0    U.S. Coast Guard Day -- Learn More
0    Feast of Saint Aristarchus of Thessalonica, Companion of St. Paul, Martyr
70    Destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans [Alt]
1135    The Pisans sack Amalfi
1265    Battle of Evesham: Prince Edward [later King Edward I] defeats Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, to end the 2nd Baron's War
1347    English troops capture Calais
1578    "Battle of the Three Kings" - Wadi Al-makhazin: the Moroccans defeat Portuguese invaders & a local usurper
1645    Battle of Nordlingen: French defeat the Imperialists
1693    Dom Perignon allegedly invents champagne
1735    Journalist John Peter Zenger cleared of slander charges in New York
1753    George Washington becomes a Master Mason
1846    USS 'Congress' captures Santa Barbara, Ca
1870    Battle of Weissenburg: Prussians defeat the French
1892    Lizzie Borden " . . . took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41 . . . ."
1900    Battle of Elands River: 400 Australians defeat 2,500 Boers
1903    Giuseppe Sarto elected Pope as Pius X (1903-1914), later canonized
1914    Denmark declares neutrality in the First World War
1914    Siegfried Sassoon enlists in the Sussex Yeomanry -- Learn More
1914    Great Britain comes to the defense of Belgium in conformity with treaty obligations, without a formal declaration of war against Germany
1914    Germany invades Belgium without a declration of war, investing Liege
1916    US agrees to buy the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million
1917    Pravda calls for killing of capitalists, priests, & officers
1917    US takes title to the Virgin Islands from Denmark
1918    Adolf Hitler is awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, for delivering messages under fire, on the recommendation of Lt. Hugo Gutmann, a Jewish officer
1918    During a German raid on 82nd Div lines, YMCA worker Bernetta Miller walks the trenches handing out hot chocolate, cake, and cigarettes, earning a mention in dispatches.
1927    Peace Bridge between US & Canada opened
1929    60,000 Nazi Storm Troopers march in Munich
1936    Ioannis Metaxas names himself dictator of Greece (1936-1941)
1939    HM Australian cruiser 'Perth' arrives at New York to help celebrate the World's Fair -- Learn More
1942    G. C. Kenney takes command of Allied AF SW Pacific, under MacArthur.
1942    USS 'Tucker' (DD 374) is mined and sunk at Espiritu Santo.
1943    Kiska: USAAF bombers drop 152 tons of bombs
1943    Munda, New Georgia: U.S. troops close in on Japanese airfield.
1944    Anne Frank and her family are betrayed to the Nazis
1944    Burma: Chinese troops finally break into Teng-chung on the Salween.
1944    Guam: Army and Marine forces cut Japanese defenders into two groups.
1944    T. D. Dean, RAF, scores the first V-1, by "tipping" its wing
1964    Gulf of Tonkin: US DDs report second attack by North Vietnamese PT boats
2005    The USS 'New York' (LPD-21) receives her bow section, with 24 tons of steel from the World Trade Center, during construction in Louisiana

1136    Count Umberto III "the Blessed" of Savoy (1148-1188), 52
1521    Giambattista Castagna - Pope Urban VII (15-27 Sep 1590)
1610    Johan Evertsen the Elder, Admiral of Zeeland, d. 1666
1727    Vicomte Victor-Maurice de Broglie, 80, Marshal of France
1790    The U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, later the USCG
1816    Israel Vogdes, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1889
1818    Lovell Harrison Rousseau, Maj Gen, U.S.. d. 1869
1859    Knut Hamsun, Norwegian author, Nobel Prize in Literature for 1920, prominent Nazi sympathizer, d. 1952.
1873    Dámaso Berenguer y Fusté, Count of Xauen, Spanish general and historian, d. 1953
1912    Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat, one of the Righteous, honorary American, d. 1947
1918    Brian Crozier, historian and biographer ("Franco", etc.), d. 2012
1961    Barak Obama, President (2009-)

946    Pope Martin III (942-946)
966    Berengar of Ivrea, c. 66, King Berengar II of Italy (950-961), a prisoner of HRE Otto the Great
1060    King Henry I of France (1027-1060), at 52
1265    Simon de Montfort (57), 6th Earl of Leicester, founder of Parliament, his son Henry (27), and his kinsmen Guy Balliol, Humphrey Bohun, & William Arundel, all kia, Eversham
1306    Wenceslaus III Premyslid, 16, King of Hungary (1301-1305), of Bohemia (1305-1306), and of Poland (1305-1306). stabbed at Olmutz
1430    Philip of Saint-Pol, 26, Duke of Brabant (1327-1430)
1477    Jacques d'Armagnac, c. 44 Duke de Nemours (1462-1477), beheaded by Louis XI
1526    Juan Sebastián Elcano, c. 40, first man to circumnavigate the globe
1571    Astorre Baglioni, c. 45, condottiero, kia, Famagusta, Cyprus
1578    Sultan Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I of Fez (1576-1578), his enemy the deposed Sultan Abu Abdallah Mohammed II (1574-1576), and the latter's ally King Sebastian of Portugal (1557-178), all kia
1804    Adam Duncan, 73, 1st Viscount Duncan, admiral, victor of Camperdown -- Learn More
1870    French General de Division Charles Abel Douay, 61, killed in action at Wissembourg at -- Learn More
1922    Enver Pasha, "Young Turk," kia, Turkestan, at 41
1976    Enrique Ángel Angelelli, 53, Catholic clergyman, Bishop of of La Rioja (1968-1976), murdered by the Argentine military junta
1999    Victor Mature, Coastguardsman, actor ("Demetrius and the Gladiators"), at 84 Learn More
2012    Brian Crozier, on his 94th birthday, historian and biographer ("Franco", etc.)
2013    Adm. John Woodward, RN, 81, who led the liberation of the Falklands in 1982
2015    John Leslie Munro, 96, last surviving "Dam Buster" pilot