Israel: October 19, 2002


: 10.0pt"> The death toll in two years of strife has passed 2,900 (74 percent Palestinian). This does not include nearly a thousand Palestinians killed by Palestinians, either as official (or vigilante) execution of collaborators (real or suspected) or in fighting between factions. While deaths of Israelis have increased in the past year, that trend has been reversed. The Israelis have expanded their informer network among the Palestinians, which has resulted in 80 percent or more of terrorist attacks being detected and stopped. Many of the informers serve for money or better treatment (travel passes, business permits) from the government. But other do so because they oppose the use of terror. One reason the Israelis have attacked the Palestinian security forces (and their headquarters) is that these organizations have been most active in trying to detect informers and agents working for Israel.  




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