Nigeria: Nothing Large Enough To Attack


July 14, 2006: In the Delta region, more angry tribesmen are organizing resistance to oil operations, and attempts by the military and police to provide security. Already 20 percent of oil production is shut down, and increasing pressure from the angry tribal groups is pushing that to 25 percent. The resistance is widespread, so the military does not have large targets to go after.
July 13, 2006: In the Niger river delta, fighting between rival religious cults has left at least a dozen dead so far.
July 12, 2006: There were two explosions at an oil facility, plus spillages elsewhere. Sabotage is suspected, but not proven, and were later dismissed as exaggerated. Elsewhere in the Delta, several boats of gunmen attacked eleven boats carrying supplies to off-shore facilities. The four sailors guarding the boats were killed, and 40 people on the boats taken prisoner, but released the next day. .
July 11, 2006: In the southeast, renewed fighting with Biafran separatists has left at least eleven dead.
July 10, 2006: After negotiations, and payment of some kind, the Dutch oil worker was released.
July 7, 2006: In the Niger delta, two speedboats full of tribal militants attacked a dredging operation, disarmed the two soldiers guarding it, and kidnapped a Dutch worker. Meanwhile, in the north, an Islamic scholar was arrested and charged with trying to organize a "Taliban" group.




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