Israel: May 23, 2002


: 10.0pt"> A bomb was attached to the underside of a gasoline tanker and then detonated when the tanker was inside Israel's largest fuel depot to take on a load of fuel. But the depots automatic fire suppression put out the subsequent fire. The tanker had not taken on a load of fuel yet. 

There have been four suicide bombing this month. There were two in April, six in March, one in February, one in January and two in December. It's more common for suicide attacks to be prevented (by catching the bomber at a checkpoint or while still in Palestinian territory). But there are more attacks. At the moment, the only proven way to stop the attacks is to send troops into the areas where the bombers are known to operate. This results in street fighting and a lot of bad press for the Israelis. It's a hard choice, because the Palestinians use the images of fighting in Palestinians areas to build anti-Israel sentiment in Europe and the Islamic world. Europeans are still threatening to impose sanctions on Israel because of this kind of news coverage. The government is speeding up its plans to build a $200 million system of fences and sensors between Palestinian and Israeli areas. Israeli troops continue to make raids into Palestinians and arresting or killing terrorism suspects.




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