Israel: February 1, 2002



A complete inventory of the weapons that Israeli commandoes recovered from the freighter Karin-A shows the extent of the threat posed by this incident:

@ four 122mm rocket launchers with 62 rockets. (All of the rockets had impact fuzes.)

@ six 107mm rocket launchers with 283 rockets.

@ ten 120mm mortars with 700 shells. (All of the mortars, 120mm, 81mm, and 60mm, include sights and aiming stakes.)

@ nineteen 81mm mortars with 686 shells.

@ ten 60mm mortars with 159 shells.

@ six AT3 Sagger anti-tank launchers with ten missiles.

@ 51 RPG7 launchers with 328 rockets.

@ 346 RPG18 launchers (each with one rocket) .

@ 211 Iranian YM3 anti-tank mines.

@ 311 Iranian YM1 anti-personnel mines.

@ Two tons of explosives including C4 and TNT. 

@ 30 Dragunov sniper rifles.

@ 212 Kalashnikov assault rifles.

@ 407,800 rounds of 7.62x39mm (Kalashnikov) ammunition.

@ 291,400 rounds of other ammunition (various types) .

@ 735 fragmentation hand grades.

@ two Zodiac boats with 25hp outboard engines.

@ 80 flotation containers for smuggling weapons.--Stephen V Cole




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