0    Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, sometime soldier and prisoner-of-war, Patron of Italy, Animals, Ecology, Stowaways, and more
241BC Caius Lutatius Catulus celebrated a Triumph for the defeat of the Carthaginian fleet in the Battle of the Aegates Islands
1189    the Crusaders defeated an Ayyubid attempt to storm Acre -- Learn More
1636    Battle of Wittsok: The Swedes defeat the Imperialists
1674    Battle of Enzheim: The French defeat the Imperialists
1693    Battle of Marsiglia: The French defeat the Savoyards
1775    Continental Army Chief Surgeon Benjamin Church convicted of espionage
1777    Washington came close to defeating the British at Germantown -- Learn More
1821    First USN squadron sails for anti-slavery patrol off Africa
1824    Emperor Agustin Iturbide overthrown, as Mexico becomes a republic
1830    the Belgian Provisional Government seceded from the Netherlands -- Learn More
1861    Combat at Buffalo Hill, Ky
1862    Battle of Corinth ends (from Oct 3)
1910    Portugal becomes a republic, as King Manuel II flees to England
1918    Sayville, NJ: Explosion at the T.A. Gillespie Shell Loading Plant, over 100 die
1939    Last Polish troops surrender to the Germans
1940    Hitler and Mussolini confer at the Brenner Pass
1942    USS 'Greenling' (SS-213) sinks 'Setsuyo Maru' east of Tokyo: Since Dec 7, '41 Japan has lost 700,000 grt of merchant shipping
1943    Corsica liberated by Free French troops
1944    Aircraft off USS 'Ranger' (CV-4) raid German bases in Norway, sink or damage 8 ships
1957    USSR orbits Sputnik I - the "Space Race" begins
1962    USAF Maj Robert A Rushworth takes X-15 to 32,300 m

1289    King Louis X "the Stubborn" of France (Nov. 29, 1314-June 5, 1316)
1550    King Charles IX of Sweden (1569-1611)
1626    Richard Cromwell, sometime ´Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland' (1658-1659), d. 1712
1809    Robert Cumming Schenck, Maj. Gen, U.S., d. 1890
1816    Egbert Benson Brown, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1902
1822    Rutherford B. Hayes, Brig Gen, US, 5 times wounded Civil War veteran, president (1877-81), d. 1893 -- Learn More
1840    Princess Maria Sophie of Bavaria, Queen consort of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1859-1861), a better man than her husband, d. 1925
1861    Frederic Remington, artist of the West and the frontier army, d. 1909
1877    Doroteo "Pancho Villa" Arango, Mexican revolutionary, assassinated, 1923 -- Learn More
1881    Walter von Brauchitsch, German C-in-C (1938-1941), d. 1948
1892    Engelbert Dollfuss, Frontsoldat, Austrian chancellor & strongman (1932-1934), murdered by Nazis, 1934
1895    Richard Sorge, Soviet spy in Tokyo, executed, 1944
1903    Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Nazi criminal, executed 1946
1913    Lelia Caetani, last Princess of Sermoneta, d. 1977

1582    St. Teresa of Avila, 67
1758    James Francis Edward Keith, 62, Scottish Jacobite and Prussian field marshal
1830    Count Hans Yorck von Wartenburg, Prussian military reformer, at 71
1851    Manuel Godoy y Álvarez de Faria, 84, inept Prime Minister of Spain (1792-1797, 1801-1808)
1859    Karl Ludwig Johannes Baedeker, 57, the guidebook man, who helped millions of tourists and invaders find their way
1904    Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, 70, French: sculptor ("The Statue of Liberty," "The Lion Monument" of Belfort, etc.), d. 1904
1932    Rudolf Anton Carl Freiherr von Slatin, 75, Austrian lieutenant, Egyptian Pasha, British Maj. Gen.
2004    Michael Grant, historian ("Gladiators"), at 89
2008    Ted Briggs, last survivor of the sinking of HMS 'Hood', at 85
2013    Võ Nguyên Giáp, 102, brilliant Vietnamese commander, who fought Japanese, French, & Americans -- Learn More