0    Feast of St. Kateri Tekawitha, Patron of Native Americans, and that of St. Francisco Solano y Jiménez, Patron of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru
0    Bastille Day in France --
939    Acession of Pope Stephen [VIII] IX (939-942)
1187    Saladin captures Nablus
1223    Louis VIII becomes King of France (1223-1226)
1291    Egyptian Mamlukes take Sidon
1420    Battle of Vitkov: Hussites defeat the Imperialists
1456    Battle of Belgrade: The Hungarians defeated the Ottomans
1483    deposed King Edward V of England (12) and his brother Prince Richard of Shrewsbury (c. 10), the Princes of the Tower, were last seen alive
1536    Pact of Lyon: France and Portugal ally against Spain
1714    Aland Is: Russian fleet routs larger Swedish one
1789    the citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, initiating the French Revolution
1799    Michele "Fra Diavolo" Pezza weds Fortunata Rachele, Itri
1808    Battle of Medina de Rio Seco: The French defeat the Spanish
1813    Lt John M. Gamble, becomes the only US Marine to command a ship, the prize 'Greenwich'
1825    Lafayette reviews 2nd Bn, 11th NY Arty, which adopts the name "The National Guard" and later becomes the famous 7th NY
1831    the Great Powers confirmed Belgian independence from the Netherlands -- Learn More
1853    Commo Matthew Perry holds first meeting with Japanese officials
1861    USN blockades Wilmington, NC
1863    Battle of Tupelo/Harrisburg, Ms, begins (ends Jul 15)
1867    Alfred Nobel gives the first public demonstration of dynamite
1880    The French Republic establishes July 14th as a national holiday.
1882    Four U.S. ships help British restore order in Alexandria, Egypt.
1898    SGT Hallett A. Borrowe, 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, reported on the performance of the Sims-Dudley pneumatic cannon in combat in Cuba - Learn More
1900    The "China Relief Expedition" captures Tientsin from the Boxers
1933    Nazi Party becomes the only legal party in Germany
1936    cashiered LtCdr John Semer Farnsworth (USNA 1915) was arrested for espionage -- Learn More
1938    Mussolini begins persecution of Jews and other "non-Aryans"
1938    FDR reviewed the U.S. Fleet in San Francisco Bay, from the deck of the USS 'Houston' (CA-30) -- Learn More
1942    India: Supply flights begin over "The Hump" to China
1942    Yamamoto creates the Eighth Fleet for operations in the South Pacific
1943    Japanese sub 'I-179' is lost to an accident in home waters.
1952    Keel is laid for the USS 'Forrestal' (CVA-59), the first supercarrier to be completed
1958    The massacre of the Iraqi Royal Family in Baghdad
1959    First nuclear powered cruiser commissioned, USS 'Long Beach' (CGN 9)
1969    Soccer War: El Salvador invades Honduras, c. 1000 die
1972    Vietnam: Jane Fonda makes first of 10 broadcasts on Radio Hanoi.

1602    Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino -- Cardinal Mazarin, sometime soldier, d. 1661
1610    Grand Duke Ferdinando II de' Medici of Tuscany (1621-1670)
1804    Ludwig August Ritter von Benedek, Austrian general, who lost the big one at Konnigratz, d. 1881
1818    Nathaniel Lyon, Brig Gen, U.S., kia Wilson's Creek 1861
1830    Richard Henry Jackson, in Ireland, Brig. Gen, U.S.
1831    William Dwight, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1888
1913    Gerald Ford, naval officer, President (1974-1976), d. 2006
1922    Bill Millin, Scotsman, who would pipe for Lord Lovat during the relief of Pegasus Bridge on D-Day, d. 2010

1223    King Philip II Augustus of France (1180-1223), who greatly expanded the royal domain, at 57
1253    Count Theobald I of Champagne (1201-1253)/King Theobald IV of Navarre (1235-1253), at c. 52
1607    St. Camillo de Lellis, Soldier and Physician, b. 1550
1686    Col. Francesco Pallavicino, Patrician of Naples & Siena, kia at Buda, at 32
1711    John William Friso, Prince of Orange, Prince of Nassau-Dietz, Stadholder of Friesland, drowned at 23
1790    Field Marshal Ernst Gideon von Laudon, Scottish-descended veteran of the Russian, Prussian, and Austrian Armies, at c. 74
1793    Jacques Cathelineau, 32, Vendéan insurrectionist, kia storming Nantes
1817    Baroness Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein, 51, salon keeper to the illustrious
1881    Henry McCarty - Billy the Kid, 21, shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett in New Mexico
1904    Pres Paul Kruger of the Transvaal (1883-1902), in exile at 78
1918    Lt. Quentin Roosevelt, 95th Aero Sqn, AEF, kia over France at 18 -- Learn More
1958    King Faisal II of Iraq (1939-58), 23, his aunt Princess Abadiya, and Crown Prince 'Abd al-Ilah, his wife Princess Hiyam and mother Princess Nafeesa, Premier Noeri el-Said, and several servants, lynched in Baghdad
1965    Helen Mackay, pioneering British pediatrician and poet, 74 -- Learn More
1974    Gen. Carl A Spaatz, bomber baron and C/S of the USAF, at 83