Israel: June 21, 2002


: 10.0pt"> With 33 Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks this week, Israel is moving into Palestinian territories and reoccupying them. Israel said it will keep retaking control of Palestinian territory until the terrorist attacks on Israelis cease. Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestinian Authority, has strongly urged Palestinians to halt such attacks. Arafat apparently realizes that the Israeli public is enraged and that the new Israeli reoccupation policy will gradually destroy all Palestinian Authority control if the attacks don't stop. The Palestinians protest that the Israelis have destroyed the Palestinian security forces. The Israelis point out that the Palestinian security forces have been caught engaging in terrorist attacks, and that much of the Palestinian security personnel are still out there, and armed. The Palestinian terror organizations have expressed some interest in negotiation, but at the moment they count each attacks as a victory and probably won't be willing to talk until the Israelis have shut down their attack capability. The Israelis hope to do this, but first they will have to reoccupy all the Palestinian territory and engage in some heavy duty police work. Even then, the terrorist organizations will put up a lot of resistance. 




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