Israel: August 4, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Six Palestinian terror attacks left 13 dead (four of them Palestinians) and over 70 wounded. In the last few days, Israeli security forces have stopped ten suicide attacks, capturing nine and killing one suicide bombers. Palestinians have been barred from driving on roads between several Palestinian towns to prevent drive by shootings. Cameramen were able to film some 1,500 Palestinians in Gaza publicly celebrating the attacks. This sort of thing does not help the Palestinian cause, although many European journalists and pundits continue to hold Israel solely responsible for the violence.

Israel continues it policy of destroying the houses of families of suicide bombers. The Palestinians have been publicly celebrating the bombers as heroes and rewarding the families with $20-30,000 or more. Israel also wants to deport family members to Gaza, but has to get that past the courts first. Israeli intelligence reports that the reprisals are having an effect, with some suicide bombers backing out of attacks lest they bring down retribution on their families. The Israeli army also points out that, while the attacks continue, it is because Hamas is making a lot more attempts, and all of the attempts cannot be stopped. 




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