Sri Lanka: Terrorists Terrorized by Europeans


September 28, 2005: Billions of dollars, contributed to help those injured or made homeless by last Decembers tidal waves, has largely been unspent, or stolen by corrupt officials. Less than 20 percent of the money has been used, and much of that was stolen. Foreign aid donors have had limited success in getting the government to use the money, and stop the stealing. While most Sri Lankans see this as business-as-usual, they do not like it. The government has stalled efforts to investigate the corruption.

September 28, 2005: The European Union has finally recognized the terrorist activities of the LTTE and banned its leaders from visiting Europe. The LTTE may also be officially declared a terrorist organization.

September 26, 2005: Soldiers continue to be attacked by LTTE members in eastern Sri Lanka. Grenades (which are often defective and don't go off) and rifle fire are the most common forms of attack. There have been few casualties, but much nervousness among troops in the area.

September 22, 2005: In northern Sri Lanka, in the LTTE stronghold of Jaffna, rebels are recruiting new fighters and civilians to provide support services. LTTE leaders are talking openly of resuming the separatist war against the government. This sort of thing is not popular in Jaffna, which has used three years of ceasefire peace to rebuild the shattered economy.


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