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Strategic Weapons: Russia Upgrades Anti-Terrorist Defenses
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November 6, 2012: Russia has begun upgrading the security systems at its ICBM bases, especially against the threat from Islamic terrorists. Russia currently has 120 ICBMs in silos and 190 moved about on 16 wheel 17.4 meter (54 foot) long TELs (Transporter Erector Launchers). Naturally the Russians are not giving out details of the upgrades. But it was revealed that all components of multilayer systems of sensors, as well as power control and fire suppression systems are being refurbished or improved. Security personnel, all of them carefully selected, are to be given additional training and new (apparently more deadly) rules of engagement.

The Russians said little about improvements in the security of their mobile ICBMs. These travel around roads inside large rural military bases. That makes these mobile systems the most vulnerable to terrorist attack. There have probably been major improvements in how these mobile ICBMs are monitored and protected.

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