0    Feast of St. Agnes of Rome, Virgin and Martyr, Patron of the Girl Guides and the Girl Scouts
763    Battle of Bakhamra: Decisive victory of the Sunni Abbasids over the Shiite Alids in central Iraq
1276    Peter of Tarentais elected Pope as Innocent V (Jan 21-Jun 22, 1286), later beatified
1277    Battle of Desio: The Visconti defeat the Torriani
1287    King Alfons III "the Liberal" captures Minorca
1495    Alfonso II of Naples (1494-1495) abdicates in favor of his son Ferrante II (1495-1496) -- Learn More
1824    The First Battle of Accra: The Ashante annihilate a British expeditionary column
1896    Battle of Makalle: Abyssinians defeat the Italians
1903    The "Dick Act" creates the modern National Guard -- Learn More
1910    The British and Russians begin moving troops into Persia, to secure their "zones of influence"
1918    New York Philharmonic refuses to play music by living German composers
1942    Bataan: Heavy fighting continues
1942    British CV 'Indomitable' & a strong task force arrives at Addu Atoll, in the Indian Ocean
1942    Malaya: the Japanese begin to dislocate the Johore line.
1942    Rabaul and Kavieng bombed by Japanese aircraft.
1943    Guadalcanal: U.S. troops pause to resupply.
1943    Papua: Allied troops mop up Japanese remnants in the Sanananda area.
1943    Soviet forces recapture Worosjilowsk
1944    Northern Burma: Chinese New 38th Div advances slowly.
1945    Burma: British amphibious landing near Ramree
1945    TF 38 raids Japanese on Okinawa and Formosa
1945    The Red Army destroys the German Tannenberg monument in East Prussia
1954    USS 'Nautilus' (SSN-571) launched, Groton, Conn.
1961    Portuguese rebels seize cruise ship 'Santa Maria'
1968    B-52 bomber with nuclear weapons crashes in Greenland
1968    Battle of Khe Sanh begins -- ends Apr 8

1227    Galeazzo I Visconti, Lord of Milan (1322-1327), deposed, d. 1328
1338    King Charles V "the Wise" of France (1364-80)
1612    Count Henry Casimir I of Nassau-Dietz (1632- 1640), Stadtholder of Friesland, Groningen, and Drenthe, d/w 1640
1788    William Henry Smyth, British astronomer, admiral, d. 1865
1813    John C. Frémont, soldier, explorer, politician, d. 1890
1824    Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson, Lt Gen, C.S.A., d. 1863 -- Learn More
1829    King Oscar II Frederik of Sweden (1872-1907) and Norway (1872-1905), d. 1907 - the Sardine Man
1855    John M Browning, inventor of fine firearms, d. 1926
1867    Gen. Maxime Weygand, French general, who lost the big one in 1940, d. 1965 -- Learn More
1885    Umberto Nobile, Italian general and aeronaut, d. 1978
1918    Richard Winters, who led "The Band of Brothers," E, 506th Parachute Infantry, d. 2011
1919    Eric Melrose "Winkle" Brown, later Captain, RN, who flew 487 different types of aircraft, made 2,407 deck landings at sea and 2,721 take offs, d. 2016
1922    Aristotelis "Telly" Savalas. WW II "Voice of America" announcer, actor ("Battle of the Bulge"), d. 1994

420    Shah Yazdegerd I of Sassanid Persia (399-420)
917    Duke Erchanger of Swabia (Sept 915-Jan 21, 917), c. 37
1118    Pope Paschal II (1099-1118), the monk Rainerus
1519    Vasco Núñez de Balboa, c. 44, Spanish explorer
1670    Claude Du Vall. c. 23, French-born, English gentleman highwayman, executed
1774    Ottoman Sultan & Caliph of Islam Mustafa III (1757-1774), at c. 57
1775    Yemelyan Ivanovich Pugachev , c. 33, the false "Tsar Peter III', Russian usurper, decapitated, drawn, and quartered
1793    King Louis XVI of France (1774-1792) - "Citizen Capet", beheaded by the Revolutionaries for treason
1859    Henry Hallam, historian ("View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages"), 71
1885    Hermione Baker (18), of typhoid, fiancé of Horatio Kitchener (33), who never marries
1924    V.I. Lenin, intellectually-inclined mass murderer, 53
1928    George Washington Goethals, 69, US Army engineer who built the Panama Canal
1950    George Orwell (born Eric Arthur Blair ), 46, British journalist, author ("1984", "Homage to Catalonia), Volunteer for the Spanish Republic