477BC Battle of the Cremera: The gens Fabius is virtually wiped out by the Veientines
387BC Battle of the Allia: Brennus' Gauls defeat the Romans (or maybe 390)
0    Feast of St. Camillo de Lellis, Patron of Military Surgeons
64    Great Fire of Rome begins, at which Nero didn't fiddle
1185    Battle of Alarcos: Abu Yusuf Ya'qub al-Mansur defeats King Alfonso VIII of Castile
1536    Henry VIII declares papal authority void in England, so he can divorce his wife
1630    Spanish-Imperial troops storm Mantua amid great slaughter
1716    Jews are expelled from Brussels, Belgium
1775    Congress authorizes each colony to provide armed ships of war
1779    US Commo Abraham Whipple's squadron takes 11 British prizes
1806    Gaeta surrenders to the French, after a five month siege -- Learn More
1812    Treaty of Orebro: Ends the Anglo-Swedish War of 1810-1812 (in which no hostilities actually took place) and allies the two countries and Russia against Napoleon
1813    US Frigate 'President' captures 4 British ships.
1814    British capture Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
1861    Bull Run Campaign: Combat at Blackburn's Ford, Va
1863    Cavalry skirmish near Columbus, Ga
1863    The 54th Massachusetts leads a gallant attempt to storm Fort Wagner, near Charleston
1898    Naval Acton of Manzanillo, Cuba: US and Spanish light forces skirmish
1907    French troops attack Casablanca
1914    The British Royal Navy extends an invitation to the German Imperial Navy to take part in a fleet week in August [see June 24]
1915    Second Battle of the Isonzo begins (to Aug 3)
1918    US & French forces launch Aisne-Marne offensive
1920    US naval aircraft sink ex-German cruiser 'Frankfurt' during target practice.
1925    "Mein Kampf" is published, and sells badly, until 1930, when it begins to top the charts
1941    SS drowns 40 Jews in Dvina River, Belorussia
1942    Maiden flight of the Messerschmitt Me 262, the first operational jet fighter
1943    German U-boat downs 'K-47', the only US airship lost to enemy action in WW II
1944    Kuniaki Koiso forms new Japanese government, with the same old policies.
1944    US troops capture St. Lo, Normandy
1945    Australian troops take the Sambodja oil fields in Borneo.
1994    Arab terrorist car bomb detonates at a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, 96 die

1552    Rudolf von Hapsburg, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II (1576-1612), King Rudolf of Hungary (1572-1608), King Rudolf II of Bohemia (1575-1608/1611), Archduke Rudolf V (1576-1608)
1787    Ichabod Crane, Col., U.S., d. 1857, still on active duty -- Learn More
1823    Leonard Fulton Ross, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1901
1837    Vasil Levski (born Vasil Ivanov Kunchev), 35, Bulgarian national hero, executed by the Ottomans, 1872
1862    Napoleon V Bonaparte, pretender to the throne of France, d. 1926
1874    Charles William St. John Burgess, later Cathal Brugha , Irish nationalist and Easter Rebellion veteran, First President of the Irish Parliament, d. 1922)
1887    Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian quisling, executed 1945
1914    US Army Air Service, in the the Signal Corps
1918    Count Alfonso Casati, kia, 1944, earning a Medaglia d'Oro with the San Marco Regiment
1921    John H Glenn Jr, Marine airman, astronaut, senator, d. 2016

715    ‘Imad ad-Din Muhammad ibn Qasim ath-Thaqafi, 49, general who extended the Ummayad Califate to the Indus
912    Emperor Taizu of Later Liang (907-912), 52, born Zhu Wen, and later known as Zhu Quanzhong and Zhu Huang
1100    Geoffrey, 50, Count of Bouillon (1076-1100), Duke of Lorraine (1087-1100), Protector of Jerusalem (1099-1100), leader of the First Crusade
1608    Joachim III Frederick of Brandenburg, at 61
1610    Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, 38, artist, brawler, murderer
1639    Duke Bernard of Saxe-Weimar, Imperial general, at 35
1642    Count Willem of Nassau-Siegen
1730    François de Neufville, 2nd duc de Villeroi, Marshal of France, at 86
1792    John Paul Jones, 45, American naval hero who often went "In harm's way", in Paris
1872    Benito Pablo Juarez, 66, President of Mexico (1858-1872)
2005    Gen. William Westmoreland, 91, Commander, US forces in Vietnam, 1964-1968
2009    Henry Allingham, at 113+, the oldest man in the world, the last surviving Jutland veteran and the last original member of the RAF
2009    Lionel Casson, sailor, historian ("Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World"), four days short of 95