Israel: July 31, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Plans to ease up more restrictions on the movement of Palestinians have been put on hold because of yesterday's suicide bombing. The Palestinians assert a right to carry out more bombings in revenge for the Israeli attacks on the suicide group leaders. Palestinians and Israelis differ on the subject of  immunity from attack for terrorist leaders who live among civilian populations. The "Laws of War," such as they are, do not confer such an immunity. The Palestinian terror groups insist they were ready to agree to a truce before the Gaza attack. That's dubious. At most, some of the terror groups will agree to refrain from attacks on civilians. However, some groups do not consider Jewish settlers as "civilians." None of the terrorists are keen on just attacking police and soldiers, as the percentage of attacks that fail is quite high. If you want results, you go after civilians inside Israel. Few Israelis believe the terrorists will give up these attacks until the terrorist groups are destroyed. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian civilians are beginning to use non-violent resistance to Israeli curfews and restrictions in the West Bank. This will probably lead to incidents of violence and dead civilians. 

Another bomb went off in Hebrew University in Jerusalem, killing six.




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