Congo Brazzaville: Ninjas Take The Bribe


September 5, 2006: The government is finally "demobilizing and reintegrating" 30,000 more former combatants from the civil wars of a few years back. The "reintegration" program is part of the settlement that ended the "Ninja" civil war. 5,000 more former "ninjas" will enter the program later this Fall. The "disarmed, demobilized, and reintegrated" (DDR) program is paid for the World Bank and the European Union. Remnants of the rebels, called "ninjas," have been operating as bandits. The DDR is seen as a massive bribe, to encourage the last of the rebels to give up the lawless life.
August 30, 2006: The government signed a bilateral defense agreement with Angola. Both will cooperate on border security issues as well as training recon forces and marine units.


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