed
BOOK The Gathering Storm: The Naval War in Northern Europe, September 1939-April 1940
PHOTO: Super Stallion In Paradise
DLS: Shame, Shame, Shame
OP WW2's End Links To Its Origins
PHOTO: LCAC Transfer
DLS: Where The Hummer Still Gets Respect
BOOK The Indian Army on the Western Front: India's Expeditionary Force to France and Belgium in the First World War
PHOTO: Eagle Over England
DLS: The Red Fleet Returns To The Past
BOOK Shattered Genius: The Decline and Fall of the German General Staff in World War II
PHOTO: Departing Saipan
DLS: A-10s In Poland
PHOTO: F-22 At Red Flag
DLS: Sons Of Saddam
BOOK Scapegoats: Thirteen Victims of Military Injustice
PHOTO: Targets Ready To Launch
DLS: Russia Learns From Afghanistan
DLS: The High Cost Of Staying On Top
PHOTO: Stormy Flight Ops
DLS: The Incredible Shrinking American Army
BOOK The Fights on the Little Big Horn: Unveiling the Mysteries of Custer’s Last Stand
OP Very Smart Diplomacy: Creating Desert Storm's Effective Coalition
PHOTO: AAV Splash!
DLS: SA-3 Makes A Comeback
BOOK Alexander the Great: Themes and Issues
PHOTO: Super Stallion Up Close
DLS: American Made AK-47s
BOOK The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941
TALK: Turkey Enters The Fight Against ISIL
PHOTO: Fat Albert Maximum Effort Climb
DLS: Too Good To Die Of Old Age
PHOTO: F-35 Dawn
DLS: The Toxic Avengers
BOOK Loyal Sons: Jews in the German Army in the Great War
PHOTO: Home Sweet Home
DLS: Verifying Russian Propaganda
DLS: SAS Has Gone Gurkha
BOOK Field Guide to the Battlefields of South Africa
PHOTO: Eye In The Sky
DLS: Why The F-35 Does And Does Not Suck
BOOK The Armed Forces of Poland in the West 1939-46: Strategic Concepts, Planning, Limited Success but no Victory!
PHOTO: Texas At Pearl
DLS: Russia Looking To Escape The 1950s
BOOK Cicero: Politics and Persuasion in Ancient Rome
OP Turkey and Syria: From Bluff to Buffer
PHOTO: Delta IV Medium
DLS: History Evaluates The T-14
PHOTO: Coast Guard Selfie
DLS: Puma Finally Arrives
BOOK "A" Force: The Origins of British Deception During the Second World War
CIC: Planning for "The Day": France, 1871-1914
PHOTO: Osprey On Display
DLS: Son Of The Great Gotland
PHOTO: American Growlers And Japanese Eagles
PHOTO: "Blue" Falcon
DLS: The Russian Secret Weapon
TALK: Peace In Our Time?
PHOTO: Hog Landing
DLS: Taiwan Builds To Survive
BOOK United Nations Participants in the Korean War: The Contributions of 45 Member Countries
PHOTO: Line Abreast Loop
DLS: Chinese Assault Guns In Africa

CONGO: Seeking Solutions To Endemic Violence

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Is This The End Of The Caucasus Emirate

INFORMATION WARFARE: An Inconvenient Truth In Ukraine

INTELLIGENCE: Hezbollah Has Foreign Eyes On Israel

IRAQ: The Other, More Important, War

ARMOR: Poland Enters The Export Market

SURFACE FORCES : That Gift That Must Be Given Back

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: The Mysterious UAE Commandos

AFGHANISTAN: Defeat, Despair And A Murky Future

SURFACE FORCES : China Seeks Super Sailors

LEADERSHIP: Putin The Overhyped Spy Lover

ARTILLERY: The Fabled Fateh-110

ISRAEL: Media Spin Matters

PEACEKEEPING: Curing The Cure That Failed

PROCUREMENT: Saudi Arabia Stocks Up On Missile Protection

MEXICO: Lying Politicians Face Judgement Day

LEADERSHIP: Volunteer Blues In Ukraine

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: There Are Additional Costs

COLOMBIA: Venezuela Desperately Seeks A Scapegoat

SUPPORT: Creating A Kilo Culture In India

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Bagging Terrorist Bombs

SUDAN: The Best Peace Threats Can Buy

MORALE: A Pie To Die For

PROCUREMENT: Ukraine Refurbishes To Survive

IRAN: So Close Yet So Far

MURPHY'S LAW: Good News Not Wanted Here

WINNING: America Becomes The Perfect Target

WARPLANES: Pilot Optional Aircraft

CHINA: We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Us

LEADERSHIP: Sweden Seeks A Secret Weapon

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961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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