Nigeria: More Chaos, Less Civil War


November21, 2006: Islamic terrorists have not been able to establish bases in Moslem northern Nigeria, and Islamic conservatism is losing some of its appeal as well. The criminal gangs and corruption, although under attack, continue to flourish. The corruption supplies money for state level politicians to maintain private militias, but none of these personal armies have been put forward as a player in a potential civil war. The country is divided, but not in an organized way. Thus there is lots of chaos, but much less threat of a civil war. Anti-corruption efforts are forcing many potential warlords to spend a lot of their time avoiding jail.

November 19, 2006: Rebels left an offshore oil platform, and freed 40 hostages, after occupying it for two weeks. Apparently a payoff was made.

November 18, 2006: A man was caught trying to smuggle 11 pounds of explosives aboard an airliner. Airport security was increased. Nigeria has had a number of crashes lately, caused by poor maintenance. But airport security is pretty sloppy as well, and the smuggler they caught may have been one of many who were not detected.

November 16, 2006: In the Niger Delta, about a dozen gunmen attacked a oilfield logistics base, but were repulsed by sailors guarding the facility. Two of the attackers were killed and one was captured. This was the first time a navy security force has managed to repulse such a major attack.




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