64    Great fire of Rome begins
379    Theodosius the Great becomes Roman Co-Emperor (379-395) by proclamation of Gratian
916    Battle of Brecenanmere: Aethelflaed, "the Lady of the Mercians", defeats the Welsh
973    Consecration of Pope Benedict VI (elected 972; murdered 974)
1415    Rouen surrenders to King Henry V of England
1493    Treaty of Barcelona: France cedes Roussillon & Cerdagne to Spain
1643    Battle of Braddock Downs: Cornish Royalists defeat the Parliamentarians
1770    Battle of Golden Hill; New Yorkers defend their "Liberty Tree"
1793    Revolutionary court sentences "Citizen Capet" (Louis XVI) to death.
1806    British take Cape of Good Hope from French-occupied Holland
1808    Dutch King Louis Napoleon signs the first aviation law, regulating ballooning
1812    Wellington storms Ciudad Rodrigo, amidst great slaughter -- Learn More
1861    Georgia becomes 5th state to secede
1861    Mississippi troops take Ft Massachusetts, on Ship Island
1862    Battle of Mill Springs/Fishing Creek/Logan's Crossroads, KY
1871    Battle of Buzenval Park/Mont Valerien: the Paris garrison fails to break the Prussian siege
1871    Battle of St Quentin: Prussians defeat a French attempt to relieve Paris
1915    Germans begin Zeppelin raids on Great Britain, bombing Great Yarmouth & King's Lynn, c. 20 die -- Learn More
1917    Silvertown, England: ammunition factory explosion, 300 die
1920    The Senate rejects American membership in the League of Nations
1941    British invade Italian-held Eritrea from the Sudan
1942    Joe Louis defeats Buddy Baer in 20 minutes & 56 seconds", and receives his draft notice!
1942    Malaya: British abandon the Muar River line, fall back on Johore Line.
1943    Guadalcanal: Combined Army-Marine Div presses westwards
1943    Guadalcanal: U.S. destroyers shell Japanese positions
1943    Papua: Fierce Japanese resistance on the Sanananda front
1944    Northern Burma: Chinese New 38th Div and Japanese fight for Taro Plain.
1945    China: Japanese troops seize control of the Canton-Hankow rail line.
1977    Pres Gerry Ford pardons Iva Toguri d'Aquino - "Tokyo Rose"

398    Aelia Pulcheria, Byzantine Empress, daughter of the Emperor Arcadius, sister and advisor to Theodosius II, wife to Marcian, d. 453, later canonized
570    Mohammed, d. 632
840    Byzantine Emperor Michael III (842-867), assassinated
1544    King Francis II of France (1559-60), husband to Mary, Queen of Scots, titular King of Scots (1558-1560)
1608    Esprit de Raymond de Mormoiron, baron de Modène, French soldier and statesman, d. 11 dicembre 1673
1736    James Watt, inventor of the practical steam engine, d. 1819
1807    Robert Edward Lee, Col., USA., Gen., CSA, commander, Army of Northern Virginia, d. 1870
1809    Edgar Allan Poe, West Point drop-out, author, poet, d. 1849
1816    Henry Gray, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1892
1830    George Blake Cosby, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1909
1839    Paul Cézanne, Post-Impressionist artist, draft dodger of 1870, d. 1906
1917    Nigel Nicholson, Guardsman, litterateur, d. 2004

639    King Dagobert I of Austrasia (623-634), of the Franks (629-634), and of Neustria & Burgundy (629-639), c. 35, the last Merovingian, & first French monarch buried in St. Denis
914    García I Alfonso, c. 42, first King of León (910-914).
1406    Francesco II Novello da Carrara, 46, conodttiero and Lord of Padova (1388-1406), executed by the Venetians along with his sons Francesco & Giacomo
1406    Jacopo da Carrara, Lord of Padova, condottiero, assassinated, at c. 25
1547    Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, poet, c. 30, beheaded for treason by Henry VIII
1629    Shah Abbas I "the Great" of Persia (1588-1629), at 57
1858    Vittorio Amedeo Ferdinando Sallier della Torre, 83, Piedmontese field marshal and statesman
1871    Alexandre-Georges-Henri Regnault, 27, French artist, Volunteer of 1870, kia
1889    Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, 48, Brig. Gen., USV, noted cavalryman and Indian fighter, in an insance asylum
1925    Maria Sophie of Bavaria, 83, Queen Consort of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1859-1861), a better man than her husband
1927    Carlotta, sometime Empress of Mexico (1864-67), at 87 -- Learn More
1969    Jan Palach, 20, three days after immolating himself to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia