46BC Day 1 of Caesar's Triumph, for the conquest of Gaul, culminating in the dedication of the Temple of Venus Genetrix, honoring his divine ancestress
657    Battle of Siffin: Muawiyah I, the first Umayyad, defeats Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib, Mohammed's son-in-law
811    Battle of the Verbita Pass/Pliska: Bulgar Khan Krouma acquires Nicephorus I's skull as a drinking cup.
1469    Battle of Edgecote Hill: Sir John Conyers' Lancastrians defeat the Earl of Pembroke's Yorkists
1649    English fleet bombards Dunkirk
1755    Giacomo Casanova is imprisoned in the Leads by the Venetian secret police
1757    Battle of Hastenbek: The French defeat the Anglo-Hanoverians
1758    British Gen James Wolfe captures Louisbourg
1759    French troops vacate Ticonderoga, New York
1812    US Frigate 'Essex' captures British brig 'Leander'
1822    Secret meeting of Simon Bolivar & Jose de San Martin
1826    Pogrom against the Jews of Vilna
1833    A Zulu impi raids the vicinity of the Portuguese fort at Lourenço Marques, Mozambique
1861    Skirmish at Lane's Prairie, Mo
1863    Salineville, OH: Confederate Brig Gen. John Hunt Morgan surrenders with 364 troopers
1898    Skirmish near Yauco, Puerto Rico; Spanish withdraw
1898    US Navy sweeps mines at Caimanera, Cuba
1912    Lt. John Rodgers makes the 1st airborne radio commo to a ship, USS 'Stringham' (TB-19)
1914    The Dublin Massacre: Scottish troops open fire at a football match, killing four and injuring scores
1918    Race riot in Philadelphia, 3 whites & 1 black killed
1941    Pres Roosevelt calls the Philippine Army into Federal Service
1942    Capt Joy Bright Hancock is appointed Director, Women's Naval Reserve
1942    Desperate fighting near Kokoda, Papua; Australians fall back to Deniki.
1942    Japanese reinforcements land at Buna.
1942    RAF bombs Hamburg
1943    U.S. destroyers shell Munda.
1944    Pacific strategy conference in Hawaii: FDR orders the liberation of the Philippines
1944    Russian troops arrive on the Vistula
1945    British ships and a/c raid Japanese bases on the west coast of Malaya.
1945    Churchill resigns as Britain's PM
1945    Japanese disregard US ultimatum
1948    Truman initiates the integration of the Armed Forces
1953    Fidel Castro makes an unsuccessful attack on the Moncada Barracks
1954    Chinese aircraft shoot down a British airliner, whereupon fighters off USS 'Philippine Sea' (CVA-47) shoot down 2 Chinese a/c that fired on them while covering rescue operations
1956    Liner 'Andrea Doria', rammed by the off course 'Stockholm' off Nantucket a day earlier, sinks, 51 die
1957    USSR launches its first intercontinental multistage ballistic missile

1467    King Ferrante [Ferdinand] II of Naples (1495-1496) -- Learn More
1739    George Clinton, Revolutionary war general, governor of New York, Vice-President, d. 1812
1820    John Marshall Jones, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1864
1890    Daniel Callaghan, Read Adm, USN, kia 1942 Guadalcanal, Medal of Honor
1894    Aldous Leonard Huxley, author ("Brave New World," etc.), d. 1963
1922    Jason Robards, Pearl Harbor veteran, actor ("Tora! Tora! Tora!"), d. 2001
1928    Stanley Kubrick, director ("Paths of Glory"), d. 1999
1947    The CIA, under terms of National Security Act

46BC Vercingetorix, Gallic hero, strangled in the Tullianum after Caesar's first triumph -- Learn More
432    Pope St. Celestine I (422-432)
711    King Roderigo of the Visigoths (710-711), kia by the Moors [Trad]
795    King Offa of Mercia (757-796) -- Learn More
811    Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus I(802-11), kia by the Bulgars in the Battle of Pliska
1102    Duke Ladislas/Wladyslaw I of Poland (1079-1102), c. 58
1342    Charles I of Anjou, King of Hungary (1307-42)
1471    Pope Paul II - Pietro Barbo (1464-1471)
1494    Count Nicola II Caetani of Sermoneta, poisoned by the Borgia, at 50
1533    Atahualpa, 36, the last Inca Emperor, garroted by Pizarro
1550    Jacopo Bonfadio, 42, historian & poet, executed at Genoa
1592    Armand de Gontaut, baron de Biron, 68, Marshal of France, kia, the siege of Epernay
1630    Duke Charles Emmanuel I "the Great" of Savoy (1580-1630), 68.
1802    José Mariano Martín Buenaventura Ignacio Nepomuceno García de Arista Nuez, Mexican general, President of Mexico (1851-1853), d. 1855.
1852    Gaspar, Baron Gourgaud, 68, Bonapartist general
1863    Sam Houston, Liberator of Texas, at 70
1918    Major Edward Corringham "Mick" Mannock VC, DSO and Two Bars, MC & Bar, British ace, kia at 31
1934    James Webb Cook Hayes, 78, presidential son, businessman, soldier -- Learn More
1944    Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran (1925-1941), 66, erstwhile Cossack
1952    Maria Eva "Evita" Duarte Peron, at 33