0    Feast of Saint Piran, Patron of Cornwall
1259    Battle of Maes Maidog/Moydog: Earl of Warwick defeats Madog ap Llewellyn
1279    Battle of Aizkraukle: The Lithuanians defeat the Livonian Knights
1432    Treaty of Rennes: peace between France and Brittany
1626    Treaty of Monzon/Monjon: France & Spain confirm the independence of the Grisons
1766    France cedes Louisiana to Spain
1770    The Boston Massacre
1793    Austrians liberate Liege from the French
1795    Treaty of Basel: France and Prussia conclude peace
1811    Battle of Barossa/Chiclana: Anglo-Spanish forces attempting to break the siege of Cadiz are ambushed by French troops, but beat them off -- Learn More
1821    Veteran James Monroe is inaugurated as the 5th president, having postponing the ceremony by one day to avoid the Sabbath
1824    First Anglo-Burmese War begins
1842    A Mexican expeditioon occupies San Antonio, retiring unmolested several days later
1860    Parma, Tuscany, Modena, & the Romagna vote to join the Kingdom of Sardinia
1863    Battle of Thompson's Station, TN
1906    First Battle of Bud Dajo: U.S. troops inflict a devastating defeat on the Moros of Jolo, the Philippines
1912    First wartime use of airships: Italian reconnaissance flight west of Tripoli
1912    Spanish cruiser 'Principe de Asturias' sinks in the Med, c. 500 die
1916    Fifth Battle of the Isonzo begins (to Mar 15)
1933    Nazi Party wins a plurality in parliamentary election (43.9%)
1936    Maiden flight of the prototype Supermarine Spitfire
1942    Burma: British appoint Sir Harold Alexander C-in-C
1942    Japanese First Air Fleet raids Tijilatjap.
1942    Japanese troops occupy Batavia (Jakarta), Neth Indies
1942    New Guinea: Japanese troops land at Salamaua.
1942    World premiere of Shoshtakovich's "Leningrad Symphony," in Kuibishev -- Learn More
1943    Anti-fascist demonstrations in Italy
1943    RAF bombs Essen
1943    Solomons: U.S. DDs shell Japanese at Vila and Munda
1943    USS 'Grampus' (SS-207) is probably sunk in Blackett Strait, Solomon Islands
1944    Admiralty Is: U.S. Navy ships bombard Manus
1945    Allies bomb The Hague, Netherlands
1945    US VII Corps captures Cologne
1946    Winston Churchill makes his "Iron Curtain" speech, Fulton, Mo -- Learn More
1960    Elvis is honorably discharged from the US Army -- Learn More
2003    Palestinian suicide bombing of a bus in Haifa, 17 die

1133    King Henry II of England, (1154-1189), not to mention Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy, etc., etc., husband to Eleanor of Aquitaine, father to Richard Lionheart & John Lackland, d. 1189
1324    King David II of Scots (1331-71)
1326    King Ladislas I "the Great" of Hungary (1342-82) & Poland (1370-82)
1340    Cansignorio della Scala, Condottiero, Lord of Verona (1359-1375)
1512    Gerardus Mercator - Gheert Cremer, mapmaker, d. 1594
1574    William Oughtred, inventor of the slide rule, d. 1660
1585    Elector Johan Georg I of Saxony (1611-56)
1705    Noël Jourda, conte di Vaux , Marshal of France, d. 1788
1770    Hans Ernst Karl, Graf von Zieten, Waterloo corps commander, Prussian Field Marshal, d. 1848
1825    John Dunovant, Brig Gen, C.S.A., KIA 1864
1853    Howard Pyle, illustrator ("The Pirates"), d. 1911
1898    Chou En-lai/Zhou Enlai, Premier of the People's Republic of China (1949-1976), d. 1976
1898    Soong May-ling, Madam Chiang Kai-Shek, d. 2003
1908    Reginald "Rex" Harrison, RAF veteran, actor (Caesar in "Cleopatra," Julius II in "The Agony and the Ecstacy", etc.), d. 1990
1924    Christopher Hibbert, soldier with the Military Cross, historian - "Il Duce," "Garibaldi & His Enemies," d. 2008
1934    Sidney Shachnow, Lithuanian-born, Jewish Holocaust survivor, later Green Beret legend, sometime Commander, U.S. Army-Berlin, and Maj. Gen., US, d. 2018
1942    The US Navy Seabees
1953    Valery Grigoriyevich Korzun, Russian cosmonaut

1223    King Afonso II of Portugal (1212-1223), c. 37
1291    Sa'ad al-Dawla, c. 50, Jewish grand vizier of Persia (1289-1291), assassinated
1588    Henry I, Prince of Condé, 26, Huguenot leader,
1605    Pope Clement VIII - Ippolito Aldobrandini (1592-1605), at 69
1622    Duke Ranuccio I Farnese of Parma, Piancenza, and Castro (1592-1622), 52, famed for staging mass executions
1625    King James VI of Scots (1567-1625) & I of England (1603-25), 58, who authorized the translation of the Bible
1644    Ferrante Pallavicino, 29, Marquis of Scipione, Benedictine Canon, beheaded at Avignon, for satirizing the Barberini family.
1649    Arthur Capell, 1st Baron Capell of Hadham (40), James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton (43), & Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland (c. 60), beheaded by the Puritans, the Old Palace Yard, London
1770    Crispus Attucks (c. 47), James Caldwell, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and Patrick Carr, shot by the Redcoats
1778    Thomas Arne, composer ("Rule Britannia"), at 67
1895    Sir Henry Rawlinson, 84, soldier, politician, archaeologist, and scholar
1903    George Francis Robert Henderson, 49, British soldier, scholar ("Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War")
1953    Josef V Stalin, Soviet dictator (c. 1926-1953), mass murderer, in bed at 73
1953    Sergei Prokofiev, 61, composer ("Peter and the Wold"), sometime victim of Stalin
1964    Gustavo Adolfo Salinas Camiña, 70, former head of the Mexican Air Force, the first airman to attack a ship (Apr 14, 1914)
2010    Andree Virot [Peel], Anglo-French Resistance worker, who won the Legion of Honor for rescuing 102 Allied pilots, and survived Buchenwald, at 105
2013    Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, 58, airman, putchist, President/Strongman of Venezuela (1999-2013)