Israel: May 21, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Popular support for suicide bombing is declining among Palestinians. A survey last December showed 58 percent suicide attacks inside Israel. That has fallen to 52 percent in a recent survey. Some 70 percent of Palestinians also favor making peace with Israel. More ominously for Yasser Arafat, 65 percent opposed the deals he made to end the sieges in Ramallah and Bethlehem.  Worse, 83 percent believe there is corruption in the Palestinian Authority, 90 percent believe fundamental reforms are needed in the Palestinian Authority, 80 percent want new elections in the next few months and 90 percent want a written constitution. Only 35 percent of Palestinians approve how Arafat is doing, down from 46 percent in July, 2000. But there is no other Palestinian leader who has nearly as much recognition or approval. The terrorists want Israel destroyed, but the majority of Palestinians won't get behind that (perhaps realizing that it is not a realistic goal.)




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