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Thailand: Learning From India
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September 14, 2007: A series of raids in the last week led to the arrest of 82 terror suspects. There was one gun battle, which left two police wounded. Several wanted men were able to escape. Hundreds of buildings were searched in the process, leading to the capture of weapons, documents and explosives. In the last three months, over 600 terror suspects have been arrested, but 75 percent have since since been released. The arrests have led to a reduction in terrorist attacks, but there is still plenty of violence. The terrorists are now concentrating more on police informants and terrorists who appear to have changed sides, or tried to quit after being arrested.

As a concession, the government agreed to lift the curfew (in place for the last six months) in parts of the south, for the Moslem month of Ramadan (September 12-October 15) when Moslems fast during the day and feast at night. Meanwhile, fifty Thai troops went to India to participate in several weeks of counter-terror exercises with Indian troops. India has a lot more experience in counter-terrorist operations.

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