Israel: May 1, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Palestinians continue to play their strongest card; information war. Using facts, lies, repetition and sheer volume, they try to get the world to believe that the Israelis are evil incarnate and the Palestinians innocent victims. So far, the Palestinian campaign has worked in Europe and the Moslem world (two areas where anti-Jewish attitudes survive and thrive), but not in America (where attacks by terrorists against civilians is seen as they greater of all evils.) The Palestinian propaganda campaign is successful, even though the information used by the Palestinians is often obviously false. The "massacre in Jennin" is a good example. After demanding an investigation, the Palestinians themselves had to admit that there were only some 60 Palestinian dead in the camp and few of them were civilians. Also, aerial photos show that only about five percent of  Jennin was heavily damaged and that the Israelis destroyed buildings to avoid Palestinian booby traps (which are still being found in the wreckage. And so on and so on. Propaganda works.


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