Israel: September 17, 2002


: 10.0pt"> Operations continue in Gaza. Troops entered a Gaza refugee camp, searched sixty houses, destroyed nine weapons workshops, arrested 23 suspects, but released ten of those within hours. The home of a suicide bomber (who died eight months ago) was demolished. There were no Israeli casualties. 

Raids into Palestinian territory and constant improvements in screening traffic between Palestinian and Israeli areas has continued to prevent terrorist attacks. Attempts are still being made and intercepted.

A recent opinion poll showed 80 percent of Israelis see Yassir Arafat as irrelevant. Other polls show that 47.5 of Palestinians expect Arafat to be reelected (because there are no viable opponents.) At the same time, 25 percent of Palestinians still list Arafat as the politician they trust most, while 24.5 percent say they trust no one. 




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