Rwanda: February 8, 2001


Another spate of action in Burundi. On February 5 the Burundian Army said a rebel group ambushed and killed eight soldiers in the Tenga forest region. On February 7 a Burundian Army spokesman said that Forces for Defense of Democracy (FDD) rebels had been increasingly active in the Makamba Province (Tanzanian border area). In the last month FDD rebels had killed 12 Burundian soldiers in a series of actions. The spokesman said an estimated 2000 FDD fighters had infiltrated from Tanzania. On February 8, the FDD entered the propaganda fray. An FDD spokesman said FDD guerrillas had killed 113 Burundi government soldiers in Makamba Province. The FDD accused the government of attacking the population (ie, civilians) in the town of Kayogoro. The FDD said the government soldiers had used Hutu civilians as a human shield.

January 30 , 2001; The Burundian government said four rebel guerrillas and six civilians were killed in attacks near Kayogoro, a village in Makamba Province (southern Burundi). 




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