Nigeria: Delta Rebellion Kills Economy


July 22, 2006: Violence continues in the Delta, with increased numbers of troops and police unable to stop the kidnapping of oil workers, and damage to oil production facilities. The government has lost 20 percent of its oil revenue because of the violence, and GDP has dropped six percent as a result. The tribal rebels finance themselves by stealing crude oil from the many pipelines that crisscross the Delta, them smuggling the crude to neighboring countries, where it is sold. Meanwhile, with the government more broke than usual (because of corruption), the armed forces are clamoring for new equipment, so they can fight the Niger Delta rebels (who can afford superior weapons and gear).
July 21, 2006: In the Moslem north, several thousand Nigerian Shia demonstrated against Israel, for fighting back against Hizbollah attacks on Israel.
July 18, 2006: In the south, a combination of party politics, cult religion and land scams led to violence, at least three dead.
July 16, 2006: The army is building bases in the Niger Delta, with the attention of basing more brigades there permanently. The Delta is where the oil is. It's also where local tribes are becoming increasingly violent about the corruption, and not getting a share of the oil wealth.




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