0    Battle of Britain Day --
1054    Battle of Atapuerca: Leon-Castile defeats Navarre
1448    Battle of Caravaggio: Muzio Attendolo Sforza defeats the Venetians
1590    Giambattista Castagna elected Pope as Urban VII (15 Sep-27 Sep 1590)
1596    The Earl of Essex sacks Cadiz
1631    Imperial troops under Tilly take Leipzig
1644    Giambattista Pamfili elected Pope as Innocent X (1644-1655)
1694    Venetians capture Chios from the Turks
1776    British troops make an amphibious assault at Kip's Bay, New York (East River & 34th St)
1784    Vincente Lunardi, a young Neapolitan, makes the first manned balloon ascent in England, from the Artillery Ground at Moorfields
1821    Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, & El Salvador are declared independent of Mexico
1861    Skirmish at Pritchard's Mills, Va
1862    Antietam Campaign: Stonewall Jackson captures Harpers Ferry
1862    Antietam Campaign: US troops find Lee's GO No. 191, wrapping some cigars
1873    German occupation troops leave France, following the Franco-Prussian War
1894    Battle of Ping Yang: Japan defeats China
1914    Battle of the Aisne begins between Germans & French
1914    US forces evacuate Vera Cruz, Mexico
1916    Battle of the Somme: British send tanks into action for the first time
1918    Cpl Lee Duncan, US 135th Aero Sqn, finds some German shepherd pups in a bombed out military kennel near Toul in France, one of whom becomes Rin Tin Tin
1923    Gov. John Walton places Oklahoma under martial law to cope with KKK terrorism
1926    Mussolini survives an assassination attempt, but is wounded in the nose
1931    British naval mutinies at Invergordon over pay cuts
1935    Nuremberg Laws deprive German Jews of citizenship
1938    Br PM Neville Chamberlain visits Hitler at Berchtesgarden
1940    Battle of Britain: The Luftwaffe loses 185 aircraft
1940    Hitler cancels Operation Sea Lion, about a week before the expected D-Day
1941    Nazis kill 800 Jewish women at Shkudvil, Lithuania
1942    Unarmed windjammer 'Edlu II' forces a U-boat to submerge off Montauk Point
1942    US carrier 'Wasp' (CV-7) torpedoed and sunk off Guadalcanal
1943    Germans open camps at Chew, Lithuania, & Vaivara, Estonia
1943    Japanese sub 'Ro-101' is sunk by US DD 'Saufley' & two aircraft.
1944    Marines land on Peleliu, 450 miles east of Mindanao in the Philippines
1944    RAF hits the German BB 'Tirpitz' with Tallboy bombs
1944    Sofia liberated by Bulgarian and Soviet troops
1948    F-86 Sabre sets world aircraft speech record of 1080 kph
1950    Inchon Landing: Marines lead the attack behind North Korean lines.
1959    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev begins 13 day tour of the US
1963    White supremacists bomb the 16th St. Baptist Church, in Birmingham, 4 children die
1990    France announces it will send 4,000 troops to Persian Gulf

601    Ali ibn Abi Talib, 60, son-in-law of Mohammed, the Fourth Caliph of Islam (656-661), d. 661 of wounds from an assassination attempt
1231    Ludwig I "Kelheimer", 57. Duke of Bavaria (1183-1231), Count Palatine of the Rhine (1214)
1789    James Fenimore Cooper, naval officer, author ("History of the Navy of the United States of America"), d. 1851
1830    Porfirio Diaz, general-president of Mexico (1877-1911), d. 1915
1857    William Howard Taft, SecWar, President (1909-1913), Chief Justice (1921-30), d. 1930
1859    Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 53, master engineer, designer of the 'Great Eastern', the Thames Tunnnel, etc
1904    King Umberto II of Italy (May 9, 1946-June 12, 1946), d. 1983
1907    Fay Wray, King Kong's girl, d. 2004
1914    Creighton Abrams, American soldier, d. 1974 -- Learn More
1922    Mary Spencer-Churchill, sometime anti-aircraft officer, aide-de-camp to her father, Baroness Soames, d. 2014
1941    Miroslaw Hermaszewski, 1st Pole in space (Soyuz 30)
1946    Oliver Stone, Vietnam veteran, director ("Platoon")

668    Byzantine Emperor Constans II Pogonatus (641-668), assassinated at c. 37
1054    King García Sánchez III of Navarre (1035-1054), c. 40, kia fighting his brother, Ferdinand I of Leon Castile
1231    Duke Louis I Wittelsbach of Bavaria (1183-1231), Count Palatine of the Rhine (1214-1231), 57
1482    Condottiero Giacomo da Roccabianca, kia at San Secondo, the Romagna
1813    Antoine Étienne de Tousard, 60, French military engineer, Knight of St. John, Baron of the Emprie
1859    Isambard Kingdom Brunel, naval architect, engineer (SSs 'Great Britain', 'Great Eastern'), at 53
1914    Koos de la Rey, 66, ablest Boer general, shot by police, possibly not accidentally
1963    Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14), Carole Robertson (14), and Denise McNair (11), in Birmingham
1973    King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden (1950-1973), at 90
1982    Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, c.46, former Iranian foreign minister (1978-1980), executed by the Islamists he served