0    Feast of St. Barbara, Patron of Artillery
771    Charlemagne became sole King of the Franks (768-814) on the death of his brother -- Learn More
1110    The First Crusaders sack Sidon.
1259    Treaty of Paris: King Henry III of England renounces Normandy to King Louis IX of France, who agrees to stop supporting English rebels
1354    Byzantine Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos (1347-1354) abdicates to become a monk, d. 1383
1489    The Spanish liberate Baza from the Moors
1563    Closing session of the Council of Trent (1545-1563)
1676    Battle of Lund: The Swedes defeat the Danes
1783    Washington bids his officers farewell, Fraunces' Tavern, New York
1820    The Egyptians defeated the Hannekab in the Battle of Jebel Dager -- Learn More
1829    Lord William Bentinck bans sutee in India
1851    Hungarian nationalist leader Lajos Kossuth receives a tumultuous welcome upon landing at New York
1861    Skirmish at Anandale, Mo
1861    Skirmish at Dunksburg, Mo
1862    Great Snowball fight in the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
1864    Battle of Waynesborough, GA
1864    Romanian Jews are forbidden to practice law
1872    The 'Marie Celeste' is found adrift in the Atlantic
1899    Presidential son Webb Hayes earns a Medal of Honor in the Philippines -- Learn More
1908    Haiti's President General Alexis Nord flees a military coup
1918    Pres. Wilson sails for Europe aboart the former German liner 'George Washington', to attend the Versailles Peace Conferecne
1941    Carrier 'Enterprise' (CV-6) flys-off reinforcements for Wake Island
1941    Navy Department orders Guam to destroy all codes and secret documents
1942    Guadalcanal: the USMC's Carlson's Raiders end a 30-day "Long Patrol" behind Japanese lines
1942    US air raids on the Italian mainland from North Africa
1943    Japanese aerial torpedo hits carrier 'Lexington' (CV-16) in the Marshalls
1943    Sub 'Sailfish' (SS-192) sinks Japanese escort carrier 'Chuyo', damages carrier 'Ryuho'
1943    U.S. carriers hit Kwajelein & Wotje, inflict heavy losses
1948    SS 'Kiangya' hits a mine in Whangpoo River China, sinks, 2,750 die
1971    McGurk's Bar Bombing: In Belfast members of the Ulster Volunteer Force kill 15 Catholics, wound many more
1977    Central African Empire proclaimed under former President Jean-Bedel Bokassa I (1977-1979)
1983    US airstrikes on Syrian anti-aircraft positions in Lebanon

1546    Alain Emmanuel de Coëtlogon, French naval officer, Marshal of France, d. 1730
1795    Thomas Carlyle, historian ("History of Friedrich II of Prussia," etc.), d. 1881
1812    Elias Smith Dennis, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1894
1818    William Wing "Old Blizzards" Loring, Maj Gen, C.S.A. & Egyptian Army, d.1886
1824    Crazy Horse, Oglala cavalryman, victor at the Little Big Horne, murdered by the US Army 1877
1865    Edith Louisa Cavell, England, nurse, executed by the Germans, 1915
1881    Erwin von Witzleben, German FM and anti-Nazi conspirator, k. 1945
1892    Francisco Franco y Bahamonde, soldier, "Caudillo of Spain" (1936-1976), d 1976
1912    Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, leader of the USMC "Black Sheep" squadron, MoH, d. 1988

235    St. Barbara, Patron of Artillery, Martyred
771    King Carloman I, co-kin, with his brother Charlemagne, of the Austrasian Franks (768-771), 20
1131    Omar Khayyám, 83, Persian poet, astronomer, philosopher
1214    William "the Lion" or "the Rough", c. 70-71, King of Scots (1165-1214)
1270    King Theobald II of Navarre, Count Theobald V of Champagne & Brie (1253-1270), c. 30
1334    Pope John XXII - Jacques d'Euse (1316-1334), c. 85
1642    Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu and of Fronsac, 57, First Minister to Louis XIV of France (1624-1642)
1950    Jesse LeRoy Brown, 24, the first African-American naval aviator, kia, Korea
2009    Vyacheslav Tikhonov, 81, actor (Andrei Bolkonshy in "War & Peace")