Israel: May 17, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Israeli troops continue to raid into West Bank towns to grab (or kill) individual terrorist suspects. The enormous amount of information gained from grabbing Palestinian Authority records, and rounding up and interrogating so many terrorists and suspects has provided a lot more leads on suspects. Some raids are made on Gaza strip towns as well. 

It's possible that Israel will settle for sealing off access (for Palestinians), between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank or Israel. If this reduces the number of suicide attacks on Israeli civilians, that would be considered a success. 

Israeli media is increasingly talking about the popular "separation from the Palestinians" strategy. This means no (or very little) contact between Palestinian and Israeli civilians. Easier said than done, especially in Jerusalem (with a mixed Palestinian/Israeli population). 

Yasser Arafat is admitting, in Arabic, to Palestinians that there is a need for reform in the Palestinian Authority. Accused, for good reason, of corruption and favoritism, Arafat has long tried to avoid responsibility for this sort of thing. But the same Islamic radicals who recruit and train suicide bombers, also preach the need for honest government. Arafat's seeming inability to do anything when the Israeli army moved into the West Bank, has more Palestinians looking some dramatic changes in how the Palestinian Authority is run. Arafat promised new elections, but didn't mention a date.





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