Rwanda: August 27, 2003


South African troops participating in the African peacekeeping mission will stay in Burundi despite funding shortfalls. Of a 3,099-strong peacekeeping force that was supposed to have been deployed in Burundi since June 2003, only 1,600 South Africans have arrived. Although Mozambique agreed to provide 202 troops and Ethiopia 1,297 troops, their deployment has been delayed due to a lack of money. In April, the European Union promised the cash-strapped African Union $12.96 million for the troops, but so far no money has been delivered.

However, the South African force is worried about the slow pace of the demobilization process. The concerns center on the small number of rebels already in camps; the FDD was supposed to send 3,500 troops but only sent 150 and the FNL, which was supposed to send 1,800, has only sent 22. - Adam Geibel




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