Nigeria: Rebels Stick It To The Government


March 16, 2006: Stalemate continues in the Delta region, where growing unrest among local Ijaw tribes has become too much for the army, navy and police to handle. The rebels threaten more attacks and kidnappings, and the government is reluctant to either negotiate a deal with what they consider oil thieves, or order more violent methods by the security forces against people on the verge of large scale rebellion.

March 15, 2006: The Niger Delta tribal rebels have separated the three foreign hostages they hold, complicating government efforts to carry out a rescue.

March 9, 2006: Niger Delta tribal rebels have demanded compensation, for a 1998 oil spill, be paid to them within 21 days. The government, which has long ignored the people living in the oil producing region, does not want the foreign oil companies to pay lots of money to the rebels, as that only makes the rebels more powerful. Elsewhere in the delta, a dozen people were killed when rebels attacked a fuel tanker guarded by soldiers and policemen. The rebels say an army gunboat attacked them first.




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