Sri Lanka: Showdown


November 30, 2005: The new government demands a new truce, that will address the terrorism (to keep the Tamil population behind the LTTE) and kidnapping (of teenagers to be rebel gunmen) tolerated by the 2002 agreement. The rebels want a settlement by the end of the year, otherwise they say they will resume fighting. This is all a game of chicken, as the LTTE still has its own civil war with moderates in eastern Sri Lanka, who are willing to accept a federal form of government (with Tamil autonomy), while the hard core LTTE want a separate Tamil state in eastern and northern Sri Lanka. Moslems are against this, as they fear that the largely Hindu Tamils will chase them out of their current homes in majority Tamil areas.

November 25, 2005: On the east coast, seven policemen were injured when someone tossed a grenade into a police station. Hostility towards the police in Tamil areas has increased as the police have tried to replace Tamil soldiers in controlling law enforcement.


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