Israel: August 28, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Israeli police disguised as Palestinians seized the Hamas chief of Hebron. Since many Israelis are the children of Middle Eastern Jews driven out of their home countries in the late 1940s, there is a large supply of Israelis who look like Arabs, and can speak Arabic with a Palestinian accent. The police and the army have units of these undercover commandos who work in Palestinian neighborhoods. 

Due to improved intelligence gathering, Israeli police arrested 20 suspected terrorists. The terrorist organizations are quite angry about Israeli success in gathering information in Palestinian areas, and have killed over 200 real or suspected Palestinian informers. These killings often represent paranoia or setting up an enemy and have brought the terrorists more international criticism.

The navy intercepted a ship off the Gaza Strip and fired on containers the ship was tossing over the side. This is a common method of delivering weapons to the Palestinians and one of the containers exploded when hit by Israeli fire.  




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