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June 16, 2024


Our website is dedicated to MILITARY AND GEOPOLITICAL affairs and related items of interest. We assume that people who explore our pages are here because they have a desire to learn more about the nature of WARFARE - WHY it occurs, What makes it tick and How it is conducted. Given the nature of our complicated world � and the events leading up to and following the attack on United States territory and the deaths of 3000 people from many nationalities on September 11, 2001, an unbiased understanding of what is going on in the world BEYOND what you will read in the newspapers or hear on television and radio is imperative. To help achieve that end, StrategyPage likes to post timely and on-point analysis of the world in regards to conflict resolution from our unique prism that we feel our readers may benefit from learning more about. The operators of this website have many years of experience in military and geopolitical affairs, have written extensively of such matters, and can be seen on the national media talk shows at times. Please check out their biographies for more info on their backgrounds. Many of our readers have similar backgrounds in the military, in government, in the media, in education, and in other areas of experience, and freely come here willing to share that knowledge with the rest of us.

As part of helping you to understand and learn more about these events, one of the services that we provide to our readers is a discussion forum. The administrators of these discussion groups offer an opportunity for ALL posters who abide by our Rules of Use to post their thoughts, ideas, and feelings regarding the various discussion topics, and to create topics which they feel other readers may contribute to, or would have an interest in participating in, via an interchange of ideas.

Rules of Conduct and Use

Screen Handles: Screen Handles meant to be obscene, in poor taste, inflammatory, or of like nature will be rejected within a short time of selection, at the discretion of the SysOps. In other words,SP reserves the right to bar any poster using a 'Handle' that may be offensive or otherwise inappropriate<

Posting: StrategyPage would like to maintain an environment that encourages lively and intellectually honest debate on a variety of topics. To that end, we expect you to follow our basic rules and premises. YOUR ABILITY TO POST � AND REMAIN � ON THIS BOARD IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT YOUR RIGHT. Violation of our rules and expectations are grounds to ban you permanently from these discussion boards.

The Systems Operators � SYSOPS - monitor this board on a regular basis, and retain the right to delete offensive posts, warn offenders if they have crossed a line of behavior and, if needs be, PERMANENTLY BAN persistent offenders from this board, at OUR discretion. We realize that the level of discussion can get heated at time, and that it is easy to allow the level of discourse to escalate. We assume you are NOT children but adults, and expect you to handle yourselves as adults. If you feel you have been unfairly treated in the course of our monitoring, please feel free to email us, and we can discuss the events leading up to a reprimand or banning. We will strive to be fair and impartial.

Examples of Posts that will NOT be tolerated:

White-Supremacist Posters ANY poster advocating or espousing hate positions or beliefs akin to the Nazis, Nazi-like organizations, or others of that ilk will see their posts NUKED as soon as possible, and the poster will be booted permanently. Such behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED IN ANY WAY. There are Nazi and Hate websites catering to your distorted worldview - take your hatred there. Your welcome here will be short-lived.

Troll and Troll-Wannabe Posters a troll is defined as a poster who comes to these boards with the sole purpose of flaming, disrupting, antagonizing, provoking and/or abusing existing board members. New posters will be given a �break-in� period, with the assumption that they come here to learn and contribute to their knowledge base in a positive way. However, if the poster exhibits behavior CONTRARY to our Mission Statement, and begins acting in a �Trollish� manner, they will, though NOT always in this order, be warned. Normally, you will:

Be privately warned that there is a concern regarding the nature of your posts; if that fails, then

Public admonishment will follow, with the aim of giving an open warning that such posts are questionable and that the poster needs to clean up their act; if the behavior is not corrected, then finally

The poster will have all of their threads deleted, and their HANDLE will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from posting on this website.

Note that you MAY or MAY NOT get the private or public warning, depending upon the nature of your post, or of your actions (flooding the board with �trash� at some odd hour of the night will get you shut down REAL quick!!)

We will soon have the capability, through our database technology, to monitor AND identify Trolls who return under other screen names, both from HOW they write their posts, and how they register. BE Forewarned     

9/11 � posters who come to this website to make statements that: �The United States deserved what they got on 9/11�, or anything similar to that, will get the same treatment as NAZI posters. BOUNCED. We WILL encourage an HONEST debate over those events, but will not tolerate statements like the above that are designed to dishonor the dead and to cause emotional pain to the users, several of whom had loved ones near or at the places so shamelessly and horrifically attacked. �Nuff said on THIS topic.

Other types of non-tolerated postings will come up from time to time, and will be dealt with on an individual basis, at the discretion of the>

Appropriate Language: Please avoid personal attacks, slurs, and profanity in your messages.  Words containing profanity are automatically deleted when they are posted.

Message Topics:Please keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject of the message board. It's normal for some message topics to drift from the stated subject. However, to ensure maximum impact and benefit for all involved, please keep your messages close to the newsgroup's subject.  Management reserves the right to delete messages that are off topic.

Citing Other Websites, and Cutting and Pasting Source Material: As in any other debate, if you have posted from another website, the quality of your argument is enhanced when you reference that website, rather than just cutting and pasting. Other posters can then look up the website themselves, and determine the nature of your source material � and the strength or weakness of your post. PLEASE cite such references � the SysOps will - again, at our discretion � delete such posts if we find them frivolous, out of context (we want you to give our readers the context of why you are copying and pasting, NOT just to post), just cluttering up our pages, etc. Please try to provide commentary on the paste, not just the paste itself.

CAPITALIZATION: Please refrain from typing all of your posts in ALL CAPITALIZATION . It appears that you are shouting, makes it difficult to read, and is annoying. The SysOps reserves the right to delete such posts. Please don�t put us in a position where we delete your hard-typed and thought-out posts. Take the time, and do it right from the start. Occasional use to of ALL CAPS to emphasize a point in your post is OK. Also, good grammar � in long posts, try to break up your posts in paragraphs � again, it makes it easier to get the points that you wish to make to your audience.

LASTLY, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, our goal at is to raise the standards of this board, to enhance the professionalism of those who participate here to a higher level, to make sure that the nature of your posts are consistent with our standards of conduct, to educate our readers so that they are the most informed group of people out there, to help those who are new here in THEIR education (since we assume they have come here to learn) � AND, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OF THE ABOVE, TO HAVE FUN while all of this is achieved. We hope that your goals are along the same lines as ours, and will work with us to achieve that level of professionalism we desire while having fun at the same time.

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