PHOTO: Home Sweet Home
DLS: Verifying Russian Propaganda
DLS: SAS Has Gone Gurkha
BOOK Field Guide to the Battlefields of South Africa
PHOTO: Eye In The Sky
DLS: Why The F-35 Does And Does Not Suck
BOOK The Armed Forces of Poland in the West 1939-46: Strategic Concepts, Planning, Limited Success but no Victory!
PHOTO: Texas At Pearl
DLS: Russia Looking To Escape The 1950s
BOOK Cicero: Politics and Persuasion in Ancient Rome
OP Turkey and Syria: From Bluff to Buffer
PHOTO: Delta IV Medium
DLS: History Evaluates The T-14
PHOTO: Coast Guard Selfie
DLS: Puma Finally Arrives
BOOK "A" Force: The Origins of British Deception During the Second World War
CIC: Planning for "The Day": France, 1871-1914
PHOTO: Osprey On Display
DLS: Son Of The Great Gotland
PHOTO: American Growlers And Japanese Eagles
PHOTO: "Blue" Falcon
DLS: The Russian Secret Weapon
TALK: Peace In Our Time?
PHOTO: Hog Landing
DLS: Taiwan Builds To Survive
BOOK United Nations Participants in the Korean War: The Contributions of 45 Member Countries
PHOTO: Line Abreast Loop
DLS: Chinese Assault Guns In Africa
BOOK FDR and the Jews
BOOK FDR and the Jews
OP To Counter Domestic Terror Attacks, Selectively Arm Military Personnel
PHOTO: F-15 At Redflag
DLS: SOCOM Battles The Enemy Within
BOOK Medicine and Warfare: Spain, 1936-1939
PHOTO: Peruvian Sub Visits Mayport
DLS: China Follows America
BOOK Germanicus: The Magnificent Life and Mysterious Death of Rome's Most Popular General
PHOTO: Unloading
DLS: 7.62x35
PHOTO: Riverine Training
DLS: Tradition Cripples The USAF UAV Fleet
BOOK Sacrificing Childhood: Children and the Soviet State in the Great Patriotic War
PHOTO: Herc Wheels Ups
DLS: Hummer Finally Succeeds In Israel
BOOK The Evolution of Operational Art, 1740-1813: From Frederick the Great to Napoleon
DLS: Buk Keeps Seeking The 1973 Magic
BOOK Custer, Cody, and Grand Duke Alexis: Historical Archaeology of the Royal Buffalo Hunt
PHOTO: On Approach
DLS: SEAL Team 6 Suspicions Confirmed
OP The Real Deal with the Iranian Deal
PHOTO: Falcon Over Korean Mountains
DLS: The Devilishly Clever Kurds March South
BOOK Byron's War: Romantic Rebellion, Greek Revolution
PHOTO: Hornet Sunset
DLS: Griffin Brings Gunships Into The Daylight
BOOK Zero Night: The Untold Story of World War Two's Greatest Escape
PHOTO: Australian "Shout"
DLS: The Hidden Flaw Of The Su-30
DLS: Standard Missile 6 For Everyone
PHOTO: Aerial sniping
DLS: China Points A RO/RO At Taiwan
PHOTO: Assaulting Australia
DLS: Luna Loses Its Way
BOOK Wellington's Right Hand: Rowland, Viscount Hill
PHOTO: Stryker Mortar
DLS: Hero And Switchblade
BOOK Perceiving War and the Military in Early Christian Gaul (ca. 400-700 A.D.)
OP Background to Asia's Expensive Naval Arms Race
PHOTO: 11.5 Tons Of "You Better Run And Hide"
DLS: Where Cheaper Is Better
PHOTO: A Pearl 4th
DLS: Situation Desperate, Send More Kurds
BOOK Churchill's South Africa: Travels during the Anglo-Boer War
PHOTO: The 4th On The Roosevelt
DLS: Gripen Grounded
PHOTO: Ready For Close Close Combat Support
DLS: Tomahawks And Sharpened Shovels
BOOK Defender of Canada: Sir George Prevost and the War of 1812
PHOTO: Cayuse Warriors For Afghans
DLS: Arabs Abandon Palestinians
BOOK Hitler's Stormtroopers and the Attack on the German Republic, 1919-1933
PHOTO: Griffin Spreads Its Wings
DLS: Ukraine Crushes The Russian Navy
PHOTO: Modified And Ready To Go
DLS: South Korea Tries Whatever Works Against The North
BOOK Zulu Warriors: The Battle for the South African Frontier
OP Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy: Liberty Demands Responsibility
PHOTO: All Lit Up
DLS: M777 Finally Makes It To India
TALK: Fortress South China Sea
PHOTO: Leaving The Rail
DLS: A Deal With The Devil
PHOTO: Turkish Skies
DLS: India Heaves HAL For AirBus
PHOTO: Apache And Hind
DLS: Situation Desperate, Blame America
PHOTO: Hawkeye And Trapper
DLS: The Real Enemy Grows Stronger
PHOTO: American Eagles And Turkish Falcons
DLS: We Are At War And Military Spending Must Take Priority
PHOTO: M-346
DLS: AT4 Returns To Iraq
OP Meanwhile, Back in North Korea...
PHOTO: Flying Command Post
DLS: Kurds Appreciate Old Tech
PHOTO: Marines In The Splash Pool
DLS: The Blind Leading The Blind In China
BOOK Aspects of Roman History 31 BC-AD 117
PHOTO: Combat Shadow
DLS: Why Indian Naval Helicopters Fade Away
PHOTO: Buff & Gripen Friends
DLS: Russia Cuts The NATO Supply Line
PHOTO: Aanatolian Typhoon
DLS: Lions Led By Donkeys Lost Ramadi
BOOK Wellington: The Path to Victory 1769-1814
PHOTO: Winter Camo
DLS: North Korea Runs A Fake
BOOK Waterloo: the French Perspective
CIC: Commemorating Waterloo
PHOTO: Blue 5
DLS: China Pushes Grenade Launcher Innovation
OP Chinese Cabbage: Imperialism with Chinese Characteristics
DLS: Something To Parade About
BOOK Prelude to Waterloo: Quatre Bras: The French Perspective
PHOTO: Air Pushups
DLS: Avoiding Or At Least Hiding The Apocalypse
BOOK American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War
PHOTO: Preflight
DLS: China Objects To Getting Klubbed
PHOTO: Island Raptor
DLS: From Desperation Comes Change In Arabia
BOOK Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon
PHOTO: Super Hover
DLS: The Marines Want SOST And They Want It Now
BOOK The Contribution of the Royal Bavarian Army to the War of 1866
PHOTO: Battle Phrogs Move Out
DLS: Arabs Outperform The RAF
BOOK Cicero and the Catilinarian Conspiracy
PHOTO: 52 Chute
OP Turkish Election a Model for Secular Arab Spring Revolutionaries
PHOTO: Robotics Challenge
DLS: The China Solution
PHOTO: Osprey Parking
DLS: China Unofficially Arms The Kurds
BOOK The Many Not The Few: The Stolen History of the Battle of Britain
TALK: The 50 Ruble Army
PHOTO: British Vulcans
DLS: Russian Confessions
PHOTO: Pointe Du Hoc D-Day +2
DLS: The Air Warriors Of Japan
BOOK Giap: The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam
DLS: The Radically Reduced Red Air Force
BOOK The Embattled Past: Reflections on Military History
DLS: Dwindling Options In North Korea
PHOTO: Big Splashes
DLS: Leclerc and VBCI Go To Poland
OP Confessions of a NATO Trip Wire: Why Poles and Balts Want US Trip Wire Forces
PHOTO: French Tall Ship Arrives In US
DLS: Tomahawk The Sometimes Ship Killer
BOOK Foreign-Born American Patriots: Sixteen Volunteer Leaders in the Revolutionary War
PHOTO: One World Trade Center Flyby
DLS: Overkill Works
BOOK John of Salisbury: Military Authority of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
PHOTO: Into The Night
DLS: The Pakistani Secret Weapon
PHOTO: Stallion Jumping
DLS: The Polish-Ukrainian Consortium
PHOTO: C-17 Stack
DLS: Russia Cannot Afford A Better AK
BOOK Nazi Film Melodrama
TALK: Iraqis No Will To Fight?
PHOTO: Sea Shattering Kaboom
DLS: South Korea Becomes a Potential Threat To China
BOOK Memory and Cultural History of the Spanish Civil War
PHOTO: Short Take-Off
DLS: Russian Combat Brigades In Ukraine
OP Counter ISIL's Truck Bombs with Real Close Air Support
PHOTO: Last Flight
DLS: The Future Bites Britain In The Ass, Again

SUDAN: Peace Now, Talk Later

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Whose Side Is God Really On

MURPHY'S LAW: Looking For A Fictional Friend In Syria

NIGERIA: Trying To Cure The Oil Curse

INFORMATION WARFARE: Israel Versus The Well Subsidized Lie


SOMALIA: Islamic Terrorists Are Easy, Corruption Is Hard

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Diplomacy The Middle Eastern Way

SURFACE FORCES : The Red Fleet Returns To The Past

LEADERSHIP: East Asian Nations Unite Against A Common Enemy

YEMEN: Iran Backed Rebels In Retreat

AIR TRANSPORTATION: U.S. Air Force Demobilizes Its An-28s

WARPLANES: A-10s In Poland

ARMOR: Life Extension For VBL

IRAQ: The Anbar Offensive Succeeds So Far

ARMOR: Where The Hummer Still Gets Respect

SURFACE FORCES : Poland Forced To Downgrade

INFORMATION WARFARE: ISIL And The Palestinian Paradox

PHILIPPINES: China Deploys The Buoys Of Doom

ELECTRONIC WEAPONS: Smaller And More Affordable SIGINT

AIR TRANSPORTATION: The Mi-8 Goes To War Once More

MYANMAR: China Is Not Amused

MURPHY'S LAW: The Chinese Internet Builds Military Strength

LEADERSHIP: The False Victory

LIBYA: Russia And China Make The Most Of the Mess


SURFACE FORCES : Israel And The Saar Dynasty

MEXICO: Shame, Shame, Shame

WEAPONS: Russia Learns From Afghanistan

INFORMATION WARFARE: XP Never Dies It Just Fades Away Slowly

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-70 BC - Publius Vergilius Maro - Virgil, "Arma virumque cano", d. 19 BC

961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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