Israel: March 1, 2002


The death toll in the 17 month war has reached 1398, with 1,010 of them Palestinian. The casualties have been increasing as Israeli troops more often enter densely populated Palestinian refugee camps searching for terrorist bases and the terrorists themselves. Israeli intelligence has been able to determine the general location of the terrorists, but not precisely enough for attacking them with missiles or smart bombs. So Israeli troops are fighting their way in and searching house to house. In the past, the Israelis have generally stayed out of the camps, as their narrow roads do not allow Israeli armored vehicles to move about. As a result, more Palestinian terrorist operations have moved to the refugee camps to avoid the Israeli attacks in Palestinian towns and villages. The Palestinians also appear to be changing the direction of their attacks. Of late, most suicide bomb attacks have been against military targets. But this may be a result of tighter Israeli security, as many of these attacks were against military check points. Israel has increased the number of check points, and security measures in general. 




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