0    Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo, Doctor of the Church, Patron of Brewers
17    Triumph of Germanicus for his victories in Germany -- Learn More
107    Triumph of Trajan for his conquest of Dacia
451    Battle of Avarayr: Christian Armenians under Vardan Mamikonian are defeated by the Sassanid Persians
946    Edred succeeds his brother Edmund I as King of England (946-955)
1249    Battle of Fossalta: The Bolognese capture Enzio, son of HRE Frederick II, and lock him up for 25 years
1402    Battle of Casalecchio: the Visconti defeat the Bentivogli of Bologna
1532    France, Bavaria, Saxony, & Hesse form an alliance against Ferdinand of Hapsburg
1538    John Calvin is expelled from Geneva
1642    Battle of Honnecourt: Spanish defeat the French
1647    Massachusetts bars Catholic priests, on penalty of death
1694    Battle of Ter: The Spanish defeat the French
1736    Battle of Ackia, La: British & Chickasaw defeat French
1789    The Duke of York, Colonel of the Coldstream Guards, refuses to return fire though slightly wounded in a duel with Lt Col Charles Lenox, of his regiment
1805    Napoleon crowns himself King of Italy (1805-1814)
1824    Mexico's Constituent Congress declares Chiapas free to choose its own future
1859    Battle of Varese: Garibaldi's 'Cacciatori delle Alpi' defeat the Austrians
1861    The U.S. Navy initiates a blockade of Confederate Gulf coast ports
1864    Battle of Dallas, GA
1896    Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, deposed 1917, shot 1918
1905    Pogrom against the Jews at Minsk, Belorussia
1922    Lenin suffers a stroke, which unfortunately isn't fatal
1938    House Un-American Activities Comm begins investigating fascistic groups
1940    The Crown detains British Fascist Oswald Moseley
1941    HMS 'Ark Royal' a/c damage battleship 'Bismarck'
1941    Netherlands: Germans begin conscripting young men for labor
1942    Belgium: Nazis require Jews to wear a Star of David
1942    North Africa: Rommel attacks the Gazala Line.
1945    Chinese reoccupy Nanning, cut off 200,000 Japanese troops in Indochina
1945    US fire bomb raid on Tokyo
1946    US Patent filed for the H-Bomb
1954    Explosion & fire in 'Bennington" (CV-20), 103 die, over 200 injured
1961    USAF bomber flies the Atlantic in a record of just over three hours
1972    US-USSR sign SALT I (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)
1981    USMC jet crashes on flight deck of USS 'Nimitz' (CVN-68), 14 die

1478    Giulio de' Medici - Pope Clement VII (1523-34)
1566    Ottoman Sultan Mohammed III (1595-1603)
1799    Alexander Pushkin, Russian author & poet, k in a duel, 1837
1806    Henry Knox Thatcher, naval officer, U.S., d. 1880
1835    Edward Porter Alexander, Brig Gen, C.S.A., artilleryman, d. 1910
1877    Sadao Araki, Japanese Minister of War (1931-34), militaristic ultra-nationalist, d. 1966
1895    Paul Lukas, actor ("Watch on the Rhine"), d. 1971
1907    John Wayne, IV-F actor ("Sands of Iwo Jima"), d. 1979
1912    Janos Kadar, Communist premier of Hungary (1956-58), d 1989
1923    James Arness, Anzio veteran, actor ("The Thing", "Gunsmoke"), d. 2011
1941    Aldrich Hazen Ames, CIA officer convicted of spying for the USSR in 1994
1968    Prince Frederik of Denmark

451    Vardan Mamikonian, c. 64, Armenian national hero, kia in the Battle of Avarayr
735    "The Venerable" Bede, 60-65, Doctor of the Church, Anglo-Saxon historian, canonized 1899
946    King Edmund I "the Elder" (939-946), c. 24, at a party, in hand-to-hand combat with gate crasher and bandit chief Leofa, who was also killed
1402    Giovanni I Bentivoglio, c. 44, Lord of Bologna (Mar 1, 1401-May 26, 1402), kia at Casalecchio
1421    Ottoman Sultan Mehmet I "The Gentleman" (1413-21), c. 37, of apoplexy
1512    Ottoman Sultan Bajezid II (1481-1512), 65, shortly after abdicating in favor of his son
1651    Ferdinand Maria of Wittelsbach, 42, Elector of Bavaria (1651-26 May 1679)
1703    Samuel Pepys, 70, sometime secretary of the Admiralty, bon vivant, diarist -- Learn More
1755    Louis Mandrin, 30, French bandit chieftain, broken on the wheel
1782    Ali II ibn Hussein, 69, Bey of Tunis
1818    Michael A Barclay de Tolly, Russian field marshal, 57
1840    Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, G.C.B., who bested Napoleon repeatedly, 75