Sri Lanka: February 6, 2005


weary of the war that never seems to end.


The LTTE is demanding that the government not control reconstruction and relief aid in territory where LTTE rebels operate. Apparently, LTTE is willing to resume fighting over this point. The rebels want foreign relief organizations (NGOs) to operate directly in LTTE occupied areas, and not have anything to do with the government. The government, of course, wants the aid (which could eventually amount to over a billion dollars) to go through the government. For the government, this is as it should be. For the LTTE, they are trying to assert their independence by getting the donor countries to ignore the government and deal with LTTE. The government is likely to win this one, as the LTTE is officially recognized as a terrorist organization. But the tidal wave victims will be victims again as the LTTE feuds with the government over control of the aid. Most victims in LTTE areas have yet


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