0    Feast of Pope St. Damasus I, Patron of Archaeologists
308    Licinius became Roman co-Emperor (308-324), executed 325 -- Learn More
1282    Battle of Orewyn Bridge: King Edward I defeats Pr. Llewellyn of Gwynedd
1572    Spanish besiege Haarlem, Netherlands (falls July 12, 1573)
1602    Genevans surprise & defeat Savoyard-Spanish invaders
1710    Battle of Villa Viciosa: Borbonist Franco-Spanish forces defeat pro-Habsburg forces, insuring the Borbonist succession to the Spanish throne
1792    Trial of "Citizen Capet", formerly King Louis XVI, for treason
1861    Skirmish at Bertrand, Mo
1898    Major Jean-Baptiste Marchand's French column abandons Fashoda, Sudan (held since July)
1899    Magersfontein, Second Battle of "Black Week": the Boers defeat a British attempt to capture Kimberly, inflicting heavy casualties
1903    British invade Tibet
1917    German-occupied Lithuania proclaims independence from Russia
1917    General Sir Edmund Allenby formally entered Jerusalem, on foot -- Learn More
1936    King Edward VIII of the UK (Jan. 20 - Dec. 11, 1936) abdicates in favor of his brother, who becomes George VI (1936-1952)
1937    Italy withdraws from League of Nations
1941    Germany and Italy declare war on the United States
1941    Marines beat off a Japanese landing on Wake, inflicting heavy losses, sinking destroyers 'Hayate' and 'Kisaragi' [Due to the Int'l Date Line, this is the 10th, Pearl Harbor time].
1941    the America First Committee disbanded -- Learn More
1941    US submarines commence war patrols against Japanese shipping
1942    Burma: 14th Indian Div advances slowly in the Arakan
1942    Japanese reinforce Guadalcanal, losing one destroyer to PT-boat attacks
1942    U.S. aircraft bomb Munda
1943    British & US air forces in SE Asia form Far Eastern Air Command
1944    U.S. forces capture Ormoc, Japanese main supply dump on Leyte
1945    Adm. William F. Halsey was promoted to five star rank as a Fleet Admiral -- Learn More
1946    UNICEF formed
1954    USS 'Forrestal' (CV-59) christened in Newport News, Va
1960    Black Sunday: Anti-French Riot in Algiers, 114 die
1961    JFK provides US military helicopters & crews to South Vietnam
1964    While Che Guerara is speaking at the UN, a mortar round strikes the building, in an unresolved terrorist attack
1972    Apollo 17 astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt landed on the moon, as Ronald Evans remained in orbit; lift off was on the 14th.
1974    Puerto Rican nationalists detonate a bomb in New York, one injured.
1988    Fireworks cache explodes in Mexico City, 62 die
2007    Terrorist attack in Algiers: Car bombs at the Constitution Court and UN office, c. 45 dead

1465    Ashikaga Yoshihisa, Ashikaga Shogun of Japan (1473-1489), d. on campaign
1475    Giovanni de'Medici - Pope Leo X (1513-1521), son of Il Magnifico
1797    Hiram Paulding, Rear Adm., U.S., d. 1878
1830    King Kamehameha V of Hawaii (1863-1872), dies this date in 1872
1882    Fiorello La Guardia, bomber pilot, aviation entrepreneur, Mayor of NYC (1934-1945), d. 1947
1918    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, sometime Red Army major, Soviet dissident, author ("The GULAG Archipelago"), d. 2008

385    Pope St. Damasus I (366-384)
711    Byzantine Emperor Justinian II "Rhinotmetos -- cut-nose," c. 42 (r. 685-695, deposed and his nose slit, and 705-711).
1241    Mongol Emperor Ogedei Khan (1229-1241), c. 55
1282    Michael VIII Palaeologus, c. 68, Byzantine Emperor (1259-1282),
1416    Giovanni Cenci, Governor of Rome, assassinated.
1582    Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alva, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands (1567-1573), 75, Spanish general who never lost a battle, at Lisbon
1658    Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve, 28, bastard of Christian IV of Denmark, Danish general and commander-in-chief, kia defending Cohenhagen from the Swedes
1673    Esprit de Raymond de Mormoiron, 65, Baron de Modène, French soldier and statesman
1694    Duke Ranuccio II Farnese of Parma (1646-1694), who lost the Castro War, at 64 -- Learn More
1718    King Charles XII of Sweden (1697-1718), 36, of wounds during a siege
1756    Theodor Stephan Freiherr von Neuhoff, 63, sometime King of Corsica (1736-1738), in London,
1941    Yank RCAF Pilot John Magee, Jr, author ("High Flight"), flight accident at 19
2016    John "Jock" Moffat, 97, sometime Royal Navy aviator, pilot of the Swordfish that put a torpedo into the 'Bismarck'