Rwanda: Kill, Kill, Talk, Talk


May 30, 2006: South Africa is mediating peace talks between the Burundi government and the hold-out Forces for National Liberation (FNL). The FNL is the Hutu rebel group that has so far refused to end the civil war.

Rwanda joined Uganda and Congo in agreeing to a UN-backed initiative to "sanction" rebel militias operating inside their countries and along their borders. The UN is trying to stop support for the rogue militias operating in the eastern Congo.

May 24, 2006: Buundi's national unity government has made great strides toward ending the civil war. That's one reason the UN is transferring peacekeepers from Burundi to the Congo. However, violence does continues. The Burundi government reported Burundian Army attacked an FNL (Forces for National Liberation) camp in the Kibira forest. Attack helicopters supported the assault. At least ten rebels died in the fighting.




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