0    Feast of St. Sebastian, Patron of Archers and Soldiers
0    Armed Forces Day in Mali
250    The Emperor Decius initiates a persecution of the Christians [Trad]
1265    The English Parliament meets for the first time, at Westminster
1523    Abdicaton of King Christian II of Denmark and Norway (1513-1523), sometime King of Sweden (1520-1521)
1567    The de Sa brothers expel the French from Rio de Janeiro
1613    Peace of Knared ends Danish-Swedish War of Kalmar (1611-1613)
1615    Naval Battle off Swally, India: Portuguese defeated by the English
1667    Treaty of Andrussovo: 13 years of war between Poland and Russia end
1778    First American court martial begins, Cambridge, Mass
1783    The end of hostilities in the Revolutionary War
1795    Battle of the Texel: French cavalry captures the icebound Dutch fleet
1797    Michele Pezza - Fra Diavolo - joins the Neapolitan Army in lieu of prison
1799    The Three Days of Naples begin: Populace fights French invaders
1800    Bonaparte's sister Carolina marries Joachim Murat
1839    Battle of Yungay: Chileans defeat Peruvians & Bolivians
1841    China cedes Hong Kong to the British, who return it in 1997
1866    Prim's Insurrection in Spain ends
1887    Senate approves lease of Pearl Harbor for a base
1914    USN opens a school for aviators at Pensacola, Fla.
1936    Accession of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (Jan 20-Dec 11, 1936), abdicated
1940    DD 'Yukikaze' ("Snowy Wind") commissioned, luckiest ship in the Imperial Navy - will come through WW2 without a scratch
1942    Bismarcks: Japanese aircraft carriers raid Rabaul and Kavieng
1942    Japanese 55th Div invades Burma from central Thailand.
1942    Wannsee Conference: 14 Nazi officials (8 with doctorates) plan the "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem"
1943    Guadalcanal: 25th Infantry Div tightens its hold on the Gifu.
1943    Papua: Japanese resistance on the Sanananda front collapses.
1944    Burma: Allies prepare major offensive to open the "Burma Road".
1944    RAF drops c. 2,500 tons of bombs on Berlin
1944    Rapido River: US 36th Inf Div begins an ill-planned two-day attempt to force German defenses
1945    1st truck convoy on the re-opened Burma Road, still under repair.
1952    British army occupies Ismailiya, Suez Canal Zone
1958    Elvis receives "Greetings" from his Draft Board
1981    Illegaly held by the Iranian government for 444 days, 52 Americans are finally released
1991    During an Iraqi SCUD attack on Israel, US Patriot missiles are used for the first time, with mixed success

225    M. Antonius Gordianus Pius - Gordian III, Roman Emperor (238-244)
1229    Alp Arslan ("Heroic Lion"), Seljuk Sultan of Rum (1063-15 December 1072)
1554    King Sebastian of Portugal (1557-1578) -- "Sebastian the Desired", kia, "Battle of the Three Kings"
1716    King Charles IV of Naples (1732-1759) and III of Spain (1759-88)
1831    Pieter J Joubert, Commandant-General of the South African Republic (1880-1900), d. 1900
1884    Charles W. Whittlesey, who earned a Medal of Honor commanding the "Lost Battalion" in 1918, suicide 1921
1920    Keith Douglas, British war poet, kia Normandy, June 9, 1944 -- Learn More
1930    Edwin Aldrin, astronaut, 2nd man on the Moon

250    Pope St Fabian (236-250), martyred at Rome
288    St. Sebastian, Imperial Guardsman, martyred at Rome
842    Byzantine Emperor Theophilus (829-842), at c. 28, the last iconclast
1479    King John II of Aragon (1458-1479), 82
1612    HRE Rudolph II von Hapsburg (1576-1612), King of Hungary and Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, 59
1639    Ottoman Sultan Mustafa I (1617-1618 & 1622-23), c. 48
1745    Charles VII Albert, Holy Roman Emperor, husband to Maria Teresa, 47
1819    Carlos IV, former King of Spain (1788-1808), 70
1862    Felix Zollicoffer, Brig Gen, C.S.A., KIA, 49
1936    King George V of Great Britain, Emperor of India (1910-36), 70 -- Learn More
1948    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, The Mahatma, assassinated at 78
2010    Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, 49, military leader of Hamas, 'accidental electrocution', in Dubai