Israel: November 19, 2002


: 10.0pt"> The war in Israel has now killed 2,686 (1,978 Palestinians and 659 Israelis) over the last two years. 

While Israel has been willing to withdraw its troops from Palestinian territory, the Palestinian Authority often cannot, or will not, maintain order and protect Israeli settlers in their midst after the soldiers leave. 

The basic problem remains. Radicals on both sides call for the expulsion of everyone on the other side. There are fewer radicals among Israelis, but they provide people willing to live in heavily guarded settlements in Palestinian territory. A minority of this group calls for the expulsion of all Arabs from "Greater Israel" (which includes the West Bank). The majority of Palestinians back the idea that Palestinian territory includes all of Israel, and that all Jews should be expelled from the region. There can't be peace until both sides can control their crazies. But at the moment, the extremists on both sides are tolerated, and even supported. So the violence will continue, even though an increasing number of Palestinians are getting tired of it because of the damage the unrest has done to the Palestinian economy.




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