Israel: April 15, 2002


: 10.0pt"> The media, and most public opinion outside the United States has decided that Israel is the aggressor in it's anti-terrorism campaign. Unable to provide any solution to the constant attacks on Israeli civilians, the idea seems to be that if Israeli troops pulled out of Palestinian areas, things would get better. What many are missing is the years of Palestinian media campaigns that called for the destruction of Israel. Many Israelis can understand Arabic and haven been picking up these Palestinian broadcasts for years. Israelis cannot understand what any other nation would do differently if they were attacked by terrorists from a nearby community. Indeed, Israelis see Europeans (and many Arab nations that have had problems with terrorist attacks on their civilians) as being hypocrites. All of these nations cracked down hard on terrorists in their midst, and are now asking Israel to just take it until a deal is struck with the Palestinians.

Despite media calls to impose sanctions on Israel, only Britain and  Germany have "interrupted but not stopped" shipment of military items to Israel. This sort of thing has no effect on Israel's military, and the biggest fear in Israel is that all the ill will may make it more difficult for Israel to sell it's own high tech military equipment.





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