Israel: March 2, 2005


The new Palestinian government is saying all the right things ("fight corruption, end terrorism, negotiate with Israel"), but only time will tell if they can deliver. The corruption in the Palestinian government has been around a long time, and is more the norm than the exception in the Middle East. Palestinian terrorist organizations, noting that most Palestinians are fed up with futile terrorist attacks, and the poverty it has brought them (because of Israel counter-terrorism measures), have agreed to go ahead with a cease fire. But these same terrorist outfits continue to preach their ultimate goal of the destruction of Israel. The Palestinian government may be negotiating a long term peace deal, but the Palestinian terrorists are only offering a short respite from the fighting. This is a way for the Palestinians to put off a major Israeli demand; that the Palestinian government outlaw terrorist organizations, and shut these outfits down. At the moment, that would cause civil war in the Palestinian territories. Foreign nations are offering the Palestinians billions of dollars in financial incentives (bribes?) to make peace. But it may not be enough. It's been over half a century, and the Palestinians have consistently found ways to not make a peace deal.


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