0    The Feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, Patron of Armenia and Bookbinders, among other things
79    The Great Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius begins [Trad -- more likely in Oct-Nov]
410    Alaric's Visigoths begin a polite three-day sack of Rome
1179    Saladin besieges Castle Chastelet (falls, 29th)
1185    The Sicilian Normans take Thessalonica from the Byzantines, amidst great slaughter
1217    Naval Battle of Dover: The English defeat the French, partially by pouring quicklime into the sea to create a smoke screen
1246    Kuyuk becomes Kakhan of the Mongols (1246-1248)
1346    Battle of Blanquetaque: The English defeat the French
1349    Blamed for the plague, 6,000 Jews are killed in Mainz
1349    Jews of Cologne set themselves on fire to avoid forced baptism
1391    Massacre of Jews in Palma, Majorca
1412    Battle of Matta, Friulia: Venetians defeat the Hungarians
1415    Portuguese capture Ceuta, Morocco, from the Moors
1503    Guidobaldo da Montefeltre recaptures San Leo from Cesare Borgia
1516    Battle of Marg Dabir: The Turks defeat the Mamlukes, and conquer Egypt
1569    Battle of Orthez: The French Huguenots defeat the French Catholics
1572    St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre: Slaughter of French Protestants begins before dawn
1632    Battle of Altendorf: Gustavus Adolphus loses to the Imperialists
1704    Naval battle off Malaga: Indecisive encounter between an Anglo-Dutch and Franco-Spanish fleets
1789    1st Battle of Ruotsinaslami/Svenksund: Russian fleet defeats Swedes
1814    The British burn Washington, after Sir George Cockburn eats Pres. Madison's dinner in the White House
1868    Paraguayan fortress of Humaita surrenders to the Brazilian fleet.
1904    Battle of Liao-Yang; Japanese defeat Russians
1921    Battle of Sakarya/Sangrios begins between the Greeks and Turks in central Anatolia; ends in a Turkish victory on Sept 13th
1921    British airship 'R-38' crashes in the Humber; 44 die
1929    Palestinians attack orthodox Jews in Jerusalem
1937    Battle of Belchite: Spanish Republican initiate an ultimately unsuccessful offensive
1940    Liberty magazine begins serializing "Lightning in the Night", a novel that opens with a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
1941    British and Soviet troops invade Iran
1942    Battle of the Eastern Solomons: 'Saratoga' (CV 3) a/c sink Japanese carrier 'Ryujo'; damaged 'Enterprise' (CV 6) lands 11 dive bombers on Henderson Field.
1942    Nocturnal Japanese destroyer shelling of Henderson Field
1942    Japanese naval infantry (SNLF) land in the Goodenough Islands, off northeastern New Guinea.
1943    Lord Louis Mountbatten is named Supreme Allied Commander, Southeast Asia.
1944    Br Far Eastern Fleet carriers raid Padang, in southwestern Sumatra.
1945    Red Chinese forces occupy Chefoo and Wei-hai-wei.
1970    Anti-war protesters bomb U of Wisconsin's Army Math Research Center, 1 dies
1991    Gorbachev resigns as head of Communist Party of the USSR
1991    Ukraine declares independence from USSR

1113    Count Geoffrey V of Anjou, the first "Plantagenet", d. 1151
1750    Letitia Ramolino Buonaparte, mother of Napoleone, d. 1847
1759    William Wilberforce, England, anti-slavery crusader, d. 1833
1808    Benjamin G. Humphreys, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1882
1808    Thomas F. Drayton, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1891
1827    Walter H. Stevens, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1867
1828    George "Maryland" Steuart, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1903
1865    Ferdinand I, Prince (1887-1908) and Tsar of Bulgaria (1908-1918), d. 1948 -- Learn More
1886    William Francis Gibbs, naval architect (liners 'America' & 'United States', and most of the WW2 fleet), d. 1967
1949    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

1042    Former Byzantine Emperor Michael V (Dec 10, 1041-Apr 20, 1042), 26-27, deposed, blindied, castrated, and relegated to a monastary; of "natural" causes
1103    King Magnus III "the Barefoot" of Norway (1093-1103) and of Mann and the Isles (1099-1102), c. 30
1313    Henry VII, c. 38-39, King of the Germans (1308-1313) and Holy Roman Emperor (1312-1313), at Siena
1572    Gaspard de Coligny, 53, Seigneur de Châtillon, Admiral of France & Huguenot leader, murdered by a pusillanimous king
1680    Col. Thomas Blood, c. 62, who had stolen the Crown Jewels in 1671
1954    Getulio Vargas, 72, fascistic Dictator/President of Brazil (1930-45, 51-54), suicide
1970    Robert Fassnacht, 33, by an "anti-war" bomb, U of Wisconsin
1974    Alexander P. de Seversky, 80, aviator, author, aeronautical engineer