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More Things You Can't Do in the Army

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Seeing� Skippy's List, a retired Special Forces medic sent in these additional things you can't, or shouldn't try, in the army.
Guard duty is not a license to steal.

An FTX (Field Training Exercise) is not a fishing trip.

An FTX is not a cross country skiing vacation.
An FTX is not a place to take your bike.

Running with a rucksack doesn't count when it's filled with your air matress.

You don't tell the Sergeant Major (senior NCO man in a battalion) to jump and hold the rest of the stick because the wind is too high.

You don't tell the battalion commander,�who is talking to the mayor of Munich..."Make him an offer he can't refuse."

You don't pull 2nd lieutenants ingrown toenails without anesthetic and insinuate they are pussies, if they sweat.

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