Military Photo: 2012

Night ScrambleEmbarcationLogar Sunset
Securing the Landing ZoneBreak AwayHot Fueling
Sunset PatternBombing RunLaying Down Fire
Man Your StationsApache Close Up and PersonalMRAP Convoy
Breaking the IceTeam SnowNight Launch
Clearing Operation, ZabulMH-60S Knight Hawk at SeaOsprey Over Helamnd
Kill the TomatoGreyhound Up CloseOsprey Refueling
Stennis and Lincoln Meet in the Arabian Sea Harrier LightsF-35B Arrives at Elgin
Vicksburg SunsetHelp Is on the WayArctic Escort
Clearing a PathSnowy NightKC-135 Elephant Walk
Snowy DropSuper InsertionF-35's First Night Flight
DESRON 15North Sea X3K trimaran - Indonesian Hot RodImproved Ribbon Bridge
Angel Above the CloudsBeach AssaultDanish Formation
F/A-18 Moon RiseRed Flag B-1BMoon Lite SH-60F Sea Hawk
Apache ApproachUSS New Orleans in the Arabian GulfSniper Security
AAV Exit8th Commando KandakSnow LZ
Hawk Overhead Shell OutBridging the Gap
HonorBack BlastNight Ops
Underwater OathNaval AirpowerAir Force Laser Test Bed Heads for Storage
Launch LightsDaab PassUpside Down Navy
Sea FighterSyrian Tanks in KuwaitStern Gate Exit
Air Dropped Torpedo TestLighting Up the Kuwaiti NightSnow Liberty
Falcons As Far As The Eye Can SeeChinook TwilightOperation Highland Thunder
SEAL DeliveryDragons at NightEmerald Exercise
Afghan Dust OffPerforming for the ChairmanAlaskan King
Placing the Sail on the Mizzen MastRaid TrainingPaving the Way in Alaska
Utah AngelsStuck TruckAlaska Refueling
F-16 Dawn PatrolLanding On Top of the WorldOperation Khoti Kheyl
Raptor over NevadaSpecial MortarClearing Route Crowbar
Evening QualificationsHornet RepairsP-8A Poseidon and Friends
USS New Mexico in New London HarborBone RefuelingNight Signals
Stormy SeasFlying to FOB TorkhamIndian Ocean Moonrise
Mortar TrainingBirds-Eye View USS Abraham LincolnBazaar Buddies
Air Assault in Ghazni ProvinceUSS Independence Heads to San DiegoHAL Chetak Visits USS Carl Vinson
Wings of Blue Set RecordSuper Hornet LandingFlares Over Nawa Garay
USS Lyndon B. JohnsonF-15E Turkey ShootMoroccan Sunset
Watch for Flying RocksUndercarriage Flying Boat!
Ecuadorians Man the YardarmsHilltop BriefSecurity Patrol
Flying the Friendly Skies of the USAFArabian Sea Swim CallRail Sunset
Fire DrillSecure Sea HawkMUSIC Vehicles
Chinese JH-7 in FlightAir Force Reserve Readies for Fire SeasonUSS Independence Arrives Home
Flight PrepIndependence and FreedomSunrise Inspection
Spanish FrigateOff the Coast of CambodiaUnloading the Bomb
Turning RadiusStandard Missile-3 Block 1B InterceptorSeaFox UUV
Night AssaultSpartans Ready for AssaultMEKO A200 Corvette/Frigate
USS Louisville Enters Apra HarborSupersonic SightRiverine Exercise
Machine Gun CompetitionNeed a Lift?ANG Acrobatic Team
Raptor DriverSupersonic Fly-ByNellis
RC-135V/W Rivet JointFleet Week ParadeKeel of the Future USS Gerald R. Ford
Riding the WakeMoon Set over the USS WaspLast Flight Over CONUS
Black Hawk FormationHerculean SkyPhalanx Fire
PCU Mississipi Alpha TrialUSS Abraham Lincoln ActionElevator Going Up!
120mm FireDusty LandingCommin' 'Round the Mountain
Thunder OverheadHome, Home on the SeaA Flock of Special Boats
Eagle SunsetMaking FriendsCARAT 2012
Transiting the SuezPortuguese Visit NorfolkDiamondback Lined Up for Launch
Upside DownF-35C TwilightUnder Afghan Stars
Rolling the F-35BReturned X-37BUnited Launch Alliance Atlas V Launch
Sea Hawk Night LandingSea Hawk Aboard JS KirishimaUSS Enterprise Replenished in the Arabian Sea
Cutting Through the WavesGrenade AwayRIM-119 Launch
SM-3 Interceptor LaunchTall Ships All Lit UpPuma Launch
FLIP Hits 50Double DutyAlcohol Fueled A-10
EngagedSchofield FireworksRefueling While Hovering
"Black Ace" Readies for LaunchLighting the Brocos TorchMed Might
Topsy Turvy AngelEvening DeliveryDestroyer Spray
Cannon DemoAirborne Re-Enlistment MV-22 Leaves USS New York
Into the Dark Blue YonderVehicle CheckGreen Refueling
RIMPAC 2012 Standard Missile 2 LaunchMV-22 Leaves USS TrumanSailor's Best Friend
Formidable Approaches NimitzMini-Gun TrainingBounty Hunter Service Station
Gerald Ford's Bow AttachedAirborne Change of CommandCombatives Championship
Twilight MissionSwabbing the Flight DeckHeavy Mortar Training
Bone Across the PondFlares AhoyChurning Up the Sand
USS Lincoln Transits the SuezKicking Up Red DustSEABOTIX
Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile TestF-35B Aerial Weapons Release TestGrappling in Afghanistan
Night QualificationGrey, White and BlueFender Bender in the Strait of Hormuz
Stallion FormationBritish and American FriendsMarine For A Day
Battling BlazesCentennial BridgeRetardant Drop
Destroying IEDs in Khost ProvinceMarine LadderUSS Constitution Sails Again
U.S. Army Helps BotswanaRed Lions in AfghanistanEvening Approach in the East China Sea
When Galaxies AlignA Marine and His HorseRocket's Orange Glare
Trainer ParkingHarrier Night OpsNew Mortar System - M327
6Sabre EscortMarines Plot to Take Over World
Stryker-voyHelicopter DirectionNose to Nose
Navy LonghornRescue RefuelingEnter the Night
Washington SunsetNight LandingsGood to Go!
Harpoon LaunchKnock-KnockRepel Borders
Flying BlindLeaning ForwardKeeping Cool in Afghanistan
Frigate Yi YangSpartan Shield Air ControlHigh Tech Over the Emerald Coast
Starry Ground ControlDuel CarriersNight Phalanx
Standard Missile 2 LaunchHooking UpCowpens' Spray
A Flock of Cargo PlanesDF-16 Chinese Ballistic MissileRambo Clears Hilltop
The Big 'E' and IkeWhen A Dog AttacksLighting Up the Night
Harrier FormationRampagingUSS Michael Murphy Commissioned
Working Dog's Hard Days NightMaster of BagramIroquois Door Gunners
Fly-By ViewLongbow at SeaBlast-Off
Hosing It DownNight HawkeyePatroling Helmand Province
Ready to FlyGun System on the MoveF-35A Drops 2000 lbs Load
F-35B First Aerial RefuelingMIA SearchFollow the Leader
Ready to RumbleHidden StrykerMinnesota Under Construction
SM-3 AwayHere Come the SuppliesEnterprise Air Power Demo
Hanging OutEngines RunningHidden Airman
Hot StuffGalaxy Off-Loads Utility TruckReady to Head to Staten Island
WV Guard Helps Cumberland Dig OutNight Refueling Over AfghanistanFlight Training Aboard the Truman
A Brit Escorts A YankSentryBONE Dry
AAS-72X+ Candidate to Replace Kiowa Ready to ProwlMustang, Raptor and Sabres; Oh My!
DambusterMarine Air SupportKeen Sword
Army Invades NavyTender CareWWII Thanksgiving
Greyhound Runs HomeU-28A, SOCOM's On Call ReconnaissanceAnchorage Arrives in San Diego
X-47B Readies For Carrier TestingJ-15 Performs Arrestor LandingLighting on the Horizon
Swimmer TrainingHawkeyesSecure and Dominate
SECNAV Leaving Chinese SubmarineTracerHornet Flares
WOOSH!Hot Pit StopBreak Away
Santa's ChopperProwler LaunchedX-47B On Board The Truman
Third Launch Of The X-37BTOW LaunchSub For Santa
Eagle Aggressor Wrestling With The MK-44Firefight in Farah
Christmas Vietnam 1970Tank PrepCarrier Row
New Software Over The Emerald CoastRainbow Over The USS MurphyChristmas Destroyer
Santa's F-16Zumwalt DeckhouseCan You Fill The Wiper Fluid Too?
Operation Christmas Drop 2012Christmas SubAmphibs Looking For A Ride

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