Israel: No One To Negotiate With


June 14, 2007: Hamas forces have defeated Fatah forces in northern Gaza. Hamas fighters are more aggressive, and better led. Many Fatah leaders have quietly abandoned Gaza and fled to Egypt, the West Bank, or elsewhere, leaving their gunmen disorganized and demoralized. Hamas has been ruthless in killing any Fatah leaders they could find. The Hamas fighters are now going after Fatah forces in southern Gaza, who seem no better prepared to resist. An attempt by several hundred people to hold a peace march in Gaza resulted in gunfire, and two of the demonstrators shot dead. In the last week, the fighting in Gaza has left over 400 dead or wounded. The result has been the destruction of Fatah power in Gaza, and the collapse of the coalition government. Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists continue to fire rockets into Israel, and Israeli counter-terrorist forces continue to operate in Gaza, destroying weapons workshops and killing terrorist leaders and technicians. Palestinians fear that Israel will now treat Gaza as one big prison camp, and seek to keep Hamas locked up there. Fatah is much more in control in the West Bank, but Hamas has supporters there as well. Fatah is still corrupt, incompetent and distrusted by most Palestinians. This makes peace negotiations difficult, as there's really no one on the Palestinian side to negotiate with.

June 13, 2007: In Lebanon, a car bomb went off in the capital, killing an anti-Syrian member of parliament, and nine others. This is just the latest terrorist style attack on an anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon. Syria and Hizbollah deny responsibility, but the point is made. Meanwhile, fighting against Islamic terrorists in a northern refugee camp continues, with the death toll now about 140. The army is retaking the camps block by block, as several dozen Islamic terrorists snipe at them, and fight to the death. The al Qaeda affiliated terrorists insist they are on a mission from God, to destroy Israel, and negotiations are not possible.

June 12, 2007: A UN report blames the Israelis for being too concerned with terrorist attacks, and the Palestinians for being too violent. The report believes it was a mistake to withhold money from Hamas just because they sought the destruction of Israel. The UN has no solution and, in effect, is saying everyone should just settle down and talk things out. The UN has been trying this approach here for over half a century, without much success.

June 11, 2007: Weekend fighting in Gaza left 40-50 people dead and wounded. Hamas is pushing Fatah forces back throughout Gaza. Opinion surveys in Gaza indicate that over 90 percent of the inhabitants are fearful and unhappy with their situation. In the last few years, and about ten percent of the Gaza population has emigrated, or is trying to. More would try, but Gaza, legally, is a refugee camp, and few countries want Palestinians from Gaza, because of the risk they may be Islamic terrorists, or those willing to assist such terrorists. Islamic clerics in Gaza have proclaimed that leaving Gaza is un-Islamic and forbidden.

June 10, 2007: Journalists in Gaza complained, about terrorists pretending to be journalists, in yesterdays attack on Israeli troops. This, however, is just the latest attack on journalists by Islamic and Palestinian terrorists. Gaza has become too dangerous for Western journalists, and is covered by Arab and Palestinian ones, who are often threatened by the terrorists. Israel will now scrutinize more carefully, those presenting themselves as journalists in Gaza.

June 9, 2007: The ceasefire in Gaza has collapsed, with Fatah and Hamas forces fighting an increasing number of street battles. Four Palestinian terrorists used a SUV, marked as a media vehicle, to get close enough to the Gaza security fence, to use explosives to make a breach in the fence. Normally, anyone approaching the fence is automatically fired on. The terrorists then ran towards a nearby Israeli military camp, which was found to be empty. This was apparently an attempt to kidnap more Israeli soldiers along the thinly manned Gaza security fence. Israeli troops quickly responded, and as the terrorists fled back into Gaza on foot, one was shot dead.




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