Military Photo: Gravel Convoy


Photos by Spc. L.C. Campbell, 138th MPAD

MOSUL, Iraq (Mar 7, 2006) � The 172nd Brigade Support Battalion conducted a re-supply convoy for the 4th Battalion, 14th Cavalry Regiment at Combat Outpost Rawah, on Mar. 7.

Posted: 03/01/2006

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The 172nd drove 17 hours through the Iraqi desert starting at Forward Operating Base Marez and ending at COP Rawah. The convoy consisted of security vehicles and approximately 20 Iraqi and Turkish dump trucks, which were delivering gravel to COP Rawah.

The gravel was for construction projects on the COP, to include two new Stryker maintenance bays.

�Today we are going to conduct a Combat Logistics Patrol,� said 1st Lt. Kory Miller, truck platoon leader, 172nd Brigade Support Battalion. �We are going to support the 4th -14th, which is stationed down in COP Rawah.�

The 172nd convoys go to Rawah often through out the month. Their mission is based on logistical needs of the 14th Cav.

�It�s a station that we go to often, to support the 4-14, as far as bringing them supplies at their request,� Miller said. �Usually, we deliver mail and comfort items, and things that the Soldiers need down there in order to support the fight against Anti-Iraqi Forces.�

The 172nd is responsible for supplying their own brigade, which includes all the battalions watching over Mosul and out-lying villages, and the Soldiers at Rawah.

The transportation route to Rawah is several hundred miles, so the 172nd waits until they have a substantial convoy to make the trip.

�When Rawah first started out we used to bring everything: mail, food for the dining facility, comfort items, all their building materials, and replacement vehicles. They also get support from another Forward Operating Base, Al Lissaad,� Miller said. �So now we bring items that they can not get easily down there, like today we are bringing gravel trucks so they can gravel their COP down there.�

According to Miller, the Soldiers of the 172nd BSB were a little eager to begin this trip, because it was a sign of success and excitement.

�We have been successful with our mission so far,� Miller said. �Today is a milestone for us; we are making our fiftieth trip down to Rawah � We haven�t had a single Soldier injury or accident in all of our trips. I consider us to be extremely successful having fifty trips without significant incidences.�

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